Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer DVR Dump: Continuum 1.07: "The Politics of Time"

“You know, I protected you. And you lied to me, about Alicia, about everything. We’re done.”
- Carlos

In the future, Kiera and Greg are out with Greg’s best friend and his wife celebrating Greg’s newest employment achievement. He really does seem to advance through the ranks pretty fast over at Sadtech. Kiera takes a moment to go powder her nose and Greg’s friend walks into the ladies room and tries to cop a feel. Kiera flips out on him. He is kind of a sleaze so I don’t blame her.

Back in 2012, Kiera and Carlos are comparing equally sad evening plans when Alec suggests Kiera ask Carlos to dinner (as a friend, not a date). Before she can broach the subject, he gets a call from a friend and heads off. He drops off a report6er friend named Alicia. She was supposedly at a mutual friend’s place asking some questions and he threw her out. One thing quickly leads to another and Carlos and Alicia hook up. The next morning as Kiera waits for Carlos, Kellogg rolls up in a sweet car with coffee and news that he has procured the access codes to a bunch of feeds on the West Coast that could theoretically help Kiera locate Liber8 before they make the next move. Carlos pulls up and they head to a crime scene which as soon as they get there, we realize is Alicia’s apartment. Oh boy.

The ME determines Alicia was killed between five to seven hours before people got on scene. Kiera picks up on Carlos’ elevated heart rate and the fact he’s walking around touching stuff without gloves (to explain his prints). He ends up taking lead on it. Before he and Kiera head back to the precinct, he makes a detour to visit Jim Martin, the friend who called him the night before to get Alicia. He’s running against the sleazy incumbent and pretty quickly Inspector Dillon sends them to talk to the incumbent (Barnes). Alec and Julian are still at odds. Julian blames Alec for telling his dad because he’s now lost his car keys and his phone. Well you incite violence, of course you’re going to get grounded, dumbass.

As they head out to go chat with Barnes, Kiera gets an update on her suit. Alec has most of the circuitry working on a basic level. She tells him not to break it and he does some sort of electrostatic pulse and it seems to jumpstart. Kind of cool really. I like a lot of the tech they have on this show. Kiera quickly deduces that Carlos knew Alicia. Apparently they are both Colombian immigrants. Unfortunately, the interview with Barnes doesn’t go so well. Carlos is way hostile and Barnes points a finger at Jim as far as dirty campaign finances. Meanwhile, Betty has gotten some bus camera footage outside Alicia’s apartment and Alec (thanks to Kiera’s suit supercharging his system) enhances it and we see Carlos dropping Alicia off. So Kiera goes back to the crime scene, hoping that Carlos just dropped her off and didn’t go inside because we know that looks bad. Her super spray shows fingerprints in the apartment and she manages to exclude what Carlos touched that morning but finds lots of prints in the bedroom. Alec, being a typical teenage boy is kind joking about it and even suggests maybe a three-way happened when Kiera finds some unknown prints.

Kiera breaks into Carlos’ car and sees that he went to Jim Martin the night before and she confronts him about her discoveries. He vouches for Jim’s character and says neither he nor Jim had anything to do with Alicia’s murder. Kiera says she’ll keep Jim and Carlos out of it as long as she can. And then she promptly goes to talk to Jim. He begrudgingly admits that Alicia was at his place the previous night (which is news to his wife). Kiera flashes back to the night when Greg’s friend made a pass and learns that his wife and Greg had a fling before his and Kiera’s wedding. I knew he was too good to be true. Kiera is pretty devastated because she never had a reason not to trust Greg before. Unfortunately, in the present, Kiera gets booted with a “if you have any other questions, call the lawyer” cop out. But she thinks Jim and Alicia were having an affair and Heather found out. She did notice that Heather’s prints matched the unknown set in Alicia’s apartment and tasks Alec with digging into her background.

The next morning, Alec reveals that Kiera’s suit is like super awesome and is scanning the internet and video feeds on its own. And he found out that Heather was an athlete in school (lacrosse, gymnastics) and she’d been calling Alicia over the last two weeks. While this is all great and could exonerate Carlos, Kiera discovers Kellogg’s theft. She’s just going to have to get the piece of the device back from him. And thinks aren’t looking so good for Carlos. Betty enhances the image and confronts him. He decides to actually fess up to Inspector Dillon. Understandably, Dillon suspends Carlos indefinitely. He had to see that coming. I mean he was kind of being an idiot taking lead on it and everything. He gets home and is boxing to try and relieve some stress after watching Jim give a partial press conference. At least Jim still believes in Carlos’ innocence. Kiera has an idea to figure out how to see what went on in the apartment the night that Alicia was killed. She strong arms Kellogg into giving her the access codes to the satellites which she then gives to Alec and we get an interesting scene where people show as interruptions in cell phone signals and we see it was a woman who killed Alicia.

Simultaneously, Carlos finishes boxing and grabs a shower. And someone dressed in black climbs through the window. We watch as the figments from the night of the murder act out what actually happened just as Carlos gets stunned in the shower and a fight ensues. It must have been some interesting choreography to get it so that you didn’t see his parts (as he was completely naked there). Kiera shows up at his place, frantic that he’s not returning her calls to find him in a towel, breathing hard. But importantly, he managed to cut the assailant with a piece of broken glass.

Things get dicey when Carlos and Kiera go to confront heather. She admits to knowing about the affair (she didn’t really care) and that she was at Alicia’s apartment because Alicia wanted Jim to leave her alone. That’s a whole hot mess but more importantly, Alec ID’d the car the assailant used after leaving Alicia’s place and Kiera deduces it is Sarah 9the campaign manager). She confesses to hiring someone to scare Alicia and gave $10,000 to the campaign. It has to be Liber8 related. They take Sarah into custody and Jim says that he didn’t tell Carlos because it was politics. Carlos is done with his shenanigans.

Kiera is convinced Sarah won’t reveal her source but it’s pretty obvious it was Liber8 that was behind it. And Jim’s won the election so now he’s got access to everything. And indeed as Carlos and Kiera discuss what they think really happened, Garza gets into the car with Jim, Heather and Kagame and she’s got a cut on her arm. We flash to the future again where Kiera confronts Greg about the affair and he gives some lame excuse that he thought she wouldn’t marry if him she told him the truth. Carlos suggests after all the drama that just went down that he and Kiera don’t have secrets. But Kiera would rather keep a secret form him than break a promise. So there’s that. And as always, the Liber8 mystery continues.

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