Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lost Girl 1.08: "Vexed"

“At a certain point, it’s not about losing control anymore. It’s about taking it.”

“Vexed” was much more heavy on the mythology than any case of the week. There was a sort of case of the week, but it was all about Bo’s past. Bo thinks she has a lead on the identity and whereabouts of her mother, and she’s willing to pursue a very dangerous Fae named Vex to follow that lead. There’s also plenty of the romantic drama we’ve come to expect from “Lost Girl.” By the end, both Dyson and Lauren are on the outs with Bo, one by Bo’s choice and the other not. So yeah, really this episode was all about Bo. I tend to prefer episodes that spend at least a little more time with the sidekick characters like Kenzi and Hale. There was no Hale in this episode at all, actually. Bo can get especially self-righteous when an episode focuses on her too much. It also had an especially memorable grisly murder scene. So there’s that.

The episode opens by taking us right back into the Bo/Dyson drama. Bo shows up at Dyson’s apartment all bloody from an especially vicious fight with someone she was tailing. She wants healing (again), and Dyson actually hesitates for a bit before obliging. Even though he agrees, Dyson does tell Bo that this is going to be the last time. Their reasons for not being together are so ridiculous I don’t even want to really talk about it. After Bo takes leave of a broody as usual Dyson, she and Kenzi go to meet up with a vampire contact named Siegfried at a warehouse. There’s a small problem, though. Siegfried is hanging from a noose. As Bo and Kenzi approach the body, Siegfried opens his eyes – he wasn’t dead after all. Bo gives Siegfried a bag full of pints of blood, and she asks for information about her mother in exchange. All Siegfried gives Bo is a newspaper clipping about a woman named Lou Ann who is on death row and due to be executed soon.

After a quick appointment with Lauren, where Bo tells Lauren that she hasn’t yet been ready to try having sex with humans (and reveals that she’s been having sex with Dyson when she’s especially hungry), Bo and Kenzi continue their investigation. They pretend to be FBI agents to get into the prison where Lou Ann is being held. Lou Anne isn’t especially forthcoming, but she does know who Bo is (sort of) when Bo says she was raised by humans. Apparently this means Bo is the “Fielding,” although we don’t know what exactly that means yet. Lou Ann won’t give any more information, though, and Bo is suspicious. Meanwhile, Siegfried is enjoying his newly procured blood when he has an unwelcome visit from Vex. Vex uses his powers to control Siegfried’s mind, and he forces Siegfried to put his hand in the garbage disposal. Gross. When Dyson arrives on scene, Siegfried is dead. Bo shows up at the scene, too, and she convinces Dyson to give her Lou Ann’s case file. Lou An, by the way, is accused of killing her kids.

The autopsy report shows that Siegfried died without a struggle and that his heart was removed without leaving any marks. Bo then figures out that Lou is probably innocent, and she tells Lou Anne this. Bo thinks both cases are related – both Lou Ann and Siegfried did things that they never would do if they had self-control. Bo then works out that Lou Ann was forced to do what she did by the Dark Fae as punishment for siding with humans. This sends Bo on a crusade to try and prove Lou Anne’s innocence. First, she gets Lauren to get her an audience with the Ash. Bo ignores all the rules Lauren tells her about how to treat the Ash respectfully, so that gets Bo nowhere. Bo then goes to visit her Dark Fae buddy Mayer, and all she can get him to agree to do is look into the identity of the real killer of Lou Ann’s kids.

When Bo arrives back home, all she wants is a nice hot bath, but the Fae world has other ideas. Bo is attacked by a Morach, which looks kind of like the Voodoo priestess lady from the later Pirates of the Caribbean movies. With some just in the nick of time help from Kenzi (who had been playing a video game and didn’t hear the commotion right away, Bo is eventually able to defeat the Morach. Dyson stops by to see how Bo is doing and tells Bo that she would be protected from things like this attack if she would choose a Fae side. Bo refuses, and she also refuses Dyson’s offer of healing. Instead, Bo decides to go to Trick for help. She asks for information on Morachs. It turns out that the Morach feeds off of rage. Trick gives Bo this really badass hand sword that has the power to kill all Fae.

Meanwhile, Lauren has a really shady conversation with the Ash. The Ash reveals that he knows Lauren has been helping Bo get her power under control. He wants Lauren to use that relationship to his benefit and get Bo to stop looking into this Lou Anne mess. He plans to negotiate with the Dark FAe while Bo is “distracted” by Lauren. Later, when Lauren and Bo are enjoying some friendly socializing, Lauren takes things to the next level and kisses Bo. Lauren and Bo sleep together, but the fairy tale doesn’t last for long. Lauren immediately starts trying to get Bo not to leave, and Bo figures out something isn’t what it seems. When she realizes that Lauren only slept with her because the Ash told her to, Bo is kind of disgusted. Lauren drops Vex’s name in her flustered state, and Bo immediately goes to Mayer. She wants to cash in her debt for Vex’s whereabouts. It turns out that Vex is with the Dark Elders. Before Bo can do much of anything, though, Lou Ann is executed with Trick in the audience.

Vex is at a strip club, and when Bo arrives there, she’s the only other person in the building besides Vex. Vex pretty successfully does his mind control thing on Bo, and he forces her to stab herself. Meanwhile, Lauren apparently has one decent fiber in her being, because she finds Dyson and Kenzi and the Dal and lets it slip that Bo is going after Vex and Vex is too strong for Bo to handle. Dyson, of course, rushes to Bo’s rescue. Just as Bo is about to use her hand sword to try and get some information about her mother from Vex, Dyson arrives, tells Bo to leave Vex alone, and tells Vex to go away. He tries to convince Bo that nobody actually has any information about her mother, but Bo isn’t buying it. Across the border, Lou Ann emerges from her body bag. Trick is there, and he tells Lou Ann that they need to talk.

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