Monday, July 24, 2017

Summer DVR Dump: The Librarians 3.08: “And The Eternal Question”

“I don’t like vampires!”
- Jake

Spontaneous human combustion is the name of the game this week. We see a guy doing quite well during a golf tournament. Well, until he bursts into flame. So the team is going to check it out. Though, Cassie says she needs to go visit a doctor in New York who might have information. And Flynn and Eve are off on a different case (a clue left by Charlene for Eve). Jake and Ezekiel go to talk to the golfer’s widow and she explains that her husband had stage 4 cancer but then they went a holistic spa and they cured him. She goes to get the brochure when Ezekiel pulls the curtains to give her more light and she bursts into flame, too. Vampires!!

In New York, Cassie learns that her tumor has gotten too large that she can’t put off surgery any longer. But she’s not going to have surgery to remove it. She just wanted a timeline. But the doctor says she doesn’t have any more time. I’m wondering what they are going to do with her health now. She temporarily hides her fear under a bubbly personality for Jake and Ezekiel while she tries to ask Jenkins out on a date. I found that really odd. I mean, they have kind of a friend, or even a father-daughter vibe going on but a romantic one is just weird. He’s way too old for her!

But there isn’t really time to worry about the squicky factor of that particular pairing because the trio of Librarians heads off to the holistic spa to snoop around. Cassie talks to the caretaker’s daughter about the plants and surrounding soil (she seems interested in learning all she can). But she’s also upset by the false hope that people are given in this place. The guys are also kind of weirded out by the guy they are talking to as well. And about the time Jenkins calls with some crucial information about our combustible golfer and his wife, Jake and Ezekiel figure out the same thing: vampires! Semi-kind hearted, Spanish vampires.

And it turns out Flynn and Eve aren’t following some trail left by Charlene. Rather, Flynn has decided this is the most opportune time for he and Eve to have a romantic getaway in the Alaskan forests. She’s a little miffed he conned her but she kind of loves the gesture anyway. This seemed like an unnecessary subplot for this week’s episode. The rest of the plots are a lot stronger. While they enjoy the evening, Eve realizes they need to get back because the team needs them. Speaking of, Cassie and Jenkins manages to talk Ezekiel and Jake out of going back to the spa crosses and stakes blazing. They need to figure out what’s going on before they take action. There’s also a nice call back to the third Librarian movie where Flynn fell for a vampire (Stana Katic if I remember correctly). Cassie calls Jenkins out on the fact that Flynn fell for an immortal. But Jenkins explains that long ago he pledged his heart to another woman (even though she didn’t choose him … um Gwenivere?) and so he can’t be with anyone else.

Back at the spa, the caretaker explains everything that they know. They came from Spain a while ago and this land has protected them. They are able to walk in sunlight but only on the grounds. They aren’t aware of why guests would be combusting because they don’t feed on the guests (at least not enough to turn them). But as Ezekiel and Jake go browsing the grounds to follow the golfer’s routine, they spot a sketchy locked door and bust in to find some curious mixtures. And then one of the employees comes in and basically spills the beans. He and one of the other vampires (the son or maybe the daughter) have been working on a formula to allow them to walk in sunlight off the grounds. But it isn’t just so they can enjoy the scenery outside, it’s to take over the freaking world!

Cassie gets an offer to be turned into a vampire by the daughter (I now think it is the son who is plotting with the other employee) and then Jake and Ezekiel fill Cassie in. But when Cassie goes to confront the daughter, things take a turn for the dangerous. She insists on speaking to her mother but when they get inside, they find Ezekiel and Jake standing over the mother vampire’s ashes. Then all the boys bust in and grab our guys like snacks. Oh, and Jenkins (having found Cassie’s doctor’s card on the floor) learns that she’s dying and a lot sooner than they all realized.

Thanks to her rapport with the daughter, Cassie manages to convince her brother to at least hear her out about the secret lab. Unfortunately, he leaves orders with his guys to kill Jake and Ezekiel. I have to admit, our guys held their own until Jenkins shows up and is a total badass. Love me some sword wielding Jenkins! Elsewhere in the spa, Cassie figures out at the it is the water that is protecting the vampires, not the rocks. And then a massive sibling fight breaks out and the daughter ends up killing her brother. Just in time for Cassie to pass out in Jenkins’ arms. I’m thinking she’s getting that brain surgery whether she likes it or not. Which may affect her abilities or it may not (given the amount of magic she’s been exposed to). I also liked the sort of flirtation Cassie had with the vampire chick. It was slightly reminiscent of Flynn.

Cassie makes it through the surgery and her gift is even still intact (although it appears to be amplified and altered a bit). But hey, that will give the show some new ways to go about showing her abilities in the final two episodes. And at the close of the episode, she goes to thank the vampire chick for helping her see she was being foolish about the things she’d been focusing on and they share a sweet kiss. I kind of hope we see the vampire again. Because Cassie could use a little love in her life!

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