Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Revolution 1.03: "No Quarter"

“I say we risk it. If Grace had power, and it looks like she did, how is anything more important?”
- Aaron

We pick up this week with Nora, Miles and Charlie traveling to the rebel base. Miles still can’t believe Nora has joined up with the cause. It’s pretty obvious they had some kind of history (possibly even romantic). I could see it, honestly. Nora questions whether Miles is afraid of facing Monroe and we get a flashback to 8 weeks post-blackout. Miles is going AWOL to head to Chicago to find Ben. Monroe pretty much says he’s tagging along and Miles doesn’t have a choice in the matter. Back in the present, they make it to the rebel base. It’s housed in what looks like an abandoned restaurant. They are initially accosted by two cross-bow wielding guys but are Ok’d by Nicholas, an obvious friend of Nora’s. It appears Nora and Nick are something of an item. Miles is clearly peeved about it. And things aren’t going well for the rebels. They went on a raid to a nearby militia weapons depot and got ambushed. Twelve dead, one missing. Another young man dies in Charlie’s arms. We cut to the missing rebel, being tortured via Russian roulette by none other than Lost’s mysterious island protector, Jacob. He eventually gets the rebel to give up the location and blows his head off.

We take a brief trip over to Captain Neville’s camp where Danny is getting hassled by one of the soldiers. He’s pissed at Danny for killing his best friend. But Danny manages to convince Neville to treat him at least somewhat decently. We also find Aaron and Maggie at Grace’s house. She’s gone and her computer is hacked to bits. But Aaron wants to stay and try to reassemble it. It’s probably the tech guru in him that thinks he has a chance. Plus he hopes if he can figure out how Grace had power, he can figure out maybe how to turn it back on.

Back at rebel base, Charlie says she’s staying until the rebels are safely away, since the militia is likely coming back. She makes this decision since Miles says they need Nora’s help to get Danny. At least Charlie isn’t being as whiney as she was initially. Miles still isn’t happy and he’s obviously jealous because he questions Nora about her relationship with Nicholas. It turns out he’s a Catholic priest. Just as Nick is giving order on where to meet, the militia attacks and after the end of the fire barrage, the guy Charlie was kind of flirting with while tying up his broken arm has been shot.

Bullets keep flying from the militia and they’re closing in when Miles sends the rebel’s best shooter up to the roof with the sniper rifle. He’s pretty good, too. Picking off every solider that gets within ten yards of the base. It continues through the night and Jacob keeps sending men in, knowing they’ll get shot so that the shooter will waste ammo. Meanwhile, Nora and Charlie are setting up explosives to rig in case the militia do manage to get past their sniper. Nora explains why she joined the rebels. She was five months pregnant when she took out some drunken militia guys and lost the baby. She doesn’t want her next child to be born into the Monroe republic. I have to say I think a lot of the characters have some interesting backstory. Meanwhile, back in Neville’s camp, the solider who was hassling Danny comes back and starts being him with a bag of what sounds like metal in retaliation for killing his friend. The soldier’s explanation is that his buddy’s wife would ask if he got payback.

We jump to six months post-blackout and Monroe and Miles are on their way to Chicago when they happen upon a campsite with a whole bunch of dead people. It’s not a new occurrence and Miles can’t understand why people are killing each other. Monroe says it’s because people are hungry and desperate. Miles remarks on how there isn’t anyone coming to save people the ones they just found. We jump back to the present the rebel shooter has run out of ammo. Pretty quickly, things start going downhill. The tunnel Miles and Nick were digging collapses on them. Miles also gets a little snippy with Charlie when she calls her dad a coward. But pretty soon Miles snags the militia CO who reveals that Miles is the Commanding General of the Monroe Militia and the founding father of the republic, alongside Sebastian Monroe. Charlie looks pretty horrified.

It appears that Nora knew of Miles’ past and after some argument, they agree to let Miles be taken prisoner in exchange for the rebels’ survival. It is pretty apparent there is something off about the whole thing. And that off-feeling is satisfied when Nora and Charlie rescue him. Back at Grace’s house, Aaron is unable to reconstruct the computer and is rather frustrated by the whole thing. And Danny manages to threaten the soldier who beat him up. It looks like being around the militia is not such a good influence on Danny.

We return to Miles and Monroe on their traveling and they come across a guy getting beaten for his food on the side of the road. Miles takes matters into his own hands and we see how the militia is born. The guy he saves turns out to be the general that he ran into at the rebel base. Miles tells Charlie she can’t and won’t understand why he did what he did. It’s a little annoying that he won’t let people think good things about him. I can see how the militia starting out how had decent intentions of trying to keep order and protect people. And then it got out of hand. We end this week back at Grace’s house. Aaron is recounting how he was bullied in school and then his life got good as an adult until the blackout. Just as he’s going on about how he’s weak and powerless again, the pendant Ben gave him lights up and for a few minutes there is electricity again. Maggie can see the picture of her kids on her phone and Aaron can listen to some music on an old CD player. There is hope.

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