Sunday, November 2, 2014

Once Upon a Time 4.06: "Family Business"

“Why are you so invested in a girl you’ve never met?”
“Because a hero helps strangers.”
- Rumple and Belle

So if you paid attention at the end of last week you saw that Emma has a connection to the Snow Queen. It looks like she was one of Emma’s foster mothers. Very interesting and I can’t wait to see Emma actually confront her about her missing memories. But before we get to that fun stuff, we get a pre-Rumbelle flashback of Belle. She’s with her mother during the ogre wars and they are hiding under a table (stupid place to hide from a big beast that can probably see your brightly color skirts. Anyway, the ogre finds them and Belle blacks out. She comes to in bed but her father won’t tell her anything about what happened to her mother. So she’s going to see out the rock trolls in Arendelle for some help, despite her father’s explicit orders to not leave her room until she’s medically cleared.

In Storybrooke, Rumple is hiding away the hat box and his real dagger when Belle comes to fetch her hubby for an extended family meeting (plus Hook and Elsa) at the sheriff’s station. So the whole family now knows that Emma knew the Snow Queen when she was young. I had to smile at Snow taking in the sight of her daughter as a teenager. It was kind of adorable. Thanks to a tip from Henry, they are going to split into teams to find the Snow Queen’s ice cream truck since they had no luck at the shop or her house. Leave it to the 12-year-old boy to know there’s an ice cream truck in town. Rumple is going off on his own which can’t be good while Belle and Elsa head to the library to get research-y. Emma, Regina and Hook find the ice cream truck in the woods near Robin’s camp. He was guarding it for them and we get some slightly awkward Outlaw Queen banter about storming an evil ice cream truck. While the truck is mostly cleaned out they do find that the Snow Queen has a file on Emma dating back to her coming through the wardrobe into this world. This is seriously creepy!

Belle’s journey to Arendelle is about to intersect with Elsa and Anna’s own drama. Anna returns to find Elsa has more control over her powers thanks to Aunt Ingrid. Anna is skeptical of Ingrid’s identity as there’s no evidence of her in family portraits or the royal records. She implores Kristoff to keep an eye on Elsa while she goes off to chat with the rock trolls. Unfortunately, Ingrid overhears the whole conversation. That will not end well. But hey, at least Belle scores a guide out of things when she stops by the cheeky shop guy’s shop for help and runs across Anna. I have to say they did a really good job casting the guy to play the shop owner. He’s hilarious in person. The girls get to the spot where they have to climb and Anna doesn’t do so well. She slips and the sorcerer’s hat box falls out of her bag. She’s vague on details about where she got it but I had to laugh when Anna tells Belle she hops the Enchanted Forest native never crosses paths with the twisted man who is after it. Yeah honey, she totally ended up married to him. Belle gets some help in the journey to recover her memories. Grand Pabbie pulls out the memories into a stone that she has to brew in a tea at the spot where she lost the memories. And he’s got some useful information for Anna. Ingrid is actually her aunt and she had another one, too named Helga. But one day Helga and Ingrid disappeared and thanks to the rock trolls, the entire kingdom forgot about them and the royal family erased any mention to hide their pain. Anna still is skeptical and so she and Belle race off to confront Ingrid. Of course Belle won’t get a chance to use the stone because Ingrid’s conjured a storm and Belle drops the stone off the cliff. She kind of tried to get the stone instead of saving Anna and she plummets to the ground. Ingrid shows up and takes the hat box and disappears with Anna. I mean I’m assuming at least Anna’s in a coma or something because that fall looked bad but yeah, not one of Belle’s finer moments. She goes home and her father tells her that her mother died protecting her. Belle thinks it might be a good idea to summon Rumple to help them beat the ogres. Well I guess we know what prompted that whole storyline now. And Anna is alive (and not comatose). Ingrid taunts her about not fitting in with her and Elsa. It seems she wants the perfect family where she’s accepted for who she is. Yeah I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Out in the woods, Rumple confronts the Snow Queen. She says that she’s not really afraid of him since he doesn’t have leverage on her. Oh and she planned for Emma to find out. I don’t know what game she’s playing but I’m kind of tired of it all. Back at the library Elsa is getting really frustrated that she can’t find anything about Arendelle or Anna. Belle suddenly decides she has to go take care of something and we see she totally remembers Anna. So she’s going to the Snow Queen to get answers and she forces Rumple to help with the fake dagger. One hopes he plays along or else his marriage is totally headed for the crapper.

Regina and company are still at the ice cream truck and Robin begs her for at least a small conversation. He thinks he shouldn’t have told her that he’s in love with her and Regina damn near breaks his heart and mine. She admits that she’s tried everything to save Marian but she can’t do it. If Robin wants his wife back, he’s got forget about his feelings for Regina and fall in love with Marian again so he can break the spell with true love’s kiss. Come on now guys, you have to let them be happy together eventually. Regina deserves it! Elsewhere in the forest, Emma finds that she was with the Snow Queen for six months and it seems they actually grew close. The Snow Queen kept a file of Emma’s school accomplishments like a proud parent. And she finds a scroll written in some kind of glyph language.

Rumple is not pleased to be playing along with Belle’s quest to find the Snow Queen. Turns out, Belle thinks the Snow Queen has the hat box and she’s going to use it to force the Snow Queen to reveal Anna’s location. What she finds is a creepy mirror with a talking reflection of herself instead. The mirror taunts Belle into believing that she’s not a hero and that the dagger she has is fake (which to be honest is true unless Rumple decides to actually switch it back for good after this). Rumple busts in and takes her back to the shop and she admits that she knew Anna and it was all Belle’s fault. They exchange “I love yous” and things seem to be okay but I really doubt it will be for long. This makes me wonder if the Snow Queen actually knows Rumple has the hat box now. It turns out she doesn’t until Rumple shows her it in his possession. And we also learn that the mirror has a larger purpose. If the spell it contains is used, everyone in town will turn on one another. Oh and the even bigger kicker, there’s a prophecy that says the savior (named Emma) will become Ingrid’s sister. Seems she wants her happy little family at the expense of everyone else’s lives. Oh snap!

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