Saturday, September 3, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 1.13: “Leviathan”

“I don’t believe in fate. I believe in choices. And I believe we can choose to fight.”
- Ray

Finally we’ve got some big movement in the plotline involving Savage. At the end of the last episode, Rip decided the only way to beat Savage was to attack him at the height of his power in 2166. I still don’t get why they couldn’t just go back in time to before the meteor made him immortal and all take him on at that point. I mean he’d be mortal and with all of them surely they could take him out? But I guess that would be too logical. So the gang pops out of the time stream over London in 2166 and after getting jostled around by weapons fire thanks to Savage’s forces, they settle down near the last remaining rebel encampment. Rip thinks that there’s only one time Savage will be out in the open so they need to take advantage. Mick and Snart think it’s a good idea to pick a fight with the guards but ultimately it just forces Savage to go to ground. But the fight wasn’t a total loss. Kendra was watching footage on the Wave rider and spotted her bracelet that she was wearing when Savage killed her the first time. It’s on the wrist of a badass blond so getting it off her will be interesting.

Before plans get set in motion to nab her and the bracelet, Rip tasks Sara with teaching Kendra how to use it because as they all point out it’s a bracelet, not a weapon. Ultimately, Kendra figures out what she needs to do (aka melt the bracelet down and coat Carter’s mace with it). I was going to tell her to melt it down into something else so I guess that’s a good thing. But she also remembered Carter teaching her to use the weapon in a past life. Snart and Mick are tasked with getting the bracelet but they come back with the wearer as well, who quickly reveals herself to be Savage’s daughter, Cassandra. Well damn, someone else was willing to procreate with that creep. Who knew?

Rip, Stein, Jax and Ray head out to deal with the resistance (who have spotted the ship). We do learn some interesting things about what’s been happening to these people and Rip’s pretty down in the dumps about his family. When Ray questions why Rip hasn’t gone off to get his family since they arrived a few days before their deaths, Rip explains he’s tried countless times to save them and they’ve always died. So the universe is sending a pretty clear message that it doesn’t want his family to live. Ray doesn’t believe that but it’s going to take Rip a while to get there.

Jax and Stein have their own quandary to deal with. They see all the children in the encampment and how another one was taken out. Ray and Stein do a little scientific research on the site of a nearby destruction and determine that Savage’s great weapon is a giant robot. And it’s coming their way. Rip is rather annoyed that the gang insists on bringing all the refugees along but Stein is insistent and so they do. But the robot arrives and tosses the ship around like a toy. Stein gets pretty beat up and spends the rest of the episode in the med bay recovering. But hey the refugees are all alive so small victory? And Ray gives Rip a speech about choosing to fight which gets Rip into fighting form again.

Snart offers to get information out of Cassie and I was a little skeptical about why he offered at first (well other than he clearly is attracted to her…as much as Snart is attracted to people in general). He compares their crappy fathers (although she believes her father is saving the world) and then he shows her the people she calls rebels and dangerous radicals (aka weak, hungry people) and then he has Gideon show her that Savage was the one who unleashed the Armageddon virus that killed her mother. That’s enough to get her to at least temporarily side with them. And thanks to Mick, Kendra now has a jewelry-infused mace to kick some ass with.

Cassie goes in first and confronts her father about what he’s done and then the team swoops in to kick some ass, too. Savage senses Kendra nearby and then she busts in and starts wailing on him with the magic mace. Interestingly, the strikes emit this sort of blue energy and it does seem to hurt him. But when the moment comes for her to bash his skull in with the mace, she can’t bring herself to do it. It turns out somehow Savage found Carter (who had no memory of who he was and locked his memory away). So there is a chance Savage could reunite the two soul mates but it means Kendra can’t kill him. This all left me very confused because I thought they’d buried Carter’s body a long time ago and I also thought the established rules said they didn’t reincarnate until both of them were dead. So did Savage find a way to bring him back to life? They better explain all of this because the lack of continuity is kind of irksome (they don’t set really good time travel/mythology rules on this show which is probably one of its biggest weaknesses). And it looks like while the team takes off with Savage in toe, Cassie is sticking behind the help the resistance. Sure Savage isn’t around but his forces are still strong and she’s got insider information on how to beat them. I’m kind of glad they managed to turn to the good side. Maybe she and Snart can have a fling at some point. That could be fun, although if they end up killing Savage that might sting a bit for her, even if she does feel betrayed by her father.

I’m glad they are finally moving the plot along. I realize we’re almost done with the season and they need to be making these big moves but I just wish it had come sooner. If they wanted both Savage and the Time Masters to be the Big Bads of the season, they should have handled Savage first and then let the Time Masters take over. This whole interspersing thing just dragged the plot out.

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