Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1.17: "Turn, Turn, Turn"

“We swore allegiance to each other and today that loyalty will be tested. If you waiver, you die.”
- Agent Hand

So just to warn you, this episode is supposed to tie in very heavily with the events of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. Having seen the film, I can tell you that yes, this episode is a bit of a spoiler for the movie. You’ve been warned. We pick up with Ward’s SO being chased by SHIELD drones. Meanwhile, on the Bus, everyone is kind of standing around yelling at each other. May says she didn’t change the plane’s course and that the Hub can do that remotely. She explains that she’s been reporting to Fury all this time. And then Fitz explains he was trying to get a secure line to Simmons at the Hub. If she’s been talking to the wrong people, she’s going to be in big trouble.

At the Hub, Simmons is running some tests on Skye’s blood when Ward 2.0 finds her and starts snooping. She gives him some information about what she’s doing but not all of it. It seems pretty clear that she doesn’t trust him. We also take a peek back at Agent Hand to see that she’s tracking Ward’s SO now that he’s on the Bus. She’ll just take him out with the rest of the team (sans Coulson) when they land. Coulson and the team (minus May who Coulson shot and dumped in the interrogation room with Ward), fill Ward’s SO in on their theory that Hand is the real clairvoyant. He’s not buying it though. Apparently, a coded message has gone out to all SHIELD frequencies and Skye manages to decode it. “Out of the darkness into the light Hydra” is what it reads. So yes, in case you missed it, Hydra is not all dead.

While the folks on the Bus contemplate the fact that Hydra has been inside SHIELD since its inception and Agent Hand is likely a Hydra agent, other Hydra sympathizers and rounding people up. Simmons and Ward 2.0 are locked in the lab and they get the Intel that Hydra is still around from Agent Weaver at the academy. They are under attack. After a few tense moments where it looks like Ward 2.0 is going to try and take out Simmons, he suggests they try to contact their people in the air. I gotta admit, I was totally expecting him to be a Hydra agent. Back on the Bus, May wakes up and Ward is rather pissed at her for being a spy. She points out that he killed the wrong man. Coulson busts in and orders May to call Director Fury to figure out this mess. As she’s trying to get through, the plane lands at the Hub and agents start taking out the plane’s defenses and then start shooting. May has just enough time to learn that Director Fury is dead before they all hit the ground to avoid being turned into bullet-riddled corpses.

May took a bullet in the arm and Coulson takes the opportunity to interrogate her some more. She explains that Fury wanted her to keep an eye on him for his mental and physical well-being. And apparently she assembled their team, not Coulson. That doesn’t quite make sense but whatever. Meanwhile, Skye is downloading all the super important stuff about the 0-8-4s and other tech they’ve encountered to a hard drive and then will wipe the plane’s systems so Hydra can’t get their hands on it. A strike team enters the plane but our team manages to get off and into the building. Skye and Ward going to find a way to unlink the plane from the Hub’s systems while the rest of them go find Simmons. Unfortunately, Hand has gotten ahold of Simmons and Ward 2.0. Things are looking pretty dire actually. Hand offers them a choice, join up or die. When they refuse to join up, she seems relieved, claiming she isn’t Hydra. But Coulson is. Say what now? I’m still convinced she’s the clairvoyant.

She runs down a litany of “crimes” Coulson has committed which makes her think that he is Hydra. Simmons isn’t buying it and neither am I. Director Fury wouldn’t go to such lengths to bring him back if he even suspected Coulson of being the enemy. Elsewhere in the facility, Skye and Ward have a heart to heart where it becomes clear he’s got feelings for her and he’s worried that might compromise him. But they promise to have a drink and talk if they survive this ordeal. Ward goes to take out a bunch of guys so they can get to the room they need to mess up the servers. I have to admit, Ward is pretty good at his job. Coulson and the rest of the team get into an operations room and find Agent Hand. Ward’s SO is rather insistent on putting Hand down with two to the chest but Coulson says that they can’t do that. Ward’s SO goes on about how she was the one who shot Skye and tortured Coulson and brainwashed Rayna. This is a big red flag in Coulson’s head because he never mentioned anything about Rayna being put in the machine. Things start clicking together even more when he remembers that Quinn said that Coulson would lead the clairvoyant to the cure. And by god he did! A bunch of commandos bust into the room and those loyal to SHIELD get bullets in the chest on Ward’s SO’s command. Hail Hydra!

He gloats that the top brass coming out (and taking the rest of Hydra with them) wasn’t exactly planned but what the hell. You go with what happens. He plans to kill Coulson and May and torture Fitz (unless he agrees to join up). But Skye and Ward’s explosive go off and fighting ensues. May takes out quite a few and thanks to Fitz, they knock out Ward’s SO. Hand busts in and she admits that she knows Coulson is not Hydra. Unfortunately, Ward looks devastated when Coulson fills him in. With SHIELD crippled, Coulson and Hand have to work together to stay alive. Coulson heads back to the Bus and gets the team working on getting the plane up in the air. And then Ward says he wants to escort his SO to the Fridge with Agent Hand. On the plane, Hand gives Ward the chance to shoot the real clairvoyant. Ward cocks his gun and then shoots the two guards and Hand (repeatedly). I have to admit I wasn’t expecting that. I suppose it makes sense given how close he was to his SO. I can’t wait to see what happens next and when the rest of the team learns of his true intentions and loyalties.

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