Thursday, September 1, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: Heroes Reborn 1.13: “Project Reborn”

“Time is a circle. And memories are timeless. Every moment of our life exists in this place, every memory.”
- Tommy

Well gang, it is finally here. The last episode in the “Heroes Reborn” saga. It’s been an interesting one, that’s for sure. But I am not surprised all that much that a Petrelli (or two) are going to be responsible for saving the world yet again. But come on, it’s Heroes. Of course the Petrellis are going to be the ones saving the day! When we left our heroes, Malina, Luke and Quinten were heading to Odessa so she could be under the clock tower when the time came and Carlos and company were heading off to save Farah. She is saved (thanks to a combination of powers) and it seems that Carlos and his motley crew are going to be operating a make-shift hospital. I guess that’s useful? The sacrifice I’m sure we were supposed to be all broken up about but that I wasn’t overly moved by was Luke. Given his powers, he manages to absorb most of the first flare so that it doesn’t do the damage to the planet it would have. It also gives Malina a chance to fulfill her own destiny. That’s going to be a little difficult though because Phoebe has found them. Ultimately, Quentin shoots his sister (she’s really beyond saving) and Malina is at least safe for a little while longer.

As the first solar flare is on the way, Tommy gets hooked into the system against his will (while inside the video game) and jumps a whole bunch of people (including Ren, Emily and his mom) to the future. I guess it worked so Erica must be pleased. Unfortunately, Ren and Emily do some snooping and find the room full of knocked out/hooked up Evos (including the real Miko). I kind of wish they would have done more with Ren and Emily. They kind of have a comedic duo vibe going. It turns out that Tommy is trapped in a crazy fortress made by Otomo and it’s up to Ren to go into the game and rescue him. I wasn’t expecting that, honestly. I thought Tommy would be able to get out of the prison himself.

Speaking of Tommy, the prison he’s in is all kinds of warped and weird. It’s one giant hallway going in all directions. He ends up chasing after himself. According to the other Tommy, they can be in two places at once and in order to escape, our Tommy needs to remember his past. And so we get a nice little montage of clips from prior episodes of him discovering Hiro was his “father” and seeing Claire jump off the Ferris wheel at the end of season 4. I liked that they found ways to tie her in without having to pay the actress to be on the show. I’m still curious as to what happened to Noah although if Tommy can be in two places at once, I have a feeling Tommy did rescue his grandpa. Ren and Miko (in Evernow) manage to break through the defenses while Tommy sees some more memories of his past, specifically he and Malina meeting when they were seven and testing their powers. It didn’t look like it ended well.

Once he is freed from the game, he gets nabbed by Erica’s goons and taunted that he can either save his sister or his girlfriend but not both. Tommy takes this as a challenge and kicks butt on both ends (I have to say though the way they made him duplicate himself reminds me of how we get the after image effect on Flash). In the future he freezes time and starts sending people away to various places (the bad guys probably into a black hole somewhere) while he also jumps back in time to help his sister. They grab hands but the power starts to kill them both. So Tommy goes back to when they were seven and learns they need a conduit to channel their joint power. So of course, this version of Tommy goes back and saves Noah who quite willingly agrees to sacrifice for his grandchildren. See, Petrellis (and adjacent) saving the world.

All seems like it is back to normal when we jump three months into the future to find how everyone’s doing. Ren and real Miko are bonding and Farah and Carlos are fighting crime together. It’s kind of adorable. Quentin is in federal custody and he gives a big long speech about how the people who saved the world are someone’s family member and they just want to be normal. But as good as things seem, the twins are still in danger. They each find what looks like a Tarot card with twins on it and Malina tells her (much younger looking) great-grandmother that she felt as if someone was watching her. Angela explains that it’s a message from their father that he’s coming back for the twins and no one can stop them. Well, crap!

I have mixed feelings about post-credit type scenes or epilogue tags (in both books and TV). While this definitely sets up something for a second season (which we know isn’t ever going to happen), it also would have worked well if they hadn’t shown that bit either. Sure, having everyone settled and back to life as normal as possible would have been fine. Now I’ll want to know more about the twins’ father. During the rest of the season it didn’t seem like that big of a deal that we didn’t know who the father was because it was very much about the Petrelli line. Maybe the writers will be kind and fill the blanks for us now that the show is over. I found this to be an enjoyable story overall and think it was a good attempt to revive the series. Whether it was needed or not is another question but hey, I had fun!

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