Saturday, September 17, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 1.15: “Destiny”

“Everything I have done has been to save my family. No one controls me!”
- Rip

Let’s see how our team gets out of this. It is kind of sad when you have to trust a resurrected assassin and a petty thief to make the rescue. Before they can mount a rescue though, they have to stop fighting each other. Sara points out that Snart isn’t the same cold bastard she met five months earlier. He’s got a code that’s expanded to include the team. And for the moment, most of the team is alive. Kendra was dragged off to a time ship with Savage where he’s going to I don’t know force her to marry him or some such nonsense. Well actually he’s going to kill Rip’s family and it looks like he succeeds. I was kind of hoping Kendra would get in the way and stop him. Perhaps the more interesting plot point is one of Rip’s mentors info dumping on him that the Time Masters have been shaping history and time to their own will, killing Rip’s family to spur him to action so that Savage could unite the world so that when an alien invasion happens, hey can lad humanity to victory. Rip is undeniably enraged and pissed about this reveal.

Oh and we also get a jump back in time to 5 months ago in Central City where Rip first recruited the team. It appears Jax made it back to earth but he needs Stein’s help (from the past) because he clearly doesn’t look like he’s been cured of his temporal illness. Or maybe Jax just wants to get back to the future so he can save Stein from going nuclear. Yeah, that’s probably it. But he has to get past Stein to stop being so arrogant and self-centered and all that first. Which isn’t as easy as it sounds. But they manage to work together to get the jump ship fixed and able to travel forward in time again. Yay Firestorm!

Just as Rip is totally in despair about the future (having seen the team’s death), things take a turn in their favor. Sure it looks like Mick has been reconditioned into Chronos again, but hey he beat the conditioning once before. And thanks to Gideon, Sara and Snart have kind of a fun plan to keep everyone else sidelined while they make a daring rescue of the rest of the team. They manage to time jump and then a virus uploads into all the other ships, grounding them. And then Mick gets to stomp a guy’s face. Gross, but effective.

Back on the Waverider, Rip fills the team in on what he was shown and told about their path being predetermined by the Time Masters. They may be able to fight back at the Vanishing Point since the time viewing thingy doesn’t work there. Of course, they’ve just narrowly escaped that place so going back seems stupid. But Ray thinks maybe this is what the Time Masters aren’t expecting. And if he’s going to die, well he’s going to eat a yummy cupcake first and share a moment with Mick who admits he cared enough about the team to focus on that when they tried to turn him into Chronos again. And Snart and Sara have a moment where he admits he’s been doing some thinking about what the future might hold for himself and for the pair of them. Can I just say, yes please? I know Sara’s been dating ladies of late but she and Snart just have this fun chemistry that needs to be explored more!

Not surprising, the team gets back to the Vanishing Point and the Time Masters are waiting for them. Why it’s like they knew they were coming back! But Jax arrives just in time to help take out some of the soldiers, giving the team time to get into the chamber to try and destroy the viewing thing. But Ray realizes there’s a fail-safe and the only way to ensure destruction is to maintain contact with a particular piece of the device. So he resigns himself to die there, until Mick punches him in the face and takes over. This then prompts Snart to knock Mick out and stay which leads to Sara kissing him. And the whole freaking thing blows up. I will be super mad if they kill Snart. He’s one of the best parts of this show!

But it does seem like he’s lost when Gideon confirms that the viewing thing was destroyed. But then again we spent most of the season thinking Carter and Mick were dead, too, so I’m going to be cautiously optimistic. I figure the team needs that without a map guiding them and news reports confirming Rip’s family was still murdered. Perhaps there is one small consolation, the team can now hunt down Savage on their own without the Time Masters interfering, which gives Mick the chance to get revenge for Snart. And Kendra laughs as Savage learns he doesn’t have the support of the Time Masters any longer, too. But he thinks he can still make things work and change the world. After all, he’s got a time ship of his own.

I really hope the team succeeds in next week’s finale and kills Savage because I am getting tired of him big time. Personally if they wanted to get rid of some of the other cast, they could get rid of Kendra and Carter, too. They are pretty useless. I still really want Snart back so he and Sara can explore everything that kiss entailed. Besides, he had the most interesting journey this season of everyone. Finally becoming the hero he was meant to be, even if he did fight it tooth and nail most of the way. But I suppose we will have to wait and see where the writers take the show in the finale and in the upcoming season.

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