Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1.20: "Nothing Personal"

“You are a serial killer. And you know what, you were right. I wouldn’t like the real you.”
- Skye

As we close in on the final few episodes of the season, we get the long-awaited return of one Agent Maria Hill. She’s been dealing with a lot of the fallout from the whole Hydra rebirth thing and people have been following her. But thanks to May, she gets a little reprieve. May is concerned that Senator Alexander Pierce was the one who gave Fury the order to revive Coulson the way he was and since he was Hydra clearly they have reason to be a little iffy. Unfortunately, their little reunion is interrupted by the cops showing up. Back at the base, the team is trying to figure out what happened. They see video footage of May leaving via the front door and then Ward and Skye leaving via the plane. FitzSimmons goes to make some food to cheer people up while Coulson and Agent Triplett (finally retained his name, too) debate scenarios. Just as Coulson recounts the worst case, Fitz finds a message from Skye that Ward is Hydra and by Simmons’ scream, she’s found the other agent’s body.

On the Bus, Skye is trying to put on a brave face but it is so obvious she’s uncomfortable. She’s carrying a gun for goodness sake. We learn that the coordinates are the café where she met Mike Peterson in the pilot. Kind of fitting really. I just hope the rest of the team can find them before Ward does her a lot of harm. She takes him to the diner and she’s clearly stalling for time. I’m pretty sure the place she needs to be is not actually where they are.

Back on base, Simmons does an autopsy and determines that Ward is the killer. Fitz absolutely loses his shit over this and I just really wanted Simmons to comfort him. Coulson motivates him though by sending him to work on finding the Bus so they can find Skye and get to her before Ward realizes that she’s stalling. They don’t get far before there’s a perimeter breach. Colonel Talbot and his men bust in and confront Coulson. Our leading man wants to know how the US government found the super-secret base he didn’t even know existed until two episodes ago. Agent Hill gave them the details. I can’t wait to see how this reunion plays out. It isn’t very warm and fuzzy. He’s pissed that she ratted them out and she’s annoyed he won’t just play along. But when he tells her that Ward is Hydra and Skye’s in danger, she agrees to team up and take out the scummy soldiers so they can haul ass and get to LA.

Out in a cemetery, an old guy finds May digging up a grave. For a minute I thought it was going to be Fury’s grave and she’d be clued in that he’s alive (although she’s skeptical of his death as it is. She’s a smart lady). But she was digging up Coulson’s empty casket and has found a flash drive with the final report on the TAHITI project from the project supervisor to Fury. It’s classified level ten and password protected, naturally. I’m sure she’ll find some way to crack it. Mostly because I want to know who was really behind the project and I can’t be the only person wondering what’s going on there. And on the Skye front, Ward is getting antsy that things are taking so long. Some cops come into the diner and he gets really worried. Skey starts asking him what he’d say to Garrett if he was sitting there. Final words to the scum bag and all and she ends up telling Ward that she knows he’s a filthy traitor. And she tipped off the cops that Ward is a fugitive. She makes it out of the diner and almost gets arrested by cops (she basically tells them she’s a fugitive) but Ward shoots them. She steals a cop car but it seems Garrett is getting impatient for the info on that drive because Mike appears (he’s wearing a cape…weird). This is not going to end well for Skye.

They take Skye back to the plane and the boys argue a bit over what to do. Skye tries to reason with Mike but he’s not having any of it. Ward also tries to talk her into giving him the location to unlock the drive and says his feelings for her were real, despite the rest of it all being lies. He even goes so far as to say it was nothing personal. What an asshole! She isn’t cooperating so Mike stops Ward’s heart. If I were Skye, I would have let him die. But she doesn’t and gives Mike the information he needs. The location is altitude (35,000 feet specifically). But it won’t be that easy to get in the air because the rest of the team has arrived. Ward and Hill exchange barbs and then Ward takes off. But Coulson has climbed aboard so it looks like Skye is going to get a rescue. I really hope Ward doesn’t make it out of this season alive. Ward wants to set the Bus down and go after them but Mike says that they’ve got orders and him stopping Ward’s heart was nothing personal. Ouch! Feel the burn.

Coulson finds Skye pretty quickly and they manage to get off the Bus in Lola. I forgot that she could fly but it seems fitting since he convinced Skye to join up by flying in her in the pilot. They have a little trouble with the thrusters but they eventually make a safe landing and end up hiding out in a hotel for the night. Agent Hill reminds Coulson that SHIELD is gone and that what he’s doing against Ward and Garrett is a vendetta. Coulson doesn’t think he or his team could work private sector or turn themselves in so that is still up in the air. We get a very touching moment with FitzSimmons where Fitz needs Simmons to reassure him that she’s not Hydra because he wouldn’t be able to handle it if she was. They are just so sweet together. And as Coulson raids the vending machine, Skye lets him know she left the bad guys a little surprise when she decrypted the drive. Coulson heads back inside and May is waiting for him. They watch the video file of the final report on the Tahiti project together and it turns out Coulson was actually the supervising agent on it and clearly they wiped his memories (Coulson’s suggestion was that they do memory replacement to try and stave off the side effects). Huh. I honestly did not see that coming and neither did Coulson. Nice twist.

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