Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer TV Rewind: Lost Girl 1.05: "Dead Lucky"

“Right, but in your world, people always do the right things, the good side always wins, and the nice guy gets the girl.”

This episode involves Bo taking a case not quite on her terms. It shows the true danger of operating as a neutral in the Fae world as Bo is. Fae from both sides are interested in taking advantage of Bo due to her unique position. Because she is neutral, she can go places that other, declared Fae can’t. Bo and Dyson’s relationship also becomes more complicated as they try to reconcile their “friends with benefits” status with the fact that they do actually really care about one another. We see that the arrangement is also starting to have a more noticeable effect on Dyson. While having sex with Bo isn’t fatal to him like it would be to a human, it still really drains him of energy, and sustaining that is proving to be difficult. I also liked that Kenzi and Hale had some good interaction in this episode. As the sidekicks, it makes sense that they’d be buddies. Overall, this episode seems to be evidence of the show starting to fall into its groove. In a good way.

The episode begins with Bo finding herself in serious danger. She’s on her way home from a tryst with Dyson when she is nabbed by some thugs and taken away in the back of a van. Bo has found herself in similar situations before, but this one seems extra dangerous because of how quickly she is overpowered. Meanwhile, Kenzi is at a potential client meeting with a woman who thinks her pet cat is possessed. Kenzi goes out of her way to try and act like she takes the woman’s case seriously, even though it’s pretty obvious she’s a bit off. It’s all for naught, though, as Bo doesn’t show up (understandably, considering she’s been kidnapped and all). The potential client takes Bo’s absence as a sign that Kenzi isn’t serious after all, and she leaves in a huff, even after Kenzi agrees to take the case personally. This pisses Kenzi off because she doesn’t realize that Bo is in danger. She thinks Bo just blew off the meeting.

Bo, meanwhile, finds herself at a shady Chinese restaurant and gambling parlor. The proprietor is a dark Fae named Mayer who has the ability to feed off of peoples’ luck. The feeding off luck thing makes being a casino boss the perfect job for him, really. Anyway, Mayer is upset because a man he drained of all his luck showed up at the casino again and managed to still win money. Mayer is expected to be able to provide the Morrigan with a certain amount of money from the casino, so he’s not happy about this. He wants to hire Bo to investigate how this man with no luck could still win. As payment, he will let Bo spend some time with his granddaughter, who happens to be an oracle who looks like she watched too much “Girls Next Door” a few years back. The oracle tells Bo some things about her past that she hasn’t told anyone, so Bo agrees to take the case as long as the oracle provides some information about her parents once the case is closed.

When Bo gets home, Kenzi gives her a hard time until Bo explains exactly why she missed the potential client meeting. The first move, as per usual, is to get Dyson’s help. He gets an address for Roger, the guy who won at the casino when she shouldn’t have been able to. Bo and Kenzi show up at Roger’s house to see that a party is in full swing. It’s a funeral, though, and Roger’s mother says that he died two days ago, one day before Mayer saw him win at the casino. A trip to the Dal nets Bo and Kenzi a theory of the case courtesy of Trick. The culprit is a body jumper, also known as a Hsien. Dyson, of course, knows one. A guy named Eddie who, appropriately, works at the morgue. Of course, when Dyson and Bo arrive at the morgue to talk to Eddie, he is inhabiting the body of a blonde woman who is decidedly dead. Dyson puts a stop to that, and once Eddie is back in his actual body, he tells Dyson that he hasn’t done any body-jumping beyond the morgue, and a dark Fae body-jumper named Lucas is in town.

Mayer is pretty disgusted to find out that a body-jumper might be behind the effort to take him down, and when Bo and Kenzi ask about potential enemies, Mayer mentions Jesper, someone who runs a backroom poker den. That’s the next stop on Bo and Kenzi’s investigation, of course. At the backroom poker night, Kenzi is in her element, immediately able to identify the “tells” of the other competitors. She cozies up to the players while Bo just uses her succubus powers to get information. Bo gets friendly with Jesper, and he takes her into the back room. Things get dangerous when Jesper tells Bo that he knows who she is. He then turns his hands into what look like icicles and stabs them into Bo’s neck. This starts to freeze her. Luckily, Kenzi notices the commotion and saves Bo with a good thwack to Jesper with a crow bar. Bo is still alive, but she is in need of some serious Dyson healing.

There’s a funny scene where Kenzi and Hale are sitting at the bar at the Dal while Dyson and Bo are “healing,” and it’s loud and awkward. It’s even funnier when Trick hears what’s going on too. As I mentioned in the introduction, Kenzi and Hale develop quite a rapport in this episode, and the actors definitely have good chemistry. There was also an earlier scene where they are playing pool while Bo and Dyson are off visiting Eddie that was also amusing. Kenzi was schooling Hale at pool and tells him not to play against a “petite hustler.” Hale responds by using his Siren powers to mess up Kenzi’s next shot. When Kenzi protests, he basically tells her that neither the world isn’t fair and she needs to get over it, especially if she’s going to be a human operating in the Fae world.

Anyway, after the healing tryst, Dyson gets a frantic call from Eddie at the morgue. When the call ends abruptly, they know he’s in trouble. As Dyson and Bo rush to help Eddie, Kenzi and Hale are left behind again. While Hale just laughs about it, Kenzi decides to do some investigating on her own. She sees Mayer’s nephew get out of a car, so she opens the trunk to see what’s inside. Just as she makes an interesting discovery, someone makes her pass out. Meanwhile, Bo and Dyson get to the morgue too late. Lucas is already in Eddie’s body. Lucas then jumps into an especially strong body, and Bo is only saved from that situation by Dyson wolfing out. Once he’s subdued, Lucas reveals that someone has been forcing him to take down Mayer. Using the fact that he can only stay in a decomposing body for so long, Bo and Dyson eventually get Lucas to reveal that the person pulling his strings is Mayer’s nephew. Mayer is really pissed off about this, naturally.

For his cooperation, Lucas is allowed to return to his original body, which is in the trunk of the car Kenzi was investigating. Kenzi is in the trunk too, although only Dyson sees this. He agrees to keeps this a secret, because Kenzi is worried about losing Bo’s respect. As payment for solving the case, Bo gets another reading with the pop tart Oracle. This time, the reading includes a bit of the future. The Oracle says that Bo has a really important destiny. She also says that Bo’s mother is alive and looking for her. When the reading is over and Kenzi appears, the latter part is what Bo chooses to tell Kenzi.

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