Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer TV Rewind: Lost Girl 1.04: "Faetal Attraction"

“Mass destruction and two dead Furies. That’s quite a Friday.”

“Faetal Attraction” implemented an interesting connection between the case of the week and the drama going on in Bo’s personal life. This isn’t a note that the show tried to strike before, so it was an interesting change. As Bo and Dyson deal with the fall-out of their break-up, Bo inadvertently takes on a case that demonstrates how crazy things can get when love goes sour in the Fae world. I definitely appreciated the care it took to align the personal drama and the case. Not all procedurals do that. I definitely consider “Lost Girl” to be a sort of supernatural procedural with significant mythology elements, so the care taken to deepen the characters and the mythology (not something all procedurals really bother to do), is what makes it worth watching.

As I already mentioned, this episode largely revolves around the fall-out from the Bo and Dyson break-up. Bo is moping, and Kenzi convinces her to go out for a girls’ night. Of course, the logical place to go for said girls’ night is the Dal, since Bo can’t accidentally kill anyone with her magical succubus powers there. Meanwhile, Dyson is having some serious problems at work. He’s being too aggressive with suspects, and he gets in trouble for it. Since Dyson won’t say what is wrong, his boss basically tells him that he can go into therapy or turn in his badge. He chooses therapy, but he’s not very cooperative about it. He pretty much just sits on the couch and stares at the shrink. Well, he sits and stares when he’s not insulting the shrink, that is.

Anyway, as you might predict, Dyson eventually ends up at the Dal, too, which puts Bo into doing stupid things to make Dyson jealous mode. This guy had hit on Bo, saying he and his Fury wife wanted to have a threesome with her, and at first Bo brushed him off. As soon as Dyson enters the bar, though, Bo changes course and offers to go home with the couple. Dyson is suitably jealous as he sees Bo exit the bar, and Kenzi won’t so much as look at him. Bo enjoys her romp, and it provides her with some great healing energy, but the fun is going to come at a cost. The wife, Olivia, comes back to the apartment later for a chat with Bo. Apparently her husband, Samir, has been cheating on her with a woman named Jenny, and Olivia would like to hire Bo to kill Jenny.

Bo, of course, being a decent fae, refuses to kill Jenny. This seriously pisses Olivia off, and after Olivia leaves, Bo realizes that Olivia is probably going to kill Jenny herself. Bo, of course, rushes to Jenny’s apartment to save the day. It’s quite a fight, with each of the fae trying to use their special power against each other. As a Fury, Olivia’s eyes can glow orange and basically make somebody brain damaged. She tries to do this to Bo, but Bo wins the fight by turning a toaster on Olivia so Olivia’s sees her own reflection. It seriously addles Olivia’s brain, but Bo hightails it out of there with Jenny. Jenny, once she’s safely at the apartment, wants to see Samir, so Bo goes to get him (and save him from Olivia’s fury too, I’d think). Unfortunately, Bo is too late. She finds Samir at his home, beheaded.

The beheading gets the light fae involved in the whole ordeal. Dyson and Hale manage to finally capture Olivia by using Hale’s siren powers to lure her into their van. Then they transport her to light fae HQ so that Lauren can take care of her. Dyson then has to pay a visit to Bo, because the Ash wants to see her. A dead fae has turned up (Samir), so the Ash wants to know what happened. Bo goes to see how Olivia is doing in the light fae HQ sickbay, and she explains to both Lauren and the Ash that she most certainly did not kill Samir. Unfortunately (sort of), Olivia is never going to be able to corroborate Bo’s story. She dies in the sickbay from her injuries.

Back at the apartment, Bo has to tell Jenny that Samir is dead, and to say that Jenny doesn’t take this well would be an understatement. She’s inconsolable. Bo decides to use a little of her succubus mojo to help Jenny, which turns out to be a very bad idea. Jenny starts crushing on Bo a bit, and at first, Bo is cool with it, but she doesn’t realize just how dangerous Jenny can be. Bo thinks it’s a harmless crush that can be managed by just trying to treat Jenny gently (emphasizing that Jenny can only stay at the apartment temporarily), but Jenny turns out to be quite obsessive. While Bo is out of the apartment, Jenny decides to kidnap Kenzi.

Jenny takes Kenzi to a warehouse, and just as Bo is about to try to rescue Kenzi, more trouble shows up. Olivia’s two sisters, being Furies, are willing to go to extreme lengths to avenge their sister’s death, and they show up at the warehouse when Bo does. They want to kill Bo, because they think she killed Olivia. It turns out that Jenny never actually had a relationship with Samir. She’s a serial killer who gets obsessive about people romantically, and when they don’t reciprocate sufficiently, she beheads them. She’s so devastated about Bo not returning her affection that she has set up a bomb in the warehouse, and she’s got her finger on the trigger. Bo is trying to talk Jenny down when the Fury sisters arrive. One attacks Bo and the other attacks Jenny. While the Furies are occupied, Bo and Kenzi manage to get free of the warehouse, and Bo makes the decision to just leave the Furies in there with Jenny and the bomb. Jenny sets off the bomb, and the warehouse goes up in flames as Bo and Kenzi run to Dyson’s car.

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