Sunday, November 30, 2014

Once Upon a Time 4.10: “Fall”

“I agree with Regina. We need to do what’s best for the most people. We need to give this town its best chance.”
- Mary Margaret

This is a big episode, folks. Well at least it is leading up to a bunch of big things. Ingrid has unleashed the Spell of Shatter Sight on the town and as everyone else freaks out about it, Rumple goes to her to make a new deal. He wants out of town with Henry and Belle (I guess that is kind of nice of him to save his grandson) and everyone else can be left to rot. How nice. Or you know, not. Emma thinks the best way to beat the curse is to get out of Dodge. Unfortunately, David tries to scale the ice wall and only ends up causing a mini earthquake. But hey, Elsa finds Anna’s necklace and she gets the bright idea to use it to track Anna, even if it has been 30 plus years. And Belle’s discovered a possible antidote to the spell so she’s going to task the fairies with cooking it up. DNA sample time folks?

Meanwhile, Regina decides that Henry needs to stick with her as long as possible while she goes to warn Robin (or probably make out with him before hiding herself away somewhere without any people or mirrors). She knows what she’s going to turn into when the spell hits. And it seems Rumple is going to wrap Hook into his plans. He’s tasked the pirate with collecting all the fairy magic to free himself for his little family getaway. He just needs to find a way to get Belle out of the way (in a nonthreatening manner I hope).

And back in Arendelle (where I swear I thought we were done), the kingdom unfreezes and Anna excitedly figures out that Rumple has the urn with Elsa in it and so they can find him. Of course, Hans and his douchebag brothers have to show up and demand their surrender. But Anna and Kristoff manage to sort of best them and run off. They make it to the woods and Anna decides that based on some information in her mother’s diary, they can either go to Rumple to find the urn or Blackbeard and pay him off for a wishing star to get the same result. Anna thinks pirates are better what with the ability to pay them off. I’m thinking probably not, honey, but you go do that. If she really thought about it, Rumple can’t harm her or Elsa and so she should be able to go after him to get the urn back. It seems I’d be right since when they find Blackbeard and he wants his weight in gold (which Anna agrees to rather naively), Hans and his idiot brothers show up again. I swear, they need to be drawn and quartered or something. Honestly. They’ve apparently paid Blackbeard off and are going to toss Anna and Kristoff overboard (from the Jolly Roger, so we now know who owns the ship) in a trunk. Oh and Blackbeard sold the wishing star to Anna’s parents. Things get a little desperate in the trunk underwater but Kristoff manages to free both of their hands and he makes Anna promise not to marry him until they get out of the situation. How sweet. And apparently the deep freeze lasted 30 years (how handy).

Emma and Elsa use the necklace and the locator potion and track Anna to a mine shaft beneath the library. But there’s been a recent cave in (thanks a lot Ingrid) and so Emma implores Elsa to let them find another way instead of causing another cave in. That first experience wasn’t the greatest I guess. And out at Robin’s camp, Regina sounds the alarm that they need to disband and then she and Robin share a sweet kiss as they try to remember each other how they are (with love and affection) before the spell hits. She admits that if he and Henry see her like the Evil Queen, she’d die. I’m guessing she’d probably rip out her own heart and crush it in anguish. So yeah, let’s please avoid that at all costs. Because, Adam and Eddie may have robbed me of Swanfire but they will not rob me of Outlaw Queen too.

People are starting to get a little edgy as they are faced with the dilemma of finding Anna or using the necklace to create a cure. The Charmings finally decide (on Regina’s tough love advice) that using the necklace to save the town is more important. But Elsa’s kept the real necklace and is off to find Anna herself while everyone waits around for bad shit to happen. Speaking of, Rumple tries to entice Belle back to the shop but she’s insistent on staying put. So he says he’ll stay with her and watch, maybe even learn a little something from the fairies (and really, when they’re dressed as nuns I can’t blame him for disliking them). As predicted, everyone is less than pleased that Elsa duped them so Emma goes after her. Elsa’s magic blasts through the rock and takes them to the beach. Elsa is very upset when the necklace stops glowing and although Emma insists they need to get the necklace back to the fairies, Elsa wishes that Anna were there. And like magic (gee who would have guessed), the trunk appears and Elsa, Anna and Kristoff have a very incoherent reunion as Ingrid’s spell approaches. Oh and the bottle with whatever Gerta wrote pops up in the water, too. I’m betting that’s how to defeat the spell.

Rumple finally convinces Belle to leave and he seals her into the shop and casts the first of at least three protection spells in the last five minutes of the episode. Hook also does the task he’s been set, even though he’s really upset about it. Rumple promises that by day break, Hook will be dead and he will have everything he needs to complete his plan. But without the fairies, Emma isn’t sure what to do about the oncoming storm. It seems the Charmings have an idea. They’re locking themselves in the sheriff’s station and Emma gets temporary custody of the baby (it took an entire half season for her to finally hold the baby). We do at least get a sweet moment of Anna and Kristoff reconnecting with David. That was fun. And Regina bids farewell to Henry (who tries to be encouraging and brave) and Robin (who really wishes he could just bone her) before she locks herself in her vault. She cast two protection spells so hooray for her. And as the spell hits, we pan through the key players one final time as they are all secreted away in their various places. We end with the spell hitting David and Mary Margaret’s eyes and their hands pull apart. It was very epic and I am so excited for next week’s episode. It needs to be here now!

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