Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer DVR Dump: Continuum 1.03: "Wasting Time"

“We’re both survivors, Officer. We’ll never be allies but from time to time we may want the same thing. I’m looking for situations that are win-win.”
- Kellogg

We begin in the future this week with Kiera and her team on a raid. They think they’re hunting down Travis Berta (the cell’s present-time leader without Kagame). They find some random guy and Sonya Valentine (also members). This leads in Kiera giving a briefing to the Vancouver PD about the cell. The majority of the team is ex-military with aggression issues. Perhaps one of the most dangerous though is Sonya because she’s a master manipulator. Case in point, we see her crawling all over some guy long enough to distract him so she can shove a metal cylinder in his neck and extract something.

Meanwhile, at the Liber8 safe house, Travis isn’t doing very well. In fact it looks like he’s dying. And Kellogg makes that point quite clear to Garza. If Travis goes, Curtis is going to be jockeying for position and he doesn’t want any part of it. So he takes off and ends up in a café with Kiera (after she’s gotten some awkward stares talking to Alec while trying to pen a Bluetooth earpiece). Kellogg doesn’t share the other terrorists views on violence (despite holding a live grenade to get Kiera to listen to him0 and so maybe he and Kiera can help each other out He just wants to live in this time and enjoy it. He ducks out as Carlos arrives and they head to the morgue to check out the dead guy with the hole in his head. Carlos asks if it could be Sonya (since she was a doctor). Kiera doesn’t rule her out. She also ends up seeing one of the other dead terrorists and tells the lab guy to keep him in storage for her. They head off to chat with the ME and learn that the pituitary gland was extracted from both the guy we saw get killed and a younger guy the day before. Kiera drags Carlos off to find the missing link between the victims.

Back at the safe house, Lucas has hacked in and rerouted some kind of massive medical machine to the street where they’re hiding out. I guess it’s so Sonya can make whatever it is she needs to save Travis. Curtis is getting a little testy (well it doesn’t help that Kellogg is antagonizing him). Curtis confers with Travis and suggests they off Kellogg since he’s been breaking ranks and sneaking off. Though he may still be on their side as he takes over the computer Lucas was using to set up Kiera. He really has the most depth of all the terrorists, except maybe Kagame.

Meanwhile, Kiera tries to get Alec to run a database search for her but he gets called away to his stepdad’s little anti-corporation meeting (aka the precursor to Liber8). Alec thinks it’s a load of bull but he sits and listens because his mom gives him a look. He’s a little annoyed that his mom is left doing all the clean up all the time after the meetings but she says she doesn’t mind it and that if Alec wants his stepdad to respect Alec’s beliefs, he needs to do the same in return. Back at the precinct, Kiera is getting frustrated with the crappy computer system until Alec gets back to the barn and finds that both guys were paid by the same fertility clinic for their donations. Alec does a little digging on the clinic director and Kiera uses a breach of doctor/patient confidentiality from about a decade ago to twist his arm into giving up the files of his donors. Now they have to go through all 45 boxes of physical files. Joy. Alec, working his magic, spots that the two dead guys share a genetic mutation. So they have to look for that in all the rest and check for stolen medical equipment.

Speaking of, Liber8 got their stolen medical machine so they can synthesize the serum to save Travis. Kellogg has printed off something from the computer and sneaks off to grab a gun. Curtis corners him, demanding to know what he’s up to and even steals the paper (it has an address on it). So it looks like Curtis may be stealing Kellogg’s thunder. Kiera and Carlos have managed to track down all but one sperm donor with the mutation. The last guy lives at school (he’s a college student). Carlos almost gets Kiera to slip up when she starts to say what year she graduated college but she clams up before she blows her cover. They split up to find the last guy but Kiera quickly figures out he’s not there and they’ve been set up. Carlos realizes it too late. Curtis and Kellogg show up and a gun fight ensues (though Kellogg manages to duck out with only a few bruises). Kiera catches him and tags him so she can track him later. She also joins in on the fire fight and takes out Curtis.

It would seem that the whole thing was unnecessary since Sonya manages to save Travis. Kellogg gets back and the rest of the crew freak because of the tracker. He acts like he had no clue what it was (totally playing them) but things are about to get dicey for him. I have to say upon rewatch of this episode I realized that this really is the start of the Kiera/Kellogg relationship and that makes me a very happy viewer.

Carlos takes the fall for killing Curtis which was nice of him. Kiera really didn’t need the stress of an internal investigation on her shoulders. But she has worries still. Her suit is on the fritz thanks the Curtis electrocuting her so Alec has to track Kellogg for her. She finds him at the house and he’s tied to a chair. He promises he can help her and I mean come on, his own crew ditched him. So she can take a chance. She cuts him loose and as he gets up we hear the sound of something charging. With a quick flashback to the future, we find that when Kiera and her team arrested Sonya, the guy she was with was lying on a pressure triggered bomb signified by the same sound. So in the present she and Kellogg dive in the pool outside just as the thing blows. They part company for now and Kiera sneaks into evidence to retrieve the fragment of the time travel device. As she tells Alec, a girl has to have secrets.

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