Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Person of Interest 3.19: "Most Likely To..."

“A night to remember just became a night for revenge.”
- Shaw

Reese and Shaw are on the case of an admin at OPM named Leona. She hails a cab and after flipping a coin (I’m guessing it was a two-headed coin) Reese has to go save her. Unfortunately, Shaw notice the cab hasn’t moved and the driver doesn’t look anything like the person the medallion is registered to. Reese gets within a car or two before the cab explodes. They quickly determine that Vigilance is behind her death. Lionel tries to get some info at the scene but the feds have closed in and aren’t giving him anything. Root appears with her oh so useful credentials and imparts that Leona worked on giving security clearances. Down in DC, the head of Northern Lights gets a visit from a senator who is concerned that Vigilance is coming after them specifically.

Back in New York, Shaw and Reese get sent after another number, Matthew Reed (played by the ever handsome and obnoxiously lashed Nestor Carbonell). Nice to see Ben and Richard reuniting. Our duo is given false identities and sent off to Westchester while Lionel and Finch take a trip to DC to try and figure out what information Vigilance believed Leona had. Reese and Shaw find Matthew at a high school and quickly learn that it is his 20th high school reunion. The look they share is priceless! The person who greets them is super peppy and kind of annoying. And Shaw starts freaking out a little in the suburban atmosphere. She really isn’t all that social is she? But at least she makes an impression on Matthew. They get their itinerary for the weekend and it includes bowling. Shaw is a little annoyed that the person she is supposed to be was a frizzy haired braces-wearing geek. It doesn’t get much better that she’s a dental hygienist. Reese at least has a mattress empire and can swing dance. I laughed at the look on his face when asked about swing dancing.

At bowling that evening we learn that Frank (whom Reese is portraying) slept with a lot of women. They just keep coming up to him and smacking him. Unfortunately, we also learn that some people didn’t want Matthew to show up since his high school girlfriend was found dead in his car and he may have had something to do with it. His girlfriend’s best friend, Doug, seems to still believe his guilt. And someone else does too because all the monitors in the alley go on the fritz to show pictures of the corpse. Down in DC, Finch and Lionel go to look through Leona’s office but the feds have beaten them to it. They might be able to access electronic files but it’s going to take a bit of work. It turns out that the data has been wiped clean probably by the people behind Northern Lights but Finch has a camera that should be able to see through the safe. They of course have to first break into evidence lock up at the FBI.

Shaw takes Matthew back to the hotel and says that she’s in the room next door. She boots the guy in the next room and grabs a shower before Reese returns having gotten eyes on Doug. They get eyes on Matthew and they unpack with all the weapons and stuff. It’s kind of funny. Lionel gets them the police report on Mathew’s girlfriend’s death and it was ruled an accidental OD. Matthew says they fought and she took his car and he never saw again. The next night, Matthew saves Shaw with a dance and he pegs her as an imposter. She doesn’t deny it and she also says she knows he’s hiding a secret but their conversation is interrupted when a dummy of his dead girlfriend falls from the ceiling. He takes off while Reese goes after a guy named Phil who looks like he’s a mercenary. They get into a fight in the kitchen and Reese knocks him out with a pot and a can of sloppy Joe mix. But they have bigger problems. The guy killed himself and Reese found a photo of himself and Shaw in the car from when they were surveilling Leona. Vigilance is after them.

Things are getting even more hinky at the reunion when someone has filled all the gift bags with bottles of pills. And Doug gets a text to go meet someone in the chemistry lab. Matthew I trying to get Doug to confess and ultimately he does. But Reese and Shaw burst in before he can do anything. Too bad Vigilance goons show up, automatic guns blazing. They have to get a little crafty to take out the guys and Root gives Shaw a buzz to apologize for leaking their location to test out how Vigilance communicates. She’s off to go try and back up Finch at the FBI. Speaking of, Lionel gets Finch into the evidence lock up and Finch manages to get the safe open and sees a black budget report citing Northern Lights. Vigilance is hot on their trail and it is really only Root showing up that saves Finch from getting shot. The head of Vigilance makes off with the report and Root gets a message that he’s disseminating it. The senator we saw at the start of the episode holds a press conference and denies everything. He then orders that Northern Lights be shut down. I didn’t think it would happen at first but the head of the program gives the order to shut down the program and then shreds the file on the leader of Vigilance. We watch as the Machine begins to compensate for the fact that the government portion has been shut down. It reroutes the relevant data and Root goes off because she has all this information to sift through. Finch is staying in DC for the foreseeable future given that Vigilance appears to be headquartered in our nation’s capital. As we head into the final stretch of the season, I’m anxious to see what becomes of Vigilance and Decima and the fight over the Machine and Samaritan. I do hope we get some of the story wrapped up and that they don’t drag it out as long as they did with HR.

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