Sunday, May 15, 2016

Once Upon a Time 5.22: “Only You”

“Regina if our magic works out here, Gold’s magic works out here. We’ve gotta find Henry before he does.”
- Emma

We pick up shortly after Hook comes back. Everyone is gathered at Granny’s (which has a fancy new sign…when did that happen?) for Robin’s wake. Regina is just sort of sitting there in a haze as everyone moves around her in a blur. Zelena and the Charmings try to provide some comfort but she just looks worn out. And Henry isn’t holding up so well, either. But hey, at least Violet is there to comfort him. And they are all going to need a bit of comfort when Gold uses the fragment of the Olympian crystal to tether all of Storybrooke’s magic to it so he can find a way to wake Belle.

Just as Emma goes to try and break the news about Hook being around, Rumple’s little spell kicks off, alerting our heroes to his plan. But when Emma tries to bench Regina out of fear that the Evil Queen will come out to play, Henry decides to take matters into his own hands. He breaks into Gold’s safe and steals the money out of grandpa’s wallet and then he and Violet hop a bus. It doesn’t take long for his moms and grandpa to realize he’s taken off with the crystal. Emma and Regina first track his phone to Boston but he duped them and thanks to a little blood magic (since the crystal is in the real world, it is bringing magic to it) they find out he’s in New York. They just have to hope they can beat Gold there. The Dark One is well on his way, though. In the city, Henry explains to Violet that Neal kept a journal and he was trying to find a way to destroy magic. Henry thinks this is the only way to keep his family safe. Too bad he doesn’t realize that destroying the magic tethered to the crystal will destroy Storybrooke.

Back in town, Zelena, the Charmings and Hook are getting everyone who wants to go back to the Enchanted Forest through a portal. There’s kind of a weirdly emotional and touching moment between Roland and Zelena. I guess he doesn’t remember that she killed his mother and tricked his father into sleeping with her. But whatever. Just as Zelena tries to close the portal, she and the rest of the gang get sucked through in a very Stargate looking funnel of magic. They end up in some strange land with a very skittish gardener and an orderly with some serious magic. He zaps the gang and my first reaction was “well that’s a wrinkle”. In short order they find themselves locked in a magic cage under the supervision of a nameless warden who has beef with Rumple. Because of course he does. The gang is trying to find a way out when the gardener comes back and offers to help them. He’ll get the magic they need to repair the wand Zelena used in exchange for passage back to Storybrooke. He claims he used to be a doctor until the warden made him a prisoner. I still can’t figure out what land this is or who these people are. I’m thinking since so far we haven’t seen the warden or the gardener in the same scene together that it might be a Jekyll and Hyde situation. Hopefully we’ll find out. It turns out that belief was right although we still don’t know where the land is. It seems Mr. Hyde is intent on going to Storybrooke now (or at least after the gardener fixes the wand). But he’s going to need some leverage which comes in the form of him nabbing Pandora’s Box from Gold (who naturally goes for the crystal when he senses a portal).

Back in New York, Regina and Emma make it to Neal’s loft but the kids are gone. This gives the ladies time for a rather emotional come to Jesus moment of sorts. Despite Emma trying to cheer Regina up and make her realize that she can be a hero, Regina admits that she has a daily struggle to do the right thing and that her first instinct is still to hurt people. She also points out that whenever she does good, she always suffers or loses people. Just look at her losing Robin after all. And the little love note she finds in one of his books doesn’t really help her emotional state. She thinks this is her curse for all the terrible things she’s done in her past. I’m glad they are automatically reverting her back to the Evil Queen and are acknowledging her past transgressions.

They are going to have to hurry though if they want to save Henry from his angry grandpa. The kids have made their way to the library and find a whole mess of other story books in a rare reading room. Just as Henry is about to give up, Violet spies a goblet that looks surprisingly like the Holy Grail. Henry does a little smash and grab but Gold finds them before they can leave. He knocks them out with magic and nabs the crystal back. It doesn’t appear he saw the goblet yet. Henry gets his time to be super angry with his moms about magic when they bust in and manage to wake the kids up. He explains that magic has taken so much from all of them and he couldn’t handle losing either of them. But with Gold gone, they’re going to have to find a way to finds him before things get too crazy. And here’s hoping at some point they realize the rest of the family is missing. Although I suppose there is the possibility they will all be reunited by season’s end if Hyde succeeds in dragging his world (or at least his giant blimp) back to Storybrooke.

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