Sunday, May 28, 2017

Lucifer 2.17: “Sympathy for the Goddess”

“What am I Lucifer, some pawn in one of your plans?”
- Maze

We are one episode away from finishing out season 2 of “Lucifer” and after the last episode, it’s hard to imagine things can get crazier. But, they do. At the top of the hour, we see Lucifer and Amenediel watching as Charlotte brokers a deal with a sleazy thug for the final piece of the Flaming Sword. Of course, Charlotte is pretty naïve when it comes to human interaction and she just gives him the briefcase full of money without first taking receipt of the item. So, after a little prompting from her boys, they go to find the guy and get the piece of the sword. But all they find his him dead.

Knowing that this is a sensitive issue, Charlotte and Lucifer hilariously convince Chloe to get on the case. But first, they have to get her there without revealing they know what’s going on. Charlotte is a terrible liar (and charade player if I might add). But they get there and things take a weird turn. Ella finds a phone that belongs to the son of one of Charlotte’s biggest clients (a woman named Bianca who owns a tequila empire and uses it to launder everything from money to traffic in people). But, Charlotte offers to help. Especially since she knows a lot of what’s going on with the woman. So, we get some interesting team-ups on the case. Charlotte and Chloe go to a big opening that Bianca is throwing while Dan and Amenediel spend some time together. It was rather funny seeing the two of them hanging at a bar, talking about improv and how Amenediel always feels less than Lucifer. For what it’s worth, Dan prefers this celestial sibling to our titular devil.

We all know Charlotte isn’t Chloe’s biggest fan and we also know the feeling is mutual but seeing them work together was fascinating. Especially when Chloe got caught listening to Bianca chastise her son for killing one of her guys (the one that Charlotte was dealing with) because she knew about his side project dealing in artifacts). The son is a wannabe musician and having listened to some of his music back at the precinct, Chloe feigns being his biggest fan. We also get an interesting little exchange between Chloe and Lucifer during the episode where Chloe says that Charlotte told her everything, including that she is Lucifer’s father’s ex. Now, Chloe doesn’t put that together as bio mom. But stepmom is close enough and I’m kind of glad Chloe almost knows. I mean, it would be great if she was clued in on everything but something tells me that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

While the case is going on, Lucifer gets dragged into another mess by Maze and Linda. Linda, foolishly, used her own name to help break Lucifer out of the mental hospital in the last episode and so now she’s being suspended and put under investigation by the review board. Maze takes personal offense to all of this, primarily because she’s still pissed Lucifer didn’t keep her in the loop. She’s still new to feeling feelings as we know, but she feels them hard and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep Linda from losing her job. So, Maze forces Lucifer to go see the head of the review board to plead Linda’s case. Why he doesn’t just tell the guy that Linda was helping him with an undercover police investigation is beyond me (or use his powers to find out what the guy wants and use it against him). Instead, he is just typical Lucifer and spews word vomit all over the place, including that he and Linda were lovers.

This leads Maze to confront Lucifer about his secrets and his schemes and how he doesn’t think about anyone but himself or how his actions affect other people. And then we get to see the pair of them beat the crap out of each other for a bit before they take a breather and Lucifer explains that he didn’t tell Maze his plan because he needed her to be angry with him. They end up back in Linda’s office where she quite bluntly tells Lucifer that Maze is hurt because he didn’t consider her feelings. Which is true and you can see on his face that it never did cross his mind that he had hurt her this way.

By the end of the episode, the tequila queen is out of the picture. Charlotte went in with a wire (and got a safety deposit key) and managed to get the woman to confess. The family is a little skeptical of what they find in said box: a weird book in an ancient tongue that neither Charlotte nor Lucifer speak. But lucky for them, Amenediel studied in his youth and he can translate it. While Lucifer is tinkering on the piano, Amenediel finds the passage they need. It explains that the sword was broken into three pieces and the last piece is the key to bind the other two together. It was given to God’s favorite son. And Amenediel just rips into Lucifer, demanding his baby brother hand over his ring because that has to be it. But as they soon realize, the feather necklace Amenediel’s always worn is in fact the key. And they might want to hurry in assembling said sword because Charlotte is losing it, big time. Bianca’s son confronts her and stabs her in the stomach. She pulls out the knife and a ray of pure energy hits the guy, burning him to a crisp. Well, that doesn’t look so good for Mama Morningstar! They are certainly setting things up for a big crazy finale episode. I know the producers have said it is their most effects heavy episode they’ve done which makes me wonder if they will be going to Heaven after all.

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