Saturday, September 10, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 1.14: “River of Time”

“As long as he’s alive and breathing, Savage is a threat to everyone on this ship.”
- Snart

Why Rip thought it was a bright idea to bring and keep Vandal Savage on their ship is beyond me. The man (Savage) is a lunatic and a crafty son of a bitch. Of course he’s going to find a way to manipulate the team and escape. Foolish Captain Hunter, foolish! Before we pick up on the ship though, we see that Rip was held prisoner in 1700 BC Egypt shortly before Savage and the Hawks got their mojo. Which is kind of ironic given that Savage is now a prisoner on the ship. But the team acknowledges that having the psycho on the ship is dangerous. They’re still debating whether to kill him or not when Ray and Jax figure out at the robot Ray fought had future tech beyond 2166. So Savage has been doing some time travel of his own. Rip confronts Savage with this revelation and all our tyrant has to say is that he learned it from Rip in 1975 and spent two centuries figuring it all out. But since Savage used future tech in violation of what the Time Council stands for, Rip thinks they can finally bring Savage to justice that way.

The team also has to contend with brainwashed Carter (which apparently is the Carter we met at the start of the season). Interesting. The whole situation has to be super awkward for Ray, given that Kendra still feels so tied to Carter and everything. I have a feeling this won’t end well for anyone involved. Kendra tries to reach Carter by showing him a photo of their son but all he does is try and choke her out with his legs. So Ray decides to go confront Savage. It doesn’t end well (in fact it results in Kendra and Ray breaking up). We also get a flashback to Ray saying goodbye to Felicity (since Savage reminded him he’d also lost her, too).

Of course they have to survive the trip to the Vanishing Point and that isn’t looking so likely at the moment, what with the Waverider having a busted time drive. While Sara goes to make sure Savage is still secure in his cell (he does bring up Laurel which makes me think he’s the one to drop the bomb about Laurel being dead), Jax is sent to fix the time drive. He gets it working again but he also gets blasted with temporal radiation and has a memory of his mom giving him a watch she bought for his dad. Unfortunately, all of his internal organs are aging rapidly and the rest of him will soon follow. There is nothing they can do.

Rip is also feeling kind of down about the whole thing and Sara questions whether he’d sell them out to save his family. He admits he would and wonders if sending Jax to fix the time drive was his way of trying to ensure he kept on breathing. She’s kind of disgusted with this admission and rightly so. And in the kitchens, Snart and Mick are snacking when Snart shares that he’s got a feeling things are about to go sideways. I really like that Snart has become more of a grey character. He’s shown some real growth since being on the Flash. I wouldn’t call him a hero necessarily but I also wouldn’t brand him a villain, either.

Things are getting tense around the ship, especially when Snart and Mick decide to confront Rip about the whole mission. He promptly tells them that they can leave if they want and the jump ship is pre-programmed for one jump to 2016. Too bad for them that Stein drugs Jax and puts him on the ship (after a visit to Savage and a flashback to saying almost-goodbye to his wife). We also get a flashback to Sara saying goodbye to Nyssa. Lots of flashbacks this week. I’m not entirely sure they were necessary.

Much to Snart’s credit, he was right that having Savage on the ship would be dangerous. Ray is just super angry and goes to wail on Savage a bit but gets his ass handed to him. In the process Savage gets out of the cell. Well, damn that’s not going to be good! Since Gideon is now nonoperational thanks to Savage, Sara, Rip and Stein must pilot the ship while the rest of the team try to apprehend Savage. Things aren’t looking too good for the team until Rip shows up and then Carter gets his memory back. Carter ends up saving Kendra which is nice and everything but I was kind of wondering why since Carter had his mace, she didn’t just bash Savage’s head in. I did enjoy the little bit of banter between Snart and Savage though where Savage asks who would challenges him (destroyer of empires) and Snart replies with “Leonard Snart, robber of ATMs”. It was pretty hilarious.

Anyway, they make it to the Vanishing Point but plans go very much awry. The Time Council has been in league with Savage the whole time and now the team and Rip have been arrested. Savage is going to be returned to 2166 and Rip’s family is going to die. I have no clue how the team is going to get out of this one but they’re going to have to get pretty crafty. At least it looks like Snart and Sara are stowed away somewhere so that they can be the ones to mount the rescue. I like it when the two of them work together. They make a very interesting team and bring out some fun attributes in each other. I should have probably realized that the Time Masters weren’t to be trusted but I was honestly a little surprised. Then again, they have been an adversary to the team since the start so they couldn’t be that good. I do wonder if they will be the main villain for season 2. I know I’ve heard that Savage is going to be dealt with in the next two episodes so that is a very good thing in my book. He hasn’t been that compelling of a Big Bad to be honest.

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