Saturday, May 14, 2016

iZombie 2.19: “Salvation Army”

“A massive zombie outbreak means never having to say you’re sorry.”
- Liv

We’ve reached the season finale gang! The show’s been picked up for a third season so we will definitely have more brain-fueled cases ahead! Much like the season 1 finale left us with a lot of questions, the second season finale had a lot of paradigm shifts and it is glorious (and gruesome). When last we left the gang, Major had been released from prison because Clive dropped all charges (after Liv dropped the zombie truth bomb on him). So Major is staying with Liv and Peyton (and so is Ravi given that he’s Major’s roommate). They need a plan to get the rest of the zombies free from Vaughn’s lab (primarily Drake which obviously means nothing good is going to happen to Liv’s second zombie boyfriend).

Their plan ends up being infiltrating the Super Max launch party at Max Rager. It’s a lockdown theme (clever…not) and that gives our pair of zombies the chance to sneak in as guards and try to look for everyone. Clive has to stay on the outs seeing as it’s a private party and there’s nothing he can really do as a cop. But, when the time comes for Liv and Major to check in and they fail to do so, he heads over. And boy is it a good thing he does. See, some of the younger scientists decide it is a brilliant idea to take some Utopium and drink Super Max and turn into zombies. Oh boy. That’s not good. Especially when they start attacking everyone (including poor former Matchbox 20 lead singer Rob Thomas). Can I just take a moment to say how hilarious it is they actually got Rob Thomas to be involved with the show? I mean, I know the joke about him and our beloved creator but it just makes me happy to see the singer be such a good sport. Even if he ends up dead and having his brains eaten!

The whole outbreak doesn’t seem to faze Vaughn too badly. He’s just sold the company for an obscene sum to a private military contractor (a little more on her later) and he’s riding high. He thinks he’s got it all figured out when Liv and the gang eventually make their way to the basement. Clive had insisted that if it came down to it, he wanted to shoot himself in the head rather than be turned (so he turns down Liv’s offer to scratch him so the crazy hungry zombies won’t see him as food). Things don’t go well once they get to the basement. Drake has been experimented on and Liv is forced to shoot him (see I knew something bad would happen to the poor guy). I suppose now that Major is a zombie again that might give them a chance but there is the possibility he’ll die before they get a happy-ish ending.

Speaking of happy-ish endings. Things get super weird with Ravi, Peyton and Blaine. Apparently the guys who took over Blaine’s Utopium business haven’t been very careful and Mr. Boss (whose case being led by Peyton has now been dropped) found out. So he sends some guys to kill them. They get Chief with a shot to the head but the other guy may have survived. Either way, he lets them know about Blaine and Peyton sleeping together (guys it was one time!) and so they go out to find her to use her as bait. Ravi doesn’t like this at all because he and Peyton had been getting close again. And because it means that there’s competition for Peyton’s heart. It isn’t like Blaine is trying to horn in but he just kind of does. I like him this way though. He’s sweet but snarky and not trying to screw everyone over all the time. And he does manage to rescue Peyton so there’s that.

Back at the Super Max massacre, Vaughn finally gets what is coming to him after he realizes that Major is a zombie. Too bad for him. I have to admit I wish he’d gone away a lot sooner. He was just really annoying and over the top. But I’m sure that was the point. It also looks like Major won’t be keeping his promise to the zombie hooker, Natalie since she’s dead, too. I also have a feeling Major is going to have a lot of explaining to do to the rest of the Chaos Killer “victims”. But first, they need to get out of the building and that’s going to be tough with the military contractor boys showing up. When Liv heads downstairs to have a chat with the head of the company, she finds the woman is a zombie (I think she probably has been one for a while) and she shares some interesting information with Liv. Apparently Seattle is supposed to become the homeland for zombies and there are people out there who don’t want that (see: Vaughn this entire season) and she gives Liv a choice to side with the zombies or the humans. We’ll have to wait for next season to see what she chooses.

There was probably a lot more gore in this finale than the last (Rob does like to up himself) and I liked how it wrapped up some storylines but set up a lot of new things. Clive is in the know about zombies now so the whole team can work together on a more intimate level. There’s the possibility for some romance among the team (not Clive since his girlfriend dumped him when he tanked the Chaos Killer case for her). I’m looking forward to the third season and what it brings. I am happy that they are expanding the world and giving us more insight into the whole zombie epidemic. Because it couldn’t have just started in Seattle. I mean from last season we knew that Lowell was turned elsewhere (I believe). So it just makes you wonder what really started the outbreak.

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