Monday, September 19, 2016

Lucifer 2.01: “Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer”

“I suppose it was when my mother abandoned me. Turnabout was fair play so I abandoned her in turn. Didn’t even give her a chance to defend herself. I mean what could she possibly say that could justify what she did? What would she say?”
- Lucifer

He’s back! Goodness it feels like it has been a long hiatus without the hijinks and sexy shenanigans of our resident fallen angel. And last we left him and Amenediel, they were fretting over Mum having escaped Hell. We pick up two days later and Lucifer and Amenediel are tracking down people who have recently died, hoping to find Mum has taken over a body. Unfortunately, they’ve come to the last person on the list and it isn’t her. Lucifer does get to have a little fun with the bank robber they were hunting before he heads off to see Linda and we get an interesting bit of backstory on the family. Things were great for a while until God started creating humanity and Mum got cold and distant. She stood by when Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and so when she got kicked to Hell, he locked her in a cell and did nothing. He fears that because of his inaction, she is going to find him and kill him. He actually looks scared.

On a slightly lighter note, Lucifer and Chloe are back to work on a case of a stand-in actress found dead on a movie set. Chloe managed to get some of his blood from the shooting and she’s going to test it. I wonder what she will find. I suspect Lucifer is curious, too. We are also introduced to our newest team member, Ella. She’s a spunky forensic tech who appears to believe in God but thinks Lucifer got a bad rap (although she doesn’t believe that Lucifer is who he is). And things are also kind of awkward because Dan is still around (albeit demoted). So Chloe tasks him with interviewing the crew on set while she and Lucifer look into their dead girl. They get some useful information about a possible motive from her land lady (the actress she was a stand-in for had a heavy cocaine problem and OD’d a few days earlier. Of course this means Lucifer thinks he’s found Mum.

When he pops by Lux for a drink, he finds Amenediel brooding and they have a bit of a tiff over Maze leaving and then Amenediel gets really pissed about Lucifer letting Chloe test his blood. Apparently humans having proof of the divine is a very bad thing (and keeping it in a police database is super taboo). So while Lucifer goes to continue the hunt for Mum, Amenediel is going to try and tackle the bloody issue. And boy does Lucifer get himself into a very awkward situation with the actress. She’s high and for a bit he still thinks she’s his mother and he kind of freaks out when she starts tearing her clothes off and throwing herself at him. Of course, that’s the perfect time for Chloe to come in! They quickly uncover that the stand-in was paid under the table to be the lead actress’ sober companion (and it clearly wasn’t working well). So now they need to track down the dealer.

But first, Amenediel has something to show Chloe (after he tries and fails to get the blood from the police precinct). He lures Chloe to Lux and then shoots himself (using a bullet proof vest and blood packs). He spins a story about them having a bad childhood (okay so that part probably is true) and that Lucifer just uses the power of persuasion to get people to tell him things. He feeds her what she needs to hear to cover up the fact that they are angels. I have to admit, though, I thought for a second Amenediel might have changed his mind and he was going to reveal it to Chloe. While they’re having their little heart-to-heart, Linda and Lucifer are having their own. Lucifer is ranting and putting all the blame on everyone but himself for the whole situation, while Linda wonders if the sessions are hurting more than helping. It’s a good question and I can definitely see why she would be concerned about that.

The case leads them to an AA meeting where Lucifer gets rather real for a moment about his lowest point being when his mother abandoned him, so he did the same to her without giving her a chance to explain or defend herself. Chloe was really impressed with that admission and they even manage to find their drug dealer. But he’s not the killer (for one thing he’s kind of a wuss and he also pukes after seeing the dead girl’s picture). He does turn Chloe on to the lead actress’ former dealer. That person probably wasn’t pleased with the fact he stole the actress in the first place. And back at Lux, Maze appears to save Lucifer’s butt from some random assailant. I have a feeling that person may have been sent by Mum.

It turns out it was the lead actress’ boyfriend who thought he could threaten Lucifer for hitting on his girl. Stupid, stupid boy. Left alone with Maze (after she denies any involvement in springing Mama Morningstar and shares that she was with Linda getting some help), he gets covered in feathers. It’s pretty funny. But he does give up some key Intel on the case that Lucifer takes to Chloe. Amenediel then gets to have his reunion with Maze which is equally as chilly. You can just see the sadness on his face that she needs space. Meanwhile, Chloe has a spiritual chat with Ella which was rather interesting. I’d never heard the explanation that doubting made for stronger faith. Very interesting. I also suspect things are going to get extra complicated once Ella tests Lucifer’s blood.

At this point, Lucifer realizes that his mother isn’t linked to the case anymore but he knows who the killer it. He goes to confront her (the dead girl’s landlady) and he almost gets his butt handed to him (thank you Chloe for showing up) but in the end they take her out. Lucifer heads back home and we are treated to the sweet pipes of one Tom Ellis (on vocals and piano) and as the episode comes to a close, we finally meet Mum. Hello Tricia Helfer (aka Six from Battlestar Galactica). Well isn’t this just a giant twist!

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