Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Revolution 1.05: "Soul Train"

“Saying goodbye to who? That’s just a body in the ground, Charlie. But Danny, he’s still alive. And he’s close. So you don’t have that luxury. Standing around here crying isn’t going to help.”
- Miles

This week starts in a very brutal way. I can’t tell if it’s just to let off steam or some kind of game but Captain Neville is beating the crap out of his men and then he insists Danny take a turn. Danny doesn’t want to but Neville pops him a couple times in the face. Danny gets a good shot to Neville’s gut but that’s it. He ends up lying bloody on the floor. We flash back to the day of the blackout to see that Neville was a nice guy, trying to give coverage to people when the company doesn’t really cover it. His manager ends up firing him. We cut to Charlie and Aaron standing over Maggie’s grave and Miles says they need to go. They’ve lost enough time. They’re nearly to Noblesville where Neville and company are only to find that Neville’s got a steam-powered train. They’re heading out to Pennsylvania the next day. Which is not good. In Philadelphia, Monroe tells Rachel that Danny’s on his way. Charlie confirms the train’s departure time and Miles says to head out inconspicuously and look for Danny. He leaves Aaron in charge of Nate.

Meanwhile, Neville and his boys are hiding out in the bank and Danny is locked in a cell. Neville goes on a tangent about how Danny probably doesn’t remember banks when Danny tells him to shut. Danny is tired of all of Neville’s speeches and head games. This prompts another flashback. It’s now the night of the black out and past-Neville is kind of a pushover. He tries to tell the kid next door who is having a party to keep the music down but he doesn’t listen. His son, Jason, is really adorable though. Rather interesting we learn that Neville had a thing for punching. He’s beating a punching bag to hell when Jason sees him. Neville tells his son that he can only hit the bag and not people when the power goes out.

Back in the present, Nora ends up finding the only rebel in town, Ken Hutchinson (my brain just screamed Lapidus!). Hutch tells her that the rest of the gang was taken out by militia. Charlie is wandering around when she attracts Neville’s attention. She feeds him a line about spying on a cheating boyfriend but it doesn’t last long. He walks away, she follows and he demands to know who she is. Miles busts in to save the day and is not very happy to see Neville. Miles does a pretty good job beating the crap out of Neville. He even proposes a trade; Nate for Danny but Neville isn’t interested. I have a feeling I know who Nate really is. Which makes it very interesting that Neville doesn’t want him back. Back at the hide out, Aaron is looking at Maggie’s phone and nocks over the makeshift table and Nate grabs hold of the pendant. Aaron manages to get it back by saying it belonged to his wife only to have Nora and Hutch come in. They’re going to blow up the train, regardless of the fact Danny might be on it. I like Nora but she’s kind of nuts. On the way back, Miles and Charlie get into a bit of an argument. Charlie says she has a really good memory of Miles from when she was little but Miles says the guy he sued to be is dead. I have to say that was a really obvious line. I heard it in my head before he even said it.

Neville gets back to the bank and they’re moving Danny somewhere more secure. He has yet another flashback to six weeks after the black out when he ends up being the neighbor guy to a bloody pulp in front of Jason and his wife. Charlie is starting to panic about Nora blowing up the train. Miles says simply that they need to get Danny before she sets the bomb off. Charlie tries to appeal to Nate to give her information but he’s not going to help. Mile pulls out his sword and Nate makes a pretty crazy escape. He catches up to Neville and it looks like they’re on good terms.

Things aren’t going so well for Nora and Hutch. She manages to get the bomb in place (hiding the fuse in a log that’s going to power the train) but when she realizes Danny is on the train, she tries to get the bomb back. Hutch stabs her, there’s really no way she’s getting to the train now. The gang doesn’t look pleased to see the train pulling out of the station early. I anticipate some crazy maneuvers by Miles in the near future. We take a brief detour to Philly where Monroe is getting some news that some of the other nations are encroaching on the Republic’s borders. Thank you rebels!

And then we get the Miles swashbuckling I was expecting. And Charlie holds her own, too. She and Danny almost escape when Nate shows up and grabs her. Neville orders him to bring Charlie to him but Nate saves her. Neville is not pleased with that maneuver but it seems Nate doesn’t much care. They get to Philadelphia and Neville reunites with his wife and we get confirmation that Nate is in fact, Jason. He flashes back to his dad telling him they need to toughen up or they’re dead. Finally, our merry band is stopping in the woods so Nora can patch herself up. She’s feeling pretty guilty about the whole almost blowing Danny up thing. Understandable. Hutch probably isn’t too happy about the train not exploding as promised. I have to wonder if we’ll see him again. Miles tries to give Charlie a pep talk and mentions that he’s got to go to Philly and kill his best friend. Charlie’s not interested. They have a long way to walk. And as Danny is walked through the center of town in Philly, Rachel finally gives in and tells Monroe about the pendants. This is getting interesting.

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