Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer DVR Dump: Continuum 1.01: "A Stitch in Time"

“Alec, listen. No matter what happens to me, you have to tell people these guys are going to start a war.”
- Kiera Cameron

I have been looking for new shows to watch lately and I am a big sci-fi fan. In the last few months I’ve devoured Battlestar Galactica and Caprica. So it really shouldn’t surprise you that I latched on to Continuum as well. I have to say I’ve been impressed with the creativity of the show and am quite looking forward to season 2.

The year is 2076 in Vancouver and we begin with Eduard Kagame, leader of the terrorist organization known as Liber8. Kagame sits waiting for law enforcement officers to arrive and arrest him. As he waits, a transmission goes out explaining that corporations have taken over society and that there are people who believe that there is a need to fight for freedom again. Just as the officers arrest him, the Corporate Congress building is bombed, killing 30,000 people. Six months later, we find Officer Kiera Cameron entertaining with her husband when Liber8 shows up on all of the signs outside. It’s the eve of the Liber8 cell’s execution and they think it’s a last ditch effort to stop the proceedings. The next morning, Kiera is off to the execution but things don’t go according to plan. At all. Kiera is in the execution chamber to make sure nothing hinky goes down when one of the guards hands Kagame a device that powers up and sucks all eight of them (plus Kiera) into a swirling ball of energy. An elderly man watches the chaos with a knowing smile on his face.

Kiera comes to and her suit is on the fritz. She’s lying in the remnants of what used to be a bridge. She’s disoriented but takes off after Lucas Ingram, one of the terrorists. He limps along into an alley where she corners him. She’s not noticed but he has that they’re in 2012. Kiera tries to request back up but all she gets is a teenage boy in a man cave surprised that she’s on his frequency. Kiera tracks Ingram to the alley and hops him up with truth serum and he rambles on about how they are in the past and they are just going to become ghosts. Kiera has a few tricks up her sleeve and manages to work it so Lucas gets arrested. Tech boy is still on the line and can hear everything that’s going on.

Kiera and tech boy (who turns out to be Alec Sadler) are trying to figure out how they can be communicating and Kiera ends up using her spiffy tech to get some money from an ATM. Meanwhile, six of the other terrorists have broken into an army surplus store and are stocking up on weapons and new clothes. Matthew Kellogg questions whether they will really make a difference in this time. I have to say on rewatch (after having seen the whole season), his attitude and the disconnect he has from the rest of the group is far more interesting. But the current leader of the group says that the revolution against the corporations starts on their schedule now.

Kiera checks into a hotel for the night and we get some insight into how law enforcement is conducted in the future. They have video upload tech in their brains to preserve chain of custody and evidence. We rewind to the morning of the time jump and see her son and husband. Alec also gets a look at Kiera in her underwear and comments on how pretty she is. That must be awkward seeing as he’s a teenage boy and she knows him as an adult. Definitely a tad awkward. We also see into Alec’s family life. First of all, his techno man cave is hidden in a secret portion of the barn and apparently he spends a lot of time there. He also has a stepfather who is running protest meetings (which we see taken on more significance later in the season). And perhaps most importantly, as Alec is running footage from Kiera’s CMR, he sees a logo that he’s seen before. It’s the one he’s designed for the company he wants to start, Sadtech.

The next morning, Kiera heads back to the bridge where she meets Detective Carlos Fonnegra (Hello Coop. Gotta say I like Victor Webster getting to be more badass). With some quick thinking and an assist from her CMR, she convinces Carlos she’s a Portland based Detective following a gang. He asks her to talk to Ingram to see if he can tell them anything. She uses her own tech to try and shock the information she wants out of Lucas. But she’s not satisfied with his answers. She doesn’t like that the device was a one-way trip. After all, she’s got a son and husband to get back to. But with a little prompting to Alec, she scares the crap out of Lucas. Unfortunately, the interrogation is interrupted by Carlo’s boss asking for a meeting. As Kiera gives a somewhat vague (yet convincing) description of Liber8, we see the rest of the gang take out a police detail and steal all their weapons.

Kiera being in the Vancouver precinct without proper authorization is somewhat problematic. Lucky for her, Liber8 hits and robs a bank. Three of the guys come out, guns blazing. Carlos tries to keep Kiera out of the fray but to no avail. She runs in unarmed 9aside from her suit) and tries to take them on. Lots of gunplay ensues and Kiera is almost knifed by one of the guys when Claros swans in and saves her. They get back to the station to find it a bullet-riddled mess. The rest of the gang sprung Lucas from custody. Kiera thanks Carlos for saving her and she and Alec have a private conversation where she explains what Liber8 is up to and that she’s going to try and stop them. She won’t tell Alec about his future but we see a memory of her meeting her husband’s boss and it’s the old man with the knowing smile from the execution. It’s Alec Sadler, 65 years in the future. This is going to be one wild ride.

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