Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sleepy Hollow 2.08: "Heartless"

“Since when has opening our hearts to new possibilities been a complication?”
- Ichabod

I have to give the writers credit for the way this episode opened. Ichabod and Katrina are talking about the nature of love and we’re made to think it’s just a disagreement but really they are watching a Bachelor knock off reality show. Which is hilarious. Ichabod doesn’t want to like it but Katrina knows he’s fascinated. She is settling in to the modern era quite well. Katrina knows that it will take time to rebuild the trust between them but they do share a touching moment just as Abbie busts in. She’s concerned that it’s been a week since they last saw Henry and so she put a trace on his computer activity. I’m not sure exactly what that gets them but he does have a new plans. Also, Abraham is pissed that Katrina is gone and apparently Moloch doesn’t want Abraham to go after her. Wow is he whiny. Henry conjures a Succubus who goes out feeding on young club goers before returning to spit out whatever she takes from them into a big jar for Henry. Very weird. But we do learn as our Witnesses examine the crime scene at the club that Ichabod is quite the dancer of classical ballroom dances. Which honestly just cracked me up.

Things are not entirely copasetic back at the archives. Abbie and Ichabod have a rhythm but Katrina tries to help and sort of messes with the flow. Katrina has a weird vision of a beating heart and a crying baby. Ichabod thinks she’s been pushed too quickly to use her magic and escorts her back to the cabin, leaving Abbie to order pizza for one. So the Witnesses conduct a little separate research while the Succubus targets a closeted lesbian. After the second crime scene though, they start to put the pieces together. Abbie tries to get some help on ID’ing if it’s a mystical artifact that’s being used on people by meeting up with Nick for a late night drink but he’s fresh out of answers. She declines the offer of a drink and he distracts himself with some other cute women. Just as the Witnesses and Katrina figure out they are up against a Succubus, she hones in on Nick. She can see secret desires and he’s clearly got a big one hanging over his head. She convinces him to go back to his boat but I’m guessing he’s about to get his ass kicked.

Katrina casts a spell to get them to Nick and they save him before the Succubus can finish what she’s started. Things get a tinsy bit awkward when Ichabod notices the way Nick is looking at Abbie. So he kind of brings it up on the drive back to the cabin. He admits he’s been distracted lately by his own romantic issues but she doesn’t see any way of having a relationship because it’s too complicated. Back at the cabin, Katrina is having a nightmare. She’s at Frederick’s Manor with Henry and there’s a baby. She wakes and while Ichabod tries to say he understands that she’s feeling the loss of the creature that would be Moloch, she says it’s different than the feeling of missing a piece of you when a baby is born. She feels like a part of her is out there somewhere and it’s still connected to her. She has a couple more visions, including the Succubus passing the energy she’s been collecting into the jar. It seems Henry’s plan all along was to get some maternal DNA from Katrina and use the life force energy from the Succubus to bring Moloch into the world this way. I have to give it to the guy, I didn’t see that coming.

The gang does a little more research and finds out that in order to kill the Succubus, they have to destroy her heart. So after Abbie and Katrina get into a bit of a shouting match over Katrina’s desire to save Henry, they head off to a cemetery to find the heart while Ichabod and Nick go clubbing to seek out the Succubus. Ichabod tries to get Nick’s intentions towards Abbie straight but doesn’t have much luck because the Succubus appears and they split up. Katrina and Abbie have their own chat about Katrina’s worldview disappearing bit by bit and her clinging to what she believes in her heart. Abbie kind of gets it but thinks that there are some things in life even a mother’s love can’t fix. They find the heart just about the time Ichabod comes face to face with the Succubus. She’s trying to lure him in, playing on his doubt towards Katrina. Just as he stabs her, a second hex on the jar that held the heart (which for while presented itself as having rats and maggots in it) activates and knocks Katrina out. It takes both Nick and Ichabod to take out the Succubus and Abbie has to finish the spell but she’s defeated eventually. Katrina tells Abbie that with Moloch alive in our world, she needs to go back to Abraham where she will have access to the demon and can strike it down. Ichabod seems to be willing to understand this when Abbie fills him in. He has to trust his wife’s skills as a witch and a spy. But that’s going to be hard to do when Katrina gazes upon Moloch and sees a little human baby thanks to the power of the necklace Abraham gave her.

I have to say I’m kind of bummed that Katrina chose this path. I get that they need to keep Moloch at bay and this may also give her a shot at swaying Henry but I wanted to see more of her and Ichabod together. We barely got a taste of them settling into this world and this time and I feel a little bit insulted by the writers. I’m sure it all will fit and make sense in the end. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

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