Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer DVR Dump: Continuum 1.06: "Time's Up"

“The only thing more powerful than money, is knowledge. Through this spectacle, we will wake the public from its complacency and teach them to think for themselves. The revolution starts here.”
- Kagame

We begin in the future (as it seems we always do) and Kier and her team are trying to diffuse a riot. It turns out the protesters were fighting over food rations that should have been distributed already. Unfortunately, Kiera isn’t allowed to ask the hard questions about who will deal with it. In the present, she gets a call from Carlos and heads out to yet another protest, this time a bunch of Occupy types in front Exotrol (a gas company). Kiera believes that things will get out of hand because they always do. And she’s right. Alec watches as Julian heads into town, acting all aloof and broody where he joins up with a bunch of thugs and they go and bust up the rally and throw things through windows. The interesting thing though, is Liber8 is behind these protesters and it would seem someone believes Julian is an important part of things to come. As the chaos escalates, the CEO of Exotrol is being escorted out of the building. They get to the garage level, the doors open and Travis kills her guards and kidnaps her.

Pretty quickly, a ransom video goes up online with Ms. Sherman (the CEO) basically admitting she’s a criminal. Obviously, she is being put up to hit by Kagame and company. Meanwhile, Kiera and Carlos hit a bit of a wall of security when the head of Exotrol’s security force doesn’t want to let the cops handle things. And he’s offended with Carlos suggests one of the guy’s team could be an inside operator. Which again, isn’t that hard to believe. A new video pops up with a ransom demand of $20 million. The board will have to approve it and Kiera can’t see why they wouldn’t. They don’t want this woman’s blood on their hands. Kiera also thinks that they may be able to catch Liber8 while giving the ransom money over. After all, the terrorists need the cash and so they’ve got to at least stick their necks out to get it.

Alec is reviewing footage from the shenanigans and sees a familiar face; Julian. He’s more than a little surprised by his stepbrother’s actions. Then again, it was Alec who told him that to make real change he had to leave the living room. Of course Alec keeps quiet when he passes info on to Kiera about the leader of the little violent faction. He can’t rat out Julian to the cops. Of course he doesn’t have a problem doing so to his stepdad. Kiera and Carlos go to pick up the leader of the rebels, Francis Hall, to find the head of Exotrol Security being the crap out of him with the butt of a gun. Both get hauled into the precinct but the security guy is let go. And with a little help from her tech, Kiera gets Hall to admit that he was getting instructions via text so she tasks Betty with trying to find the original source. No sooner does Carlos get the heads up at the board has approved the ransom money, everyone’s phone in the precinct starts to ring. Liber8 is sending out mass text messages and ultimately it leads to Exotrol giving the $20 million to the mob of Occupiers in the plaza. Kiera figures out that whoever is sending the texts at the plaza may have line of sight based on what the messages say. Alec tracks the phone to a tent but it’s a dummy. Liber8 isn’t finished with the cops or Ms. Sherman yet.

Julian and his dad have something of a blowout when he gets home. They clash over how to make change happen and it’s clear Julian knows Alec narced on him. Yeah I’m pretty sure Julian is not someone you want to have mad at you. Meanwhile, another ransom video goes live. Liber8 is letting the people decide whether Ms. Sherman lives or dies and Carlos is concerned that people will just want their pound of flesh. So of course, she calls Kellogg to get some insight into Kagame’s plans. He gives her a hint to look into Exotrol’s stock, all while he’s searching her room and finds the piece of the time travel device. Using her CMR, she realizes that the Security guy’s gun had the safety off when he was questioning Francis. Thanks to Alec, they find the guy at home and after a foot chase and a beating by both Carlos and Kiera, they take him down.

At Liber8’s hideout, Kagame is giving the rest of the team a history lesson on the fall of big banks and how the government bailed them out and no one went to trial. Interesting that the Corporate Congress purged that from the history books so they could repeat the past without people even knowing. And Kagame is pleased that so many of the people who voted clicked on the link to the Liber8 manifesto. So they are gaining followers while Ms. Sherman’s live hangs in the balance. And while Kiera and Carlos try to crack the head of security. They use Travis’s general badass-ness to try and twist his arm into talking.

Alec catches that someone shorted $300 million in Exotrol stock and with some goading by Kiera, feeds Betty the info she needs to find the root source of the website so that it doesn’t look weird that Kiera suddenly knows where the bad guys are. They storm the warehouse to find Ms. Sherman with a bomb strapped to her chest. She admits to stealing from her employee pension funds and gets arrested. As does one of the other employees who helped set up the kidnap and ransom. And of course, Julian has to confront Alec about what he did and there is definitely some bad blood between the now. Alec does tell Kiera that Julian was involved with the riot and that he was trying to protect his family. Kiera understands but Alec can’t without information she needs to do her job. She flashes back to the future (yes that sounds weird) to the morning after riot duty and even her husband is supportive of the corporations hoarding food to drive up prices. He comments that she’s starting to sound like Liber8. And maybe she is. I have to wonder if her part in going back to 2012 was more than just they needed a law keeper who knew what was going on. She does in some ways understand where they’re coming from. I guess we’ll just have to keep watching to find out.

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