Saturday, May 13, 2017

iZombie 3.06: “Some Like It Hot Mess”

“Spoiler alert, that letter says Good Old Major loved you like no one ever.”
– Major

I have mixed feelings about this episode of “iZombie”. On the one hand, we got a lot of really good information and character beats. On the other, the case of the week was rather annoying and ultimately inconsequential. I’m starting to think that the more the develop the mythology and larger purpose of the show, the less the cases really matter. This week, Liv has to eat the brain of a drama queen who was also a super needy millennial. She gets killed (electrocuted in her bathtub) and the investigation leads Clive and Liv to her job where they see video footage of the victim being slapped in the face, then to the club where she DJ’d and the husband and wife team who were cheating on each other. But hey, at least they had alibis. All the while, Liv is acting super needy and self-centered. Clive manages to crack the case after Liv has a vision of the victim pawning a baseball worth $1,000. It turns out, the victim stole said baseball from her roommate so she could pay the roommate back rent. So, the roommate killed her. Like I said, not very interesting or necessary this week.

The bigger plot of this week’s episode is our core group of characters trying to adjust and help Major return to being human. They’re trying to savor all the time they can get with him before he loses his memory and they lose him forever. The morning after he takes the cure, we find him eating gallons of ice cream (my husband would approve) while Ravi quizzes him with photos of people and places from his past. He does fine (at least for now). He even remembers the night he and Liv spent together. She’s less happy about that, probably because it means they can’t be together now that he’s human again. I do have to wonder though what would happen if, now that he’s human and cured, he gets scratched again. Would he have the same issues he did the first time with the first cure of dying again? And what’s he going to do now that he’s human? He can’t continue to be a mercenary with Fillmore Graves. And I’m pretty sure no one else would hire him but dude needs a job!

Thanks to Liv being on drama queen brain, she forgets to pick up ingredients that Ravi needs for the memory enhancer serum. She also isn’t answering her phone or listening to her voicemails when Ravi calls her repeatedly (she left a random spleen out on a tray for starters) and she isn’t there when Major wanders off to Walla Walla. But first, she finds him writing letters to all the people cares about. Hers is pretty thin but he assures her that it says that he loves her more than anyone ever. Which is sweet, even if Major is still really boring as a character. It was mildly amusing to watch him talk about his character in the third person as “Good Old Major”. Once he goes off, Liv and Ravi spend the night trying to find him, checking police stations and hospitals. It turns out the bus trip out of town was to go see his mother and sister (because Liv suggested he write them a letter, too). I guess going to see them made more sense to him at the time but when he arrives in town, his memory is gone and a local sheriff has to drop him off.

But it isn’t all bad news. Don-E stops by the morgue after a client mentions wanting to be human again. The draw for our former drug-dealer turned bartender is that the guy is loaded and is willing to pay $100,000 for the cure. So, Don-E goes to Ravi to make an offer: a 50-50 split for said cure. Ravi turns him down, though. As a parting gift of sorts, Don-E reveals that Blaine has been faking his memory loss the whole time. He used it as a way to get rid of the drug kingpin and make people look at him differently (specifically Peyton). So of course, what does Ravi do the first time he sees Peyton? He drops that bomb on her. Didn’t he think it might come across as him still being jealous and trying to break them up? Because that’s how she sees it. That is until Blaine admits the truth. He did lose his memory for a few days but it came back. He did lie about the continued amnesia because he liked being able to be the small business owner and lounge singer. He liked being able to be someone different. But Peyton can’t handle that so she breaks up with him. I have to admit, I’m torn about this. I like this version of Blaine. With this new information, it makes me think that under different circumstances, this could have been Blaine all the time. But it wasn’t cool of him lying about the memory loss and making Peyton and Ravi and Liv and Major suffer this whole time.

In the end, Peyton shares this information with Ravi and Liv which is good news for Major. He then gives Liv a call from his mom’s house to reassure her that all is well and he’s on his way back. He even tells his mom that he thinks there’s still a shot for him and Liv. Armed with the knowledge that the cure works and the memory loss is only temporary, they head to the morgue to give Liv the cure only to find the vials are missing. Blaine or Don-E took them. My money is on Don-E because he really wanted that money. We see Blaine at the end starting to try and put together the memory enhancer serum based on the list of ingredients Liv was supposed to get. I don’t know why he’s doing that but he is. When Major gets back, Ravi remembers the extra syringe of the cure so all is not lost. Except well …. he gave it to Natalie so Liv is out of luck now! I have to say, I’m glad there’s this hiccup because the show wouldn’t work without Liv being a zombie.

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