Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Revolution 1.18: "Clue"

“I have to do this. You have to let me do this. For Danny. For Ben. Get inside the Tower and turn the power back on. It’s up to you now.”
- Rachel

So I’m back for a week to help Jen out with the slight backlog as we come to the end of the fall/spring TV season. As we saw at the end of the last episode, Nora got captured by the Militia and brought to Monroe himself. She’s sitting in a cell when one of his men tosses her a box with a dress in it and orders her to put it on. It’s almost like Monroe wants to be on a date with her. HE’s got her all dressed up and there’s wine and candlelight. He even says they’re drinking Miles’ favorite brand. Monroe admits he gets jealous sometimes of what Miles has (and I’m betting that includes Nora). Not surprisingly, Monroe wants to know where Miles is. Nora refuses and tries to smack him upside the head with the wine bottle. This was his nice way of asking for the info because for the next three weeks he has her beaten and tortured and ultimately drugged to get the location out of her. And she does eventually break; even coughing up that Rachel is in Colorado heading for the Tower.

In his seemingly infinite paranoia, Monroe is ready to kill Flynn for not briefing him on the Tower after Flynn tries to brush it off as unimportant. But seeing his ass is on the line, Flynn says it can do more than turn the power on. The DoD was doing stuff there that the President didn’t even know about (I guess that explains whatever ate that guard a few weeks back). So it looks like Monroe is taking a trip out to Colorado. The scientist that betrayed Miles and Rachel is going down to give Nora a fatal dose of the torture drug (or so it seems). Instead, he makes a break for it down to Atlanta and delivers her to the rebels. Miles still can’t admit how he feels about Nora even as he’s with her in the hospital and she blathers on about how she told Monroe everything. Outside, Jason tells Charlie she should get out of Atlanta since Monroe’s troops are so close. They share a kiss before he sees some guy and ditches Charlie. People are kind of acting sketchy all episode.

Miles has a chat with the scientist, wherein he accuses the guy of being a militia spy. But the scientist is more interested in trying to save Rachel (he’s done killing and hurting people for Monroe). So it looks like our gang is taking a road trip of their own. Of course Neville comes along at Foster’s orders and Jim (just back from some time up north) and the kids. But Nora wants to go, too. Despite the fact she’s still loopy from the drugs, she doesn’t let Miles bench her. Sometimes tells me she’s going to regret that shortly.

Monroe and his men make camp outside the Tower (which is a bit of a misnomer since it goes down half a mile instead of up). Flynn leads Monroe over but can’t get in. His fingerprint scan and override codes are both denied and as Monroe starts getting angry, we see a group of people inside watching the exchange on monitors. Where the hell did they all come from? And what happened to Grace? Meanwhile, Miles and company are on their way to Colorado when Jason has a flashback to talking to the guy who is clearly Militia. They land in a defunct airfield to refuel their confiscated chopper. Everyone splits up to look for fuel which so won’t end well. Miles is first back to the chopper followed by Charlie, Jason and Jim. Charlie spots something weird near a shed and finds the pilot, dead with an x cut into his throat. Apparently that’s a Plains Nation thing so Miles orders everyone to gather up while he goes hunting for whoever offed the pilot and messed up the chopper.

Back in Colorado Springs, Rachel and Aaron have made it to the site but obviously it’s crawling with the enemy and they can’t just walk up to the Tower and go in. So Rachel has a plan. She’s going to sneak in at night and kill Monroe and while everyone is distracted by that, Aaron will get into the Tower. After all, Rachel’s got that vendetta she needs to take care of. Back at the airstrip, Miles doesn’t find any Plains Nation folks. In fact it seems unlikely anyone else was out there. Wade, one of the other rebel guys got the same treatment as the pilot but before he dies, he manages to indicate to Miles that it wasn’t someone from the Plains Nation. With the group, minus Nora, congregated it is time to play the blame game. To lessen the possibility of another death, Miles tells everyone to hand over their weapons. Miles heads out and finds Nora passed out with a cut on her arm. The scientist explains the side effects of the drugs she’s on and it could honestly be Nora who is offing people and not remembering it. After all, she tells them that she killed a guy and didn’t remember doing it until just now. Miles refuses to believe it was Nora. He really needs to just admit he is in love with her.

Blame soon comes around to Jason as he finds a bloody knife his pocket. He says it wasn’t his and he didn’t do anything. He does eventually fess up that he was talking to Monroe Militia and they said if he killed Miles he could get whatever he wanted (in this case, Charlie’s safety) but he refused. Jason takes off with Miles on his heels. The scientist catches up with Miles and tells him the knife was made in Annapolis (which is where Jim’s been the last few weeks). It appears the Militia got to Jim through his wife. He and Miles get into a fight but it’s Jason who saves Miles by killing Jim. Guess he’s not so easily bought after all. But things between him and Charlie are cooled way down given the fact that he’s lied to Charlie in the past. Nora manages to fix the chopper and so they continue their trek to the Tower.

Rachel makes good on her plan. She steals a uniform by strangling a guy and walks right into Monroe’s tent that night with a live grenade. She is seriously prepared to die in getting her revenge (unlike say….Hook on Once Upon a Time). It fades to black as we hear the grenade lick. Something tells me that she won’t succeed. After all, it wouldn’t be the show without Monroe. And really, there’s only three Mathesons left. They can’t really keep killing them all off.

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