Saturday, July 1, 2017

iZombie 3.12: “Looking for Mr. Goodbrain Part 1”

“What do they say at Fillmore Graves, Discovery Day is coming? It certainly feels that way.”
- Liv

It’s the beginning of the end. Of season 3 at least. We are in the penultimate episode of the season and things are getting pretty dire. At the start of the season I was a little skeptical of how the whole “zombie population discovery” plot was going to unfold but as we find ourselves on the brink of “Discovery Day” I can finally see where we’ve been heading and all I can say is, season 4 is going to be even more insane.

At the top of the episode, Liv and Ravi are trying to figure out how to handle the fact that the journalist that cozied up to Ravi printed such detailed information about zombies, including how to identify them and she even used a picture of Liv going all “rage zombie”. Cue Ravi’s former boss from the CDC who shows up and chastises Ravi for going on the record for this silly piece. That’s all well and good that she still isn’t convinced about the zombie problem but it’s going to make their lives so much more complicated when she winds up murdered and Liv has to eat her brain. Usually we get awkward visions that are funny. This time, she (and we) got full mental images of Ravi and his boss having sex. Yeah, I wouldn’t want to be in Liv’s shoes either at this point. But her work tracking a possible bioterrorism outbreak takes some odd turns. She was interviewing first class passengers on a flight where the outbreak supposedly originated. First, we have a woman who is obviously racist and quite xenophobic. Then we meet the very nice Sikh and his adorable baby. All the while, Clive is freaking out at Ravi’s suggestion of a possible bio weapon.

Elsewhere in the episode, the new zombie mayor asks Peyton to be his new chief of staff. She’s hesitant because she still doesn’t know if he’s responsible for turning the dominatrix’s killer’s daughter and orchestrating the killer’s death. But Liv says that if he’s innocent, then Peyton can help shepherd the first zombie mayor through a crisis and if he is involved, she can keep an eye on him. Plus, pay bump? Major also gets outed at Fillmore Graves as human. Chase Graves kicks him out but his squad is insisting on throwing him a going away party. It’s nice that they still respect him and like him. Former zombie hooker Natalie is also back in town and she pays Major a visit. I have to admit, he certainly jumps into bed with women really fast! I mean the groupie was only a couple days ago, jeez! Then again, I always thought Major had a thing for Natalie more than just wanting to save her. She’s moving to Italy (at least for six months) and he agrees to go with her. Oh, and the crazy zombie truther guy got turned into a zombie, leading Liv and Clive to lock him in a freezer “Chaos Killer” style. Unfortunately, a couple of his buddies show up and he ends up eating their brains.

While the case of the week is going on, Liv finds herself going to the hotel bar every night. She can’t explain why but she is hoping it’s related to the case. A lot of the victim’s notes on the case she was working were written on cocktail napkins. She meets a host of different men (one each night) but she stops short of hooking up with them. When Liv and Clive go back to the hotel to see if the bartender knew her (he was out for a few days). The bartender remembers the victim because she was a big tipper and because she left with a different man each night. I don’t know if she was just lonely or bored or what but that seems kind of crappy on her part. Or maybe it’s just that I don’t know that culture very well. Liv heads off to attend Major’s going away party with Justin while Clive interviews the third passenger and things take a turn. The guy ended up sitting in coach with his wife because the tickets got messed up and he knew he’d never hear the end of it. So, he gave his first-class seat to some girl. Clive has them run the records and it turns out to be the friend of the dominatrix’s killer’s daughter. Clive stops by to question and realizes that the girl’s mother is someone he knows (I don’t remember seeing her before although her voice sounds familiar).

As if things couldn’t get any worse, Liv ends up back at the hotel rather than meeting up with Justin and she runs into Chase Graves. They share a bunch of drinks and end up playing a game, trying to guess other peoples’ fantasies. Then they share some of their own (obviously fueled by the alcohol). Liv gives in (I mean the man is gorgeous) and they end up hooking up. Liv gets to meet his adorable little dog and then she finds a cocktail napkin with her victim’s handwriting on it. I’m guessing Chase killed her to keep her from figuring out that zombies are real. Which would make me sad because I want to see more of him and I don’t want to hate him. And if that revelation wasn’t bonkers enough, the zombie truther (who again, is a zombie now) shows up at the goodbye party ranting about how zombies are monsters and evil and he’s got a suicide vest. Justin and Major are outside talking about Liv being a “no show” when the house explodes. So much for Major going to Italy with Natalie (I think she’s human now at least). It was certainly a bold move to have such a big event rock some of our characters. Though, if I’m honest, I kind of wish Major could have gone off to Italy with Natalie because he’s still just so useless.

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