Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer DVR Dump: Continuum 1.05: "A Test of Time"

“Most people go through life thinking they know exactly what the future holds for them. They’ve got a fantasy about what the world is, but sometimes you’re going through your day and bang! There’s an explosion and everything you know is gone. Makes you wish you did things differently.”
- Kiera

In 2075 or so, Kiera and her team are trying to find where Liber8 is going to hit next. There are 3 possible targets with an unknown weapon. Kiera thinks one of the targets could be Sadtech. She gets a call from Greg but he says they couldn’t be in danger. Until a Sadtech warehouse blows up and Kiera loses communication with Greg. She’s understandably panicked as plumes of smoke rise and she can’t get him back on the line.

In the present, Kagame is meditating when Sonya tells him everyone is waiting. She swears her true allegiance is to him and their cause, not Travis. He preaches that they will not use force to achieve their ends but strategy and they will go after Kiera in a way she won’t expect. That night, Travis hunts down a young woman named Lily Jones and kills her while Garza keeps an eye on Kiera. Noting happens (aside from Lily getting her neck snapped). The next morning, Carlos comments on Kiera’s hair looking different. Alec agrees and says since her suit went offline she’s been different, trusting her gut more. The lighthearted banter ends when she sees the police report for Lily Jones. They check it out and agree that Travis was probably the one who killed Lily. Kiera checks her wallet and the body and feeds Carlos a story about how Section Six had been building a case against Liber8 and Lily Jones was their star witness until she recanted and took off into the wind. Kiera confides in Alec that Lily Jones is her grandmother’s name and she quickly puts the pieces together. Kagame and company are targeting her family.

Kellogg shows up at the Liber8 safe house bearing gifts; fresh fruit and cash for Kagame to fund the revolution. Not surprising, Kellogg has ulterior motives. As Kiera explains in more depth to Alec that she never knew her grandmother (she died when Kiera was 4), Kellogg sends her an urgent text that they need to meet. He meets with Kiera to let her know Kagame is using her to test a theory about whether killing an ancestor does away with the person from the future. And she’s got herself to thank for that when she threatened Lucas’ grandparents in the pilot. Kiera wants to know how Kagame knows about her family and Kellogg says the guards were in on the escape plan. So maybe whoever orchestrated the whole thing gave up the intel. Kiera is not happy to know that her being sent back may be part of a larger plan. She doesn’t time to fret over it though because Sonya runs by and pokes her to get a baseline DNA sample for a device they’re putting together to get the right Lily Jones the next time. She patches herself up at the precinct and after Carlos tells here there are only 8 Lily Jones’ in the city, they split up. She finds one who she is convinced is her grandmother. Meanwhile, Alec has a run-in with his stepbrother, Julian. We know Alec doesn’t believe in the grass roots change club his stepdad’s running and goes as far as saying he and Julian aren’t Alec’s real family and that if they want to change the world, they need to leave the living room first. Yeah that’s not going to end well, Alec.

As Kiera convinces the Lily Jones she’s found to go with her, Carlos calls with news. One of the Lilys has been in an assault of some kind. So, Kiera heads there and on the way learns that the Lily she’s got in her backseat is not in fact her grandmother. It turns out the Lily at the assault scene (aka the assailant) is her grandmother Kiera was so not prepared for the tattooed, punk rock chick in the back of the police cruiser. Kiera’s Lily doesn’t want to go along with Kiera but she doesn’t have much choice. The other Lily tries being nice but it just pisses Kiera’s Lily off to the point she tries to choke Kiera so she can get out of the car. Kiera bites her and this leads to Lily puking out the window. And Kiera realizes (thanks to her tech) that Lily is pregnant. There isn’t much time to contemplate that realization because Garza and Sonya’s truck smashes into them. Yet another firefight ensues and Kiera manages to hit Garza in the arm. She’s not down but at least she’s wounded. Carlos manages to show up just as things are winding down. Man, Kiera is just not having a very good day.

Kiera takes Lily back to her apartment so they’ll be safe and Lily has about a million pregnancy tests. As she’s picking one to use, Kiera calls Kellogg to tell him to gas up the yacht so they can get away safely. Kellogg says he won’t expect anything in return for this favor but Kiera cuts him off when he starts going on about a romantic harbor cruise. Immediately, he gets another call, this time from Kagame and things aren’t so pretty. They have Maddie (his grandmother) and she’s going to pay the price for him messing about. He keeps trying to call Kiera but she’s busy dealing with Lily’s freak out of being pregnant. She even flashes back to when she finds out she’s pregnant and Greg proposes (I kind of think he may have married her because of the baby). Lily doesn’t think her boyfriend will understand or want to be around for a baby but Kiera says that maybe he will.

When Kiera finally answers Kellogg’s calls, he tells her Kagame wants to trade Maddie for Lily. Kiera is obviously hesitant to do this and enlists a little help from Carlos. Kagame wants to play dirty so our heroes can too. She and Carlos trade cars in the morning and then Kiera meets up with Kellogg. He meets Kagame and things go sideways pretty quick. Kellogg doesn’t have Lily, he’s got Kagame’s very pregnant mother. Kagame caves pretty quick and the trade is made. Things look good until Travis shoots Maddie. Kellogg fails to save her life but he doesn’t die or disappear so Kagame’s theory is a failure. But he doesn’t care about any of that. He just lost a family member that he was just getting to know again. I feel so bad for him. But he does help Kiera by getting Lily and her boyfriend somewhere safe and out of town. And Kagame is pretty damn pissed at Travis because Kagame gave his word there would be no violence. Dissention in the ranks is brewing.

In the future, we see the fallout from the explosion at Sadtech. Greg is fine but he comes home to find Kiera and their son watching the news. It honestly reminded me of 9/11. It probably was supposed to. Greg tells Kiera that Alec moved the meeting location and he couldn’t tell her for security reasons. And in a later scene, Sam finds the necklace Lily was wearing. At least Kiera has something to hold on to. Unfortunately, with Maddie’s death, nothing is resolved on the timeline/paradox front.

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