Sunday, May 15, 2016

Once Upon a Time 5.23: “An Untold Story”

“For a moment they believed. You did the impossible. You made the world believe.”
- Emma

So things are obviously going to get complicated for all of our characters before the end of this episode. Emma, Regina and the kids are hunting for Gold who has holed up in a super swanky hotel. He’s trying to create a portal to get to Belle when Regina and Emma try to trick him into believing she wants to help him and let out the Evil Queen. Well, I mean she does have Zelena’s fate to worry about. Oh, and Granny finally got around to texting them about the missing members of the family. Also rather obvious is Henry and Violet sneaking off to try and stop Gold from hurting the family that’s still in the city.

Speaking of the other relatives, Jekyll wakes up and steals the key off the orderly who appears to be passed out drunk. Jekyll frees our heroes but they have to go back to his lab to get the wand and he also needs to finish a potion that will defeat the warden. Or so we’re led to believe. Our heroes soon discover that Jekyll and Hyde are one in the same. But with a little assistance from our heroes, they manage to escape. We also learn that the realm is sort of a refuge for people who needed to escape their stories. They come from all realms and I managed to spot some musketeers among the crowd. They are going to need some serious help to get back to our land, though what with the orderly and Hyde hunting them.

They may soon get that help when Henry and Violet bust up the party and Henry destroys magic with the goblet. He is again really upset but this time because he may have stranded the rest of the family in some unknown realm in his anger to make his family stop fighting. He takes off and Emma finds him at a fountain that they used to frequent in that year when they didn’t have their memory. Regina and Gold head off to find the one person left in this world with magic: the dragon (aka the healer August went to in Phuket where he met Tamara). I wondered what had happened to him. He won’t help the Dark One but he’ll do his best to aid Regina. He sees the deep struggle going on in her soul. When his magic fails, he points out that Henry hasn’t done all he could possibly do.

This leads to him realizing they need to believe in magic again in this world and it will allow them to save their family. But his wish and those of the family aren’t enough. He has to climb on top of a lion outside the library and give this big speech to the people walking by that he needs their help and their wishes to save his family. He needs them to believe in magic again and for a moment it’s enough to create a portal. It appears just in time to save our stranded heroes and we get a rather emotional reunion with everyone. Of course, Rumple has to slip through the other direction to confront Hyde. He intends to just kill the man once he has Belle back but Hyde makes him an offer. He has information on how to break the sleeping curse. So it looks like they’re playing “let’s make a deal”. Thanks to a little help from Jekyll, Snow and Emma convince Regina to split the light and dark within herself so she can destroy the Evil Queen once and for all. Regina doesn’t back down even as the Evil Queen taunts her. She rips out the Queen’s heart and as she apologizes, she crushes it. Maybe that’s the last heart Regina will crush ever again. That’s kind of a big deal.

Back in town, we get some interesting tidbits. Emma gets to tell Hook she loves him when they aren’t in mortal peril. And Henry gets a proper first kiss from Violet who reveals her dad is the main character from a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. Because of course he is. But it was kind of adorable and sweet anyway. And it looks like his moms are being supportive of Henry’s love life. Super adorable. And together, Regina and Henry restore the town’s magic. Just as Hyde shows up revealing that Rumple gave him the town. I suppose since Rumple created the curse in the first place, he kind of owned it, even if Regina (and later Snow) was mayor. This isn’t going to bode well but at least we should be staying in Storybrooke next season. Oh and he’s brought all the untold stories with him so they can play out here in our world. That won’t end well at all I’m guessing. Oh and we thought the Evil Queen was dead but she’s not. It couldn’t be that easy, not on this show. And her first stop is the Dragon. She rips out his heart, announcing that this is a war that she intends to win. I will be very interested to see how Regina handles having to fight the darkness within herself in a very literal sense. Sure she was able to crush her heart (was I the only one wondering what that would do to her own heart?) but that’s not having to battle it out magic to magic with the worst part of herself. I also want to know if Rumple will actually wake Belle and how that whole story turns out (I can’t imagine she’s going to want to raise this baby with him). I also hope we get to see some more storylines for Henry. Maybe a look at this romance of his and Violet’s. I mean he’s a teenage now so they can get away with giving him some more stuff to do. Overall, I thought season 5B was very strong and if this was how we had to go out, I’d be mostly okay with it but since we get another season, I say bring it on!

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