Friday, September 18, 2015

Summer TV Rewind: Moonlight 1. 15: “What’s Left Behind”

“This is the way it’s supposed to be. I just didn’t know how much I wanted a family until I almost head one.”
- Mick

The penultimate episode of Moonlight deals with family and how we react if we find out they might be out there somewhere. We begin with a little boy being snatched from his room at night. Next we find Beth meeting up with Talbot. She covered two similar cases for Buzzwire (while she still worked there) and he wants her insight on this case. So she gets to tag along to the crime scene. Mick and Josef get to back to Mick’s place just in time to see a news report about the kidnapping and Mick rushes over. Josef assumes it was because Beth was there but really, it was the house. His best friend Ray lived there with his wife Lila.

Mick gets kicked out of the crime scene pretty quickly (though he does get a good look at the boy’s father, Robert. When Beth asks Mick why he came, he admits he grew up in the neighborhood and it sounds like maybe these are vampire crimes. So he pays a vampire named Leo a visit. Leo swears he hasn’t hurt any kids that aren’t runaways. And he never kills them. So that’s a dead end so to speak. Beth is still at the house and she sees a photo from World War II on the wall and of course Mick is in it. Before Beth heads over to confront Mick about the photo, she and Talbot take a look at the little boy’s room. She points out the defensive line of toys around the bed and Talbot asks if that was something she did after her kidnapping. The way he just throws it out there just irked me and you can tell Beth is not pleased he knows about her past.

When Beth shows up, Mick explains that he kind of freaked out seeing Robert because there is a possibility he could be Mick’s son. Through a series of flashbacks Mick explains he and Ray went off to war together and in Italy, Mick and Ray were both injured. Mick got home and he ended up having a brief affair with Lila. Until Ray came home. The army didn’t know who he was for a while (Ray having lost his dog tags and all). Mick swears he didn’t know Lila was pregnant when he left but since Robert was born only seven months after Ray’s return, it is entirely possible that Robert wasn’t his son. Pretty heavy stuff for Mick to be dealing with on top of a missing child (who could possibly be his grandson).

With the cops and CSI team gone, Mick can get back into the house to take a look at the boy’s bedroom. He very quickly determines it was a human crime as there is no smell of vampire (probably aside from his own). Using his super senses, Mick finds the kidnapper’s hiding spot (in the attic) and then figures out that the guy used the old coal chute to get into and out of the house. Just as Mick makes this revelation, we see a man sitting in a truck around the corner from the house. Creepy!

Talbot shows up (I’m guessing Beth called him) and the crime lab techs are back to examine the chute. Mick points out that old turn-of-the-century houses had things like coal chutes and Beth realizes the other victims were taken from houses like this one. The next morning, Beth and Talbot share breakfast and Talbot not only offers Beth a job as a civilian investigator but confirms that the other two victims’ houses had been renovated before the abductions. So now it’s time to do a little digging into the records of blueprints. But first, Mick has to get some of his pre-vampire DNA to test against Robert. He needs to know the truth. Josef pops by (he forgot his cell phone) and admits that while he’s sired a lot of vampires in his 400 years, he never had children and he kind of regrets it. We then get an amusing conversation between Mick and Beth on the way to the hall of records about having human-vampire babies.

Mick heads back to the house to see if Robert can figure out which worker might be the kidnapper. With some prompting, Mick gets Robert to remember one guy and on cue, the guy calls Mick and taunts him about Beth. Beth is at the hall of records going over log entries when all the lights go out. The kidnapper doesn’t do anything to Beth except scare her but it was enough to piss Mick off and send him off half-cocked once they have the kidnapper’s address> He can’t wait for a warrant to come through. Not if his possible grandson’s life is still in danger. So Mick takes off and Beth and Talbot follow. Lucky for Mick, the kidnapper likes the dark so he gets to use his enhanced vision. Things seem to work out in the end, though. The kidnapper kills himself and the little boy s rescued. Everyone rejoice! And Mick finds out that Robert isn’t actually his son. He’s a little relieved but also disappointed. He never really knew how much he wanted a family until he almost had one and lost it. And while Beth points out that family isn’t all about DNA, we see Robert’s son point out the World War II photo with Mick in it. Too bad Mick and Beth drive off before Robert can get outside and ask how it’s possible.

I was honestly hoping it would turn out that Mick did have family. It could have presented some interesting storylines had there been a season two. But alas, it was never to be. Still I liked that it gave us a look into Mick’s life before he met Coraline and before he became a vampire. I’m sure there would have been a lot more gaps to fill in had the show gone on longer but I’m happy with what we got.

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