Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1.18: "Providence"

“We are not Agents of Nothing. We are agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and that has to mean something. That has to mean something after everything we’ve been through.”
- Coulson

Things are definitely going to get crazy going forward. We start with Ward busting in to rescue Raina from wherever she’s being held. He jets her off to Cuba where she meets Ward’s SO and is rather miffed to learn he can’t actually see the future. Ward’s going all dark (which apparently equates to not shaving for a while). I still don’t know if he’s really Hydra or just a double agent. Back on the Bus, FitzSimmons and Ward 2.0 are working ramp repairs to the plane can actually take off without Lola falling out the back. Skye’s been gathering information on the remaining secure SHIELD locations. They’re up to four. So that’s a start. We also see more footage of the mayhem caused during Captain American: The Winter Soldier (mainly the hellicarriers crashing into buildings and each other). Unfortunately, Colonel Talbot of the US military is sending in “peacekeeping” force to question the remaining SHEILD agents. Coulson has a point, he doesn’t want to start a war with the US government. Definitely not.

Coulson is hesitant to let Ward 2.0 tag along but Simmons vouches for him and he becomes her responsibility. Our fearless leader wants to be up in the air ASAP so he can beat Talbot to the Hub. But things keep going sideways. They’ve only got 4 hours of fuel because there’s a leak in the line. They’ve only got a few days of food rations and internet but no connectivity to SHIELD. Coulson gives Skye the order to find anything on the team online and erase it so they don’t exist anymore. He also wants Skye to collect everyone’s badges. They won’t be needing them anymore. She is skeptical but does as she’s told. She gives Ward a call since they haven’t heard from him and he feeds her a line about taking the long way to the Fridge to avoid fighter jets and jokes that he might become Tom Brady with a new identity. We see him and the Clairvoyant in a base of operations and Raina is around, too. We also learn that Ward’s orders were to blend in and get info on Coulson’s return. He wasn’t supposed to start falling for Skye. That doesn’t seem to make Ward feel any better. The Clairvoyant tasks Raina with finishing Phase 3 of the Centipede project and he swiped a lot of vials of drugs from the Guest House but he doesn’t know which one brought Coulson and Skye back. Ward hands over the hard drive with all the info from the Bus so that maybe she might find some answers in there. She gets a really excited look on her face. This is not going to turn out well at all.

I really am not a fan of evil Ward. He is talking to Raina about how he manipulated everyone on the Bus. He saved Simmons to engender trust in the team. He slept with May to keep her off his back and he became Skye’s SO to see where her head was at. When Raina points out that Coulson is a good man, Ward says that may be so but he owes his SO everything. I really hope the team finds out about him soon and does him a lot of bodily harm. He and his SO then head to the Fridge where they stage an attack by Hydra to get in and then kill the security officers on duty.

Back on the Bus, Skye hands over everyone’s badges and Coulson goes to put them in his safe when the badge he got from Fury when he was a teenager lights up with coordinates. He thinks this is a sign that Fury is alive and brings it to the rest of the team. They’re unsure if they can trust it because it could be Hydra. May also points out that for all they know, Hydra has implanted signals in Coulson’s brain at the time he was revived. Coulson questions this and May lets slip that while Fury ordered his resurrection, he wasn’t in charge of the procedure. May denies knowing who the shot caller was and says it was Fury. Things just aren’t going well for anyone this week.

Down at the Fridge, the Clairvoyant and his boys are having a field day stealing technology (everything they thought that got shot off into the sun and what not is there). The Clairvoyant sets a lot of people free and then Ward uses a device to bust into the lower level (below the lowest level). If I remember right that’s where they put the gravitonium dude. Coulson is gung ho about finding the coordinates that Fury sent and he basically drags everyone out on a seven mile hike in the snow. People are starting to question his leadership and what’s going on when they reach the coordinates. There’s nothing there and Coulson kind of loses it a bit, yelling about how being part of SHIELD has to mean something. He tosses his badge and it activates a giant automatic gun. Well I guess they found something. Coulson thinks it is actually set up by Fury and it turns out he’s right. He ID’s himself and a rock face slides away to reveal a doorway and we meet Patton Oswalt (love this guy). He’s kind of in charge of the secret base and he’s been there since the events of The Avengers. He tells the gang that Fury didn’t make it out of DC but then takes Coulson aside and reads him in that Fury is alive but off the grid and no one knows. IF Coulson tells the team, shit is gonna hit the fan. Lovely.

Ward and the Clairvoyant get back to their base of operations and Raina says she can’t access the hard drive because Skye encrypted it to erase if anyone but her accesses it. So Ward has to go back to the team to get the information out of Skye. The Clairvoyant beats him up until he gets back into character. It’s a little iffy how he gets to the secret base but he does (I’m guessing that Skye gave him the coordinates) and she agrees to have that drink they talked about. Back at Hydra headquarters, we see Quinn is free and he’s got his gravitonium back. Crap!

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