Friday, September 25, 2015

Summer TV Rewind: Moonlight 1.16: “Sonata”

“I’ve spent the last 55 years trying to close the door on forever. But I can’t anymore. I can’t close the door on Beth.”
- Mick

This is the end, gang. Our final adventure with Mick and Beth and company has finally arrived. And boy it’s a good one. Mick and Beth are at a gala supporting Josef as they dedicate a new sports arena at Hearst College in Sarah’s name. It’s very sweet really. Josef drops the truth bomb on Beth that he founded the school. Pretty awesome. The gala is also celebrating a former basketball player named Dominic who went pro (they were retiring his jersey). Because this is Moonlight, the evening can’t be all googly eyes and dancing to Daughtry. Dominic ends up dead and Josef’s lawyer/freshie Simone is found near the body.

Beth talks to Simone the next day at the DA’s office and Simone explains that she was with Josef letting him feed on her and she went to the bathroom to get cleaned up and that’s when she found Dominic’s body. Talbot fills Beth in on the fact that apparently Simone went to all of Dominic’s games and even left with him a few times. Josef isn’t aware of this and he even looks a little bit jealous of the idea that Simone could have been sleeping with Dominic. While Simone is still being held in custody, Beth pays Dominic’s manager Emma (who is a vampire and married to a vampire named Jackson for 150 years) a visit. Beth gets the story of Emma and Jackson from back in the 1700s when Emma came over from Ireland. Emma says she and Jackson are still very much in love and have no regrets.

Mick heads to the morgue and Guillermo shares that some blood was found on Dominic’s body (B+) and after getting the sample, they determine it was vampire blood. Simone has been released and when Mick share the blood type with her and Josef, Josef thinks everything is clear since that isn’t Simone’s blood type. Mick wants to be sure but instead of taking a sample to the lab, Josef insists Mick taste her blood himself. Which turns super awkward when Beth walks in. She’s questioning whether Mick feeding on people (including her) is a big deal or not because he seems to be sending mixed messages. The reason she popped by was to have Mick tag along to try and find a former teammate of Dominic’s who had been quite competitive with Dominic (and had been seen arguing with Dominic at the gala). And so we then immerse ourselves in the seedy world of drunken frat boys. Mick even gets smacked in the face with the “sacred ass paddle” before catching Hank.

Mick pays Jackson a visit and finds out that Dominic was seeing a vampire named Lisa. Louisa seems to be very happy to stay in college forever. As she puts it no one notices or cares if you sleep all day and boys tend not to notice when a love bite is more than just a love bite. Emma also tells Mick that Emma and Dominic were sleeping together, too. Oh boy! Beth gets this information and the fact that Hank saw Emma kill Dominic (all vamped out) around the same time. She calls Mick and he tells her to stall Talbot but she doesn’t think she can. So Mick needs to get over to Emma and Jackson’s place before she does something that could endanger the vampire community at large.

Mick shows up to find Emma throwing chairs and people out doors. He manages to calm her down so she doesn’t kill anyone but she is less than happy that Mick is siding with the humans. Sure she may be under control now but having her locked up, facing life in prison is not a good situation at all. Jackson is floored to find out his wife was cheating on him but he thinks eh can talk Emma out of doing anything stupid. Beth gets Jackson in to see Emma and Mick listens in on their conversation which Beth can’t hear because it’s below human hearing levels. Basically, Emma tells Jackson that Dominic didn’t mean anything and she still loves Jackson. She tells him that Mick is going to get her out of custody within 24 hours or she’s going to blab to the DA all about vampires and give them the names of all the vamps in LA.

Back at Mick’s place, he and Josef share a drink of blood while discussing the situation and the fact that Emma’s bail was denied. Oh and it seems like Josef may have fallen for another human. He’s worried about Simone wanting to be turned since he hasn’t tried it since Sarah and he’s not sure he wants a repeat of that (or to have it work). Beth and Simone are having a similar conversation and it makes Beth wonder if she really should be with Mick, especially since he wouldn’t want to turn her.

She heads over to see Mick but gets turned away because he is in the of “vampire business”. Mick has called Logan, Josef, Guillermo and the Cleaner over to set up an escape plan for Emma. It’s a fairly involved plan but it should work if everyone does their part. Things are looking to be right on track when Logan hacks the city’s traffic system and keeps the lights on Main Street green. But he hits a firewall and the van transporting Emma takes a detour. Emma is not doing well and is nearly ready to just chomp on the guard when Logan (at Mick’s direction) makes the van crash. They get Emma out of the van but they aren’t taking her to freedom. For her crimes of threatening to expose the community, she’s being put to death. Jackson shows up and refuses to let his wife die alone. Even though she protests, he says they will do this like they’ve done everything else; together.

Even though Emma and Jackson are dead, their secret is still at risk. A male voice on the phone calls Talbot after the DA finds a list of names (with Emma, Jackson and the plastic surgeon) crossed off. Mick’s name is at the very bottom on the last page. The caller tells Talbot that he’ll be in touch. Mick shows up at Beth’s door to explain what happened to Emma and Jackson and she basically tries to break it off. She knows Mick can’t go back to being human and she’s not ready to be a vampire so she doesn’t think it will end up working. But Mick has other ideas. He says that Emma and Jackson made him realize they need to live in the moment and focus on how they feel right now and he’s in love with her. He even passes the “what was I wearing when we first met as adults” test. So it seems that Mick and Beth will get their happy ending after all.

As I’ve said before, I’ve enjoyed re-watching this show not just for the story but for the nostalgic music and the random guest stars. I am sad we will never see what becomes of some of the plotlines left hanging but it was a fun ride while it lasted.

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