Friday, September 11, 2015

Summer TV Rewind: Moonlight 1.14: “Click”

“You murdered that girl. She would have done anything for you and you killed her!”
- Mick

As we enter into the final few episodes of the season, we see Mick step out of his comfort zone a little in his work life. He’s taken on a security gig for young starlet Tierney Taylor. When we first see them, Tierney is expertly dodging some paparazzi in what can be called a high speed chase. While that excitement is going on, Beth is having lunch with Talbot. He’s checked up on her and he seems kind of interested which just irks me. I still don’t like him and find him kind of controlling. Mick and Beth get a brief chance to chat at the restaurant Tierney shows up at before Tierney has to go somewhere and Mick gets dragged along. All the while, the press is snapping photos of Tierney and Mick and by the time Mick pays Josef a visit, it’s all over the internet that Mick is her new boyfriend. I was just baffled to know Mick and Josef are on Facebook (can they friend me?).

In the wake of Maureen’s murder, Buzzwire has a new boss and Beth instantly dislikes him. He wants to forget about checking sources and gathering all the facts before writing. He wants to post stuff even if it’s untrue and retract later. This makes Beth’s journalist integrity bristle. But she does get to attend a fancy boat party for Tierney’s new movie. Apparently there have been a lot of production problems including a fire and a boat sinking. Tierney’s producer is played by Eddie McClintock (Pete from SyFy’s Warehouse 13). He’s smarmy and has a huge ego. Mick is not really enjoying himself and runs into a paparazzo named Dean Foster who is getting all up in Mick’s face. He only takes photos of Tierney. The moment we see him he just screams creep.

Mick and Beth get a chance to talk while Tierney has some fun with her boyfriend just being young and Mick admits he’s not been with a human sexually since he got turned. He’s clearly a little nervous. It’s kind of adorable though. Their moment is interrupted by Tierney getting into a yelling match with her boyfriend, Scott. She insists on being alone though which is fine until Mick’s super vampire hearing picks up a splash. Tierney’s body has gone overboard and while everyone assumes she fell due to being drunk, he jumps in after her. Once he’s back on dry land, he heads back onboard the boat and checks out her room. He finds the murder weapon (wiped down) and can smell that she was dragged from the room. So this of course means DA Hard Ass has to show up. But at least he takes Mick’s suggestion to test the item identified as the murder weapon. After a quick trip to the morgue, Mick confirms the murder diagnosis and Beth pops by after having talked to her new boss. He gave her a photo taken by Dean Foster.

Mick needs to go find Scott but he needs to ditch the press first. It turns out some young vampires are working the scene and he convinces them to keep the rest of their colleagues off his trail so he can actually do his job and find out who killed Tierney. Beth has the unfortunate task of interviewing Tierney’s producer. He tells her that the movie is scrapped and the studio shut it down. Scott tells Mick that Tierney had a secret she wouldn’t share and he found out she was paying Dean Foster $50,000 to keep some photos out of the press. Scott thought she was cheating.

Beth heads over to Mick’s place so they can share information when a car comes speeding at them. Mick pushes Beth out of the way so only he gets hit. Because his superior genes, he’s fine but Dean Foster has caught it all on camera. Mick insists that Beth stay over that night because the press is hounding him and if someone tried to kill her (they can’t be sure who the target was), then it isn’t safe for her to be alone. The next day, Beth goes to give the partial plate she got to DA Talbot and she discovers that Dean has been super stalker with another actress before Tierney. Interesting information to know but not overly helpful for the case. Back at Buzzwire, Beth gets an email with photos of Mick getting hit from Dean Foster and then he calls her to blackmail her into giving him exclusives to keep them out of the press.

Thanks to some digging on Logan’s part into Tierney’s financials, Mick heads to talk to the business manager. The secret Tierney wouldn’t share with Scott involved keeping her mom out of the limelight after getting out of prison for killing Tierney’s abusive drunk of a father. That explains a lot and I can see why Tierney would want to keep that out of the press. The business manager also fills Mick in on the fact Tierney was sinking a lot of her own money into the film and that it was the producer who shut down the film. There was insurance that gives the investors back all their money (which he squandered and thus needed the insurance to pay them back). Mick and Beth go to the production lot to confront the producer and Mick is grateful for his vampire abilities again because he gets to run fast to catch the guy. The producer confesses and the Talbot shows up (along with a mess of press). Beth is worried that Mick might have to leave LA and assume a new identity if Foster releases the photos so after agreeing to go to dinner with Mick, she consorts with Josef to rid themselves of the Dean Foster dilemma. As Mick and Beth enjoy a glass of wine, the two vampire paparazzi attack Foster. Things aren’t all happy for Mick and Beth now, though. Talbot has a file on Mick and he has some of Foster’s photos. I knew there was a reason I strongly distrusted this guy.

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