Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Lucifer 2.14: “Candy Morningstar”

“Perhaps Maze was right? Lucifer is concocting a plan.”
- Charlotte

The Devil is back people! After being MIA (and silent on all forms of communication) for two weeks, Lucifer returns to LA, acting as if nothing’s happened (although we see him making a shady deal with a Godfather-type figure). While Lucifer was away, Chloe has clearly gone through some rollercoaster emotions and she’s not happy that he just disappeared. But, she and Dan have a case to work: a dead guy who was a lead singer in a band. The moment Lucifer pops back up, he tries to squeeze himself into the investigation and Chloe fights him all the way. It doesn’t help that he shows up with a pretty exotic dancer named Candy on his arm. See, he went off to Vegas and got hitched!

You know who else isn’t pleased by Lucifer’s sudden marital status: Charlotte! She’s determined to find out what her baby boy is planning with this new woman but she’s quite flummoxed by Candy’s vapid nature and rambling about wanting a tanning salon and a juice bar in the future. And once again, Amenediel finds himself in the middle of the family drama. He kind of can’t blame Lucifer for running off but he’s also pissed because he spent the last few weeks watching over Chloe has Lucifer had instructed. We even get an amusing scene with Lucifer and Candy having a chat with Linda!

The case isn’t really that interesting at first. Chloe and Dan work it together and talk to the bandmates who figure the victim’s ex-wife. She admits they had fought in the past and admits that there was drama between her and the band because she was the responsible one but she lost everything in the divorce. She thinks the mediator had a side deal with the victim to screw her. Unfortunately, the mediator refuses to speak with police. Lucifer pushes his way back into the case offering to go undercover with Candy to find out dirt. Chloe is against the idea until Maze nudges her a little bit. Chloe really spends a lot of this episode trying to act like she doesn’t need Lucifer. And I get it. She thought there was something more developing between them (and to be fair there was) and now he’s frozen her out and married some random woman.

But, Chloe finally agrees and she goes undercover as Candy along with Lucifer and really, it’s kind of useful because they get to share some things with each other that they hadn’t been communicating very well previously. She hadn’t really thought that he’d gone through a lot when she was poisoned and nearly died. And I really wish she knew the truth about him being an angel because I think then she’d appreciate the fact that he went to Hell literally to save her. They do manage to get the mediator to talk. He didn’t have a side deal exactly with the victim. Rather, he was a super fan of the band and was promised the position of manager if he helped the victim get all his ex-wife’s money. Oh, and he fingers the bass player because he thought the victim was kicking her out of the band.,

It turns out, it wasn’t the bass player. She was too busy hanging with an underage kid for whom she’d made a fake ID when the victim was clobbered upside the head with the bass. Chloe reluctantly takes Lucifer along to confront the drummer (who thanks to some photos was last seen loading the bass into the band’s van) and it feels much like the crazy lady who decided to choke Lucifer at the start of season 2. Chloe ends up shooting this guy, too although we get yet another interesting exchange between the partners. Lucifer keeps saying that Chloe’s not going to save him because as she’s said all episode, she doesn’t need him anymore. But she doesn’t think that anymore and saves his life. And hey, just like that, Lucifer is back to work (actually with a big assist from Candy who tells Chloe that all Lucifer talks about is her and working together). So at least that part of Lucifer’s life is sort of settled.

The family drama is still ongoing, although he does sort of enter a truce with Charlotte. He doesn’t forgive her for her actions but he’s madder at Dear Old Dad for messing with things from the start and making what he felt for Chloe a lie. I still don’t get why they all think putting Chloe in Lucifer’s path is a bad thing! Maybe it’s the Charmed fan in me, but maybe God is trying to say “I’m sorry” by giving Lucifer someone he can love and who will love him back? And Charlotte is willing to accept her son’s not-apology because she’s got news. She brings up the heavenly rebellion that got her son booted from the Silver City in the first place and explains that if he’d had the flaming sword that had guarded Eden (and can cut through the pearly Gates), he wouldn’t have lost. Lucifer doesn’t see the point in the trip down memory lane until Charlotte posits that the sword was actually Uriel’s blade and that’s still in Lucifer’s possession. He just has to ignite said sword and the family can go home. I get that she wants to go home, but presumably God banished her to Hell for some reason. If he’s actually up there and she, Amenediel and Lucifer show up aren’t they going to be kind of outmatched, even with the sword. And why would she want to go somewhere where her ex-husband kicked her out? That doesn’t sound like a good idea for them to really be interacting. I mean, she is the Goddess of all Creation. Clearly, she had some say in making the world. We don’t want them arguing and accidentally causing an apocalypse or something!

We end with a twist I wasn’t expecting. Whoever Candy is, she’s not this bimbo we’ve been putting up with all episode. She’s articulate and was apparently helping Lucifer con his family (and Chloe). I still don’t quite get why he was conning them other than they hurt him so he hurt them back. But it also seemed like Lucifer got his woman out of a bad spot so that was good. He is always trying to help people when they deserve it.

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