Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer DVR Dump: Continuum 1.04: "Matter of Time"

“I have spent my entire life making decisions that could affect millions. That’s what I do.”
- Eduard Kagame

In the future, Kiera gets home to find Greg (her hubby) celebrating with a co-worker. Greg was just made project leader on a new project at work (thanks to one Alec Sadler). Kiera’s happy for him and now they can afford their new place when suddenly the power goes out. But they’re not alone. The whole city is dark. Greg says the power will be back in ten seconds and starts counting down. We jump to Kiera in the present as she’s trying and failing to put on mascara. She tells Alec about how in the future the mascara brush has an electrostatic charge to dispense the same amount every time. Yeah that would be nice. He asks her to describe it and the power at her current residence goes out. A garbage truck backed into a power line pole. Kiera doesn’t have much time to worry about it because Carlos calls. They’ve got6 a case. A Professor Ames was found dead that morning by his assistant with a hole in his chest. Whatever hit him went through him and five stories of the building, too. And if things weren’t bad enough Kagame appears at the bridge (which is now repaired).

Meanwhile, Kellogg is now a very rich man thanks to all of his smart investing. He drops off a check at the house we saw him at a few episodes ago with a letter. It seems he’s paid off whatever was due to keep the family there. He really does do some nice things for people. Kiera is still grumpy about her suit being out of commission because she couldn’t get a clear optical pattern of whatever the energy discharge hit the professor. Alec professes his ability to fix it, in theory. She’s not ready to take him up on that offer yet though. She and Carlos head back to the precinct to talk with Ames’ grad student, Shane. He explains that the machine that killed the professor (Calisto is what they named it), was built to contain anti-matter. Kiera drops some knowledge on what it could be used for 9clean energy). So that seems to fit with where the future was headed. In fact Ames and Shane had it contained to between 7-8 hours which is way longer than the few milliseconds other scientists had managed. Carlos asks if it could be sabotaged and Shane says it might be possible. Kiera is checking him out with her CMR as he talks and notes some spikes in his heart rate when he says the backups of all the files on the project are gone. Oh boy.

In a rough neighborhood, Garza and Sonya knock on a biker thug’s door and then beat the crap out of hi m and his buddy so the gang can get a new place to operate from. I guess a pot house works for them. Kagame wakes up in the hospital and promptly breaks out. He’s got better things to do and places to be.

Kier and Carlos share their theories about what Shane was lying about as they go check out one of the groups that threatened Ames. The leader of the group is a guy named Vincent (played by the actor who played Vincent on Eureka). He’s against the use of clean energy for violence and to be weaponized. And he also gives our duo another lead; Melissa Dobeck, Ames’ former partner. We cut to Kellogg betting big on the Leafs for an upcoming game as he’s walking around with the girl (who we later learn is his grandmother). He promises that nothing icky is going on, he just wants to pay her dad’s kindness forward. Sometimes I just want to hug him so bad. And then of course he goes and buys a yacht.

Kiera comes at Professor Dobeck rather hard during their questioning. She goes as far as to accuse her of sabotaging the devise and stealing the files. It doesn’t seem to rattle Dobeck too badly. Carlos ends up in a snit when the DOD takes over the investigation. He thinks Kiera was somehow responsible for getting him booted from the case. She asks him to give her a little time to find another way back into the case. Kiera confronts Shane again and has Alec check who’s been texting Shane. Meanwhile, Kagame is out in the world and caught on tape. News outlets are airing a report about him wandering away from the hospital. So now both the cops and Liber8 know he’s out there and are looking for him. As Kier and Carlos are canvassing, Alec gets an interesting piece of news about Melissa Dobeck. She had filed a challenge to Ames’ patents and then withdrawn it as part of settlement. And she all but confirms she was in a relationship with Shane thanks to some clever questioning by Kiera and Carlos. Oops. She shouldn’t have done that.

Shane admits (after Carlos and Kiera put some pressure on him) to killing Ames alone. But we all know Melissa had a hand in it. Meanwhile, Kagame is at a Buddhist temple and he has a flash forward to a peaceful rally at the temple where he is giving a speech about fighting for freedom. The rally is broken up by the authorities and he’s taken out as a little boy is dragged away. I have to believe it was his son. Anyway, about the time Alec gives Kiera Kagame’s location, the cops get it too and so it’s a race to find him before Travis and company. It ends up being a standoff. Travis and the girls have a mother and baby at gunpoint. They’ll hand them over if Kiera release Kagame. She obviously has no choice. So now their numbers grow.

Back at the precinct, Carlos is still grumpy about not catching Kagame. But hey, they prevented a public bloodbath so there’s that. Alec calls Kiera with the news that Melissa has booked a one-way ticket to Costa Rica and she has a second back up of Ames’ research. So Kiera is off to intercept her. Kiera is ready to arrest her and take the really massive external hard drive with the research on it until she realizes that Melissa is going to be a world renowned scientist, responsible for creating clean fusion energy in the future. Thanks to her partnership with Sadtech in the future, there’s no more central reactor which means no easy target for the bad guys.

Kiera gets home to find Alec has broken in and found her suit. He is pretty excited to get to work on it though he doesn’t know how long it will take to repair. But he thinks it is pretty messed up that she let Melissa go all because of how she’s going to be. And in a rather nice house, Kagame tells the rest of the group that war is coming and they are going to be the instigators.

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