Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Blindspot 1.22: “If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render”

“This little girl was left in a bag, totally helpless. No one knows where she came from or who left her there. Doesn’t that remind you someone?”
- Jane

In this penultimate episode, we have a lot going down. We see Jane angrily confronting Oscar about taking down Mayfair. She can’t believe they would actually want to do that and she doesn’t get why he lied to her. And then we get the added twist that Sophia has been in on it for a long time. She felt guilty about the whole Daylight situation and Jane talked her out of committing suicide and joining their team to fix things. Two weeks later, Mayfair is on house arrest and Weller is filling in as the head of the department. At least he will be until the Director hires a permanent replacement. Being charged with triple homicide doesn’t do very nice things for one’s employment prospects. Despite being told that the team is not to work on any Jane Doe related cases, the gang starts digging in when a newborn baby is found outside a government building with a tattoo on her arm matching one of Jane’s. When the team gets a DNA match to the son of a former Presidential hopeful, they head off to see him. He and his wife deny having a baby recently (but further testing reveals that the wife is the biological mother). The plot thickens.

Jane gets booted from the building and so she decides to keep investigating even though she’s told she’s not a member of the team (Weller does try to reassure her that it is temporary). I mean either she’s going to get booted permanently because they find out about her activities with Oscar or something. She heads to Child Protective Services to see about the baby and it’s a good thing she does because a woman gets into the building and shoots some medical staff and absconds with the baby. Jane almost catches her but she’s got some goons to take down first.

Because Mayfair can’t sit idly by while her innocence is ignored, she starts her own investigation into how the money she gave Sophia could have ended up with Alexandra. Oh and Reade and Tasha share their secrets with each other. She replays the situation over in her head a few times before realizing it was all a con. She uses some spare ankle monitor keys to get it off (and puts it on her dog…what, is she watching White Collar) before heading off to confront the man who she “rescued” Alexandra from. At least she called in when the monitor went off (when it was unhooked). I guess it’s a way to cover her tracks. The guy (under threat of a gun) admits that he drove Alexandra around sometimes and pretended to pick her up in bars. He also drove her to meet with Sophia a few times but he hasn’t seen Oscar (she actually has a clear surveillance photo of him driving Carter’s car).

The team quickly gets wind of Jane trying to take down the woman with the baby and realize there is definitely something amiss. The biological mother of the baby shows up (after Weller calls her) and explains that their son has a rare form of cancer and his chances aren’t good. A bone marrow transplant would be best but they need a genetic match. She admits that her father-in-law has a research facility working on producing genetically matched material like organs or bone marrow (or you know….babies) and after a little prompting she gives up the location of where they were supposed to take their son for an off-books treatment the next day.

Jane is a little bit ahead of the team and gets there first. She sneaks in and finds a nursey full of barcode babies. The former Presidential hopeful is telling his right-hand woman to take care of things when Jane bursts in. They get into a fight while the team engages some mercenaries outside. Ultimately our team wins the day and all the babies will hopefully be united with the families (even if most of them will be shocked to find out what was really going on). The Director of the FBI is still pissed at Weller but decides to promote him to the head of the unit with the caveat that Jane still needs to go. But hey it means they can make out now without getting in trouble!

Oh wouldn’t it be nice if they could just be together and have it all work out? Yeah, that’s not happening any time soon (and not just because despite everything he’s done I still like Oscar). See Mayfair has been trying to track Sophia through this fancy brand of French cigarettes she smokes. The shop owner where she used to buy them has a number that Mayfair convinces Read and Tasha to run. That night when Jane goes to tell Oscar that she’s done being his guinea pig, Mayfair shows up (having tracked where many of the calls on Sophia’s phone originated). Things get really awkward as Mayfair advances on Jane, demanding answers about why that Jane can’t give. Just when it looks like Mayfair is going to shoot Jane, Oscar shows up and shoots Mayfair. Jane doesn’t want to leave her former boss but she demands Oscar beat it. Things are going to be very complicated for Jane going forward and not just because of the dead body. Weller’s father also dies and in the throes of passing on, he rambles to Weller that “she” was under the fort and he admits to killing Taylor Shaw. Say what now? I guess that whole “Jane is Taylor” wasn’t true even though they did a DNA test and everything. Maybe whoever Jane is was thought to be Taylor and so the DNA they used was thought to be hers? But it also doesn’t explain the strange markers on her tooth. All I know is we better some definitive answers in the finale next week or it is going to be a long summer before the show returns.

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