Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sleepy Hollow 2.07: "Deliverance"

“One day this war will end and when it does we will build a life together. A life we deserve.”
- Ichabod

As you might recall, we left Katrina in quite a state last week. Well it seems she’s far worse now. At first she’s dreaming of her and Ichabod in bed together back during the war until he starts having chunks of his face peel away. Gross. She wakes up and things just get worse. Headless tries to get her to drink something but she’s not having it. She doesn’t have long to contemplate the nature of her illness before Henry and some goons come to collect her. She manages to break free with a little help from Headless (who is having only minimal success thanks to Henry using Abraham’s weakness to sunlight against him) and ends up collapsing near some gas station guys. She gets transported to the hospital where things really go from bad to worse. There’s something growing inside her stomach. It totally reminds me of the plotline of the movie “Constantine”. Quite appropriately, Abbie and Ichabod (who has taken to wearing his hair down…not sure how I feel about it honestly) are at the polls voting. Irate Ichabod is always one of my favorites. They do their civic duty and then head straight to hospital after a couple officers clue Abbie and Ichabod in.

Katrina is a little out of it (well who wouldn’t be with a 105 fever) but Abbie and Ichabod manage to get her out of the hospital and into some pretty hot clothes (skinny jeans and a corset top). Ichabod takes Katrina to the archives while Abbie trails the goons who tried to grab Katrina when they show up at the hospital. The Cranes have a little moment where Ichabod promises that they will build a life together after the war is over and Katrina swears she’s not keeping any more secrets. She does admit that she can see Abraham’s spirit and they chat but I don’t really think Ichabod has anything to be worried about. Though it could be intriguing to see them actually team up to stop Henry’s plot. After doing a bit of research Ichabod discovers the guys who were working with Henry are members of the Hellfire Club (apparently the same people that led Franklin to the purgatory key). Abbie trails them to a warehouse and she finds all kinds of creepy stuff inside including a delivery bay and a dead body. It seems there’s a tablet with some kind of writing that’s guiding their plans. When Abbie rendezvous with the Cranes back at the archives we quickly learn that she is in fact pregnant and has 10 to 12 hours until whatever’ inside of her comes out. I’m betting that it’s Moloch’s newest way into our world. God Henry really has parental issues he needs to just move past.

Once Ichabod and Abbie move past the whole “it could be Abraham’s baby” they discover that in fact the stuff Henry stole and infected her with is used to create a demon. Oh and she’s going to die at sundown giving birth. Well crap! The Hellfire Club arrives at the archives and gives our heroes chase through the tunnels. But luckily they are smarter than these Brits and manage to escape. They end up at the church where Jeremy was orphaned and where Henry took his name. They think Henry wouldn’t dare destroy the place given its significance to his life. And here comes the big kicker, the Cranes are in relative agreement that they may be able to eventually save their son. After all he is a sin eater and could remove the demon. Abbie is the odd woman out in this plan but she can’t do much about it. So while Ichabod sets up a meeting with Henry through Irving Abbie and Katrina discover just which demon is crawling around in her (now big) belly. As I’d guessed from the promos she’s about to pop out Moloch. Ichabod reaches this realization during his conversation with Henry just about the time the girls do.

Katrina suggest suicide so that Moloch can’t rise but Abbie promptly talks her out of that notion by reminding her that she found another way to save Ichabod on the battlefield. Ichabod is trying to get through to Henry but Henry’s stubborn as ever and sides with Moloch. I think Ichabod did have a good point that if Katrina dies, it will haunt Henry, even if he won’t admit it. And just as Henry is leaving, Ichabod grabs his hand and gets a glimpse of his son as a young boy running scared through the forest. He returns to the archives and they finally come up with a plan after a little digging (involving dial up) and more Franklin craftiness. The tablet Abbie saw at the warehouse has a hidden contraption in it that if it catches sunlight and shines on Katrina will keep Moloch from rising. Now they just have to hope they can get it in time to save Katrina before she dies and Moloch is finally in this world. Their plan; recruit all the cops they can get by filling in the new sheriff.

Well they basically lie to her but it bears enough truth (backed up by some of the photos Abbie took) to get a tactical team to go with them. They lose an officer but they get the tablet and have to race back to Katrina who is doing very poorly. But in the end, Ichabod manages to save his wife and banish Moloch back to Purgatory. They share a brief tender moment before Katrina passes out (I don’t blame her) and he fills Abbie in on the snippet of memory he saw from Henry. He believes that deep down Henry is still that scared little boy who can be reached. Abbie isn’t so sure but she’ll take beating back Moloch as a win. Of course, with Katrina in their company they have to worry about when Abraham might come lurking again. And I couldn’t quite tell but it looks like thanks to some creepy lightning the poison that Henry stole fills back up in a bottle as Henry watches.

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