Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Lucifer 2.16: “God Johnson”

“No, Dad, this is who you made me when you cast me away. Now apologize!”
- Lucifer

It’s finally time, folks. We are (supposedly) meeting God! The case of the week leads Lucifer and Chloe to a mental hospital where an orderly has been bludgeoned to death and the prime suspect is a man who legally changed his name to God Johnson. Lucifer, at first, is pissed that this man is masquerading as the Almighty. He still hates his father for what he’s done and still wants to get his parents to destroy each other.

While Chloe is trying to work the case the normal way (thanks to Lucifer she can’t talk to God Johnson for days), Maze is being super clingy and trying to do girly things together. She even makes breakfast (the most burnt toast I’ve ever seen. I mean, how did she not set off a smoke detector?). Chloe suggests that Lucifer hang out with Maze but he doesn’t really seem interested. Maybe it’s because he hasn’t told her the plan (or that the angelic family is heading home). Whatever the reason, they still seem to be on the outs. Then, Lucifer takes matters into his own hands and gets himself committed so he can talk to patients (namely God) without the pesky trappings of the law. What he finds during his stay is a lot of ill people and that God Johnson may in fact be his father after all. He even witnesses God heal a woman who had been stabbed.

Excited by the prospect that he can exact his revenge on his parents right here on planet Earth, Lucifer stages a break out for he and dear old Dad (with Linda’s help). I have to say, Linda was pretty funny meeting God. She bowed. I just love how she’s taking all of this in stride now, like it isn’t that crazy. While the guys are busting out, Chloe is using Maze’s attempts to set her up with the hot hospital administrator as a way to maybe get some information on another potential suspect. Lucifer had passed along that Santa is the real killer and there is a patient that kind of looks the part. That line of inquiry is made all the more awkward by Amenediel showing up at the house (Lucifer suggested that maybe his big brother would miss a certain hell spawn when they went back to heaven). He’s eating weird pizza, commenting on the shape of the administrator’s head (I think he was drunk) and then he drops the bomb on Maze that they are going back to heaven. Yep, Lucifer definitely didn’t share that piece of information with his bestie.

Lucifer’s idea of revenge on Mom and Dad is apparently to recreate their first date and make them fall back in love so they can then tear each other apart after they’ve settled back in to married life. I liked Charlotte’s reaction when she realized it was her husband (knees him in the crotch). Lucifer punched him earlier, too. They are definitely a violent family! But they share a dance and a kiss before Chloe and the police come to take both God and Lucifer back to the hospital. I kind of agreed with Linda that it didn’t look like Lucifer wanted to punish his parents at all. He just wanted his family back together.

Back at the hospital, a nurse brings Lucifer his meds as Chloe goes to apologize to the administrator. He accepts her apology and points out the patient she was looking at isn’t violent. He even lets Chloe look at the man’s file, in which she finds a photo with a staff person dressed as Santa. And wouldn’t you know, part of the costume (the mask part) is missing from storage. Enter, a Santa faced nurse who has actually drugged Lucifer and absconded with him and God to the basement. Since Chloe is still in the building, Lucifer is actually feeling the effects of the drugs. Thanks to some quick detective work on Chloe’s part (and some speedy fingerprint running by Ella back at the lab), we discover that the patient God saved is a nurse’s mother. The nurse changed her name so she could torture her mother and kill her. The orderly just got in the way. She then says that she’s going to have to kill God and Lucifer and is going to hang them (thanks to God getting special dispensation to wear a belt). And then Lucifer realizes what’s up. She takes off the belt and God is just Earl. But snags the belt buckle because it’s clearly important. It even fits on the blade that is supposed to get them through the gates of heaven. There’s only one problem, there’s still a missing piece to keep it all together. So, I guess the family has one last task to accomplish in the next two episodes before the season ends. Well, and maybe prying Charlotte away from Dan (she went moping to him when she realized that God wasn’t her husband).

As the episode comes to a close, Lucifer sees Earl off and asks what the last thing is that he remembers. Earl shares that he was walking through a Navaho gift shop and picked up the belt buckle. Then he remembers being strapped to the gurney with Lucifer at his side. Very interesting and I’ve got mixed feelings on this reveal. On the one hand, it makes sense as to why he kept saying he didn’t remember why he was so mad and di all the things he did to Lucifer and Charlotte. He wasn’t really God so he wouldn’t remember that. But on the other hand, I kind of wanted God to be around. I like the actor (especially from his days on “Galavant”) and I like the celestial family and I want to see more of them. But, there’s a whole third season awaiting us and besides, we might see the real God in the finale! And if we do, he’s going to have one pissed off son because Lucifer is furious now that he realizes all the nice things God Johnson said him, his real father never would have said and that really hurts our dear devil.

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