Monday, July 31, 2017

Summer DVR Dump: The Librarians 3.09: “And the Fatal Separation”

“I’ve had a great run, boys. But it’s time for to say goodbye to the Library and this dimension forever.”
- Charlene

We are in the penultimate episode of the season, folks! As a creepy Asian collector gets a map from some guy who doesn’t talk (supposedly to the lost land of Shangri-La), we find that Jake is already there studying from the Monkey King. He’s been there for two months but he’s learned everything he can (minus magic because Jake is still very anti-magic). It’s interesting, he’s got a very different fighting style from Eliot Spencer but I’d say it’s a little similar to Lindsay from Angel. Very interesting. Unfortunately, while he puts up a good fight when the collector and his ninjas show up, Jake gets hit with a knock-out dart and falls into the river (going over the falls).

Back at the Library, Jenkins has rediscovered the chamber of memory (it’s a bunch of candles linked to everyone with a connection to the library). Eve’s candle is super bright and has a long way to go. But the reason Jenkins summoned Flynn there was to show him that Charlene is still alive. Yay! Oh, and Flynn’s candle is nearly burned out. When it goes out, the person dies and becomes a memory (hence the name of the room). But that also tie sin with Flynn realizing that he’s going to have to give up his life to save the library.

While Flynn is contemplating his end, Cassie is stressing over learning to control her new gift (or at least the new ways in which it works). Eve is confident she can do it and has faith that when the time is right, Cassie will know what to do. That time may be sooner rather than later because Jake comes flying through the back door and reports on what went down in Shangri-La. Flynn knows the collector (they’ve gone head to head previously). Also, the Monkey King having to rebuild a bit of the sacred city may have been Flynn’s fault when he was securing the spear of destiny (which I suspect is a slightly different version from the one being sought on Legends of Tomorrow). Anyway, they need to a plan to get back to the city and the staff (which controls the magic in the city (whether it’s good or evil). Whoever holds said staff at sundown controls the magic. At first, the plan is going well. Cassie and Ezekiel go in posing as land pirates offering up something Flynn beat the guy to previously. Cassie impresses him with her knowledge of other people in the business and then things go a little wonky when he brings up Ezekiel. The guy thinks our resident master thief was great. He never met him but heard his voice at a party once. So, Ezekiel is gonna have to keep his trap shut for the rest of the episode if they want the plan to work. Then again, it would help if the rest of the team hadn’t gotten knocked out by more blow darts and a possessed Monkey King.

Things get even more bizarre when Flynn and Jake break out of their prison after waking up and find Charlene in one of the cages. But she isn’t really a prisoner. She’s been hiding in the collector’s possession hoping the Egyptian god wouldn’t think to look for her there. But now, she’s going to go back to the Library and sever her connection to protect everyone. She can’t very well be used to unlock pure evil if she’s not a Guardian anymore. But with Eve missing and the Staff still in the collector’s possession, she agrees to help the boys out one more time for old time’s sake. And Cassie and Ezekiel manage to slip onto the train on which Eve has been loaded. I hope they’re nearby when Eve’s former boss (and mentor) drops the “I’m the head of DOSA and you (Eve) are a sleeper agent” bomb on our favorite Guardian.

Eve’s former boss goes on and on about how it was all a set up to get Eve close to Flynn so they could have someone in the Library because the government views the Library as a terrorist threat. Are they forgetting that Eve got an invitation to the Library just like our newest Librarians? Anyway, thanks to being able to sort of use her new powers, Cassie is able to get Ezekiel past the guard and in to rescue Eve. I just hope that Eve is still on our side. Meanwhile, while Jake is trying to undo the spell put on the Monkey King, Charlene and Flynn head back to the throne room but the collector has the staff and is acting all haughty, like he’s already won.

Ultimately, Flynn, Charlene and Jake are able to save the staff and Shangri-La. Jake is even able to save the Monkey King’s soul (though he gets some magic tattoos for his trouble and is kind of pissed about it). I suspect Eve hasn’t said anything to anyone about being a sleeper agent (which worries me going into the finale). She’s been part of the team since day 1 of the show and I can’t imagine her betraying them. And as we say goodbye to Charlene, we discover that Jenkins wasn’t in love with King Arthur’s bride, but Charlene (who we are to assume is in love with Judson). And now that she’s leaving this plane of existence, I expect her to reunite with him. It’s a very moving goodbye (especially between Charlene and Flynn). Before she goes, Charlene whispers something in Eve’s ear and I really want to know what it was! Does Charlene know the truth? What’s going on?! We end with Eve walking into the chamber of memories and watching as Charlene’s candle goes out. Maybe it’s just the lighting in the room but Eve looks a little sinister there. Gulp!

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