Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Lucifer 2.15: “Deceptive Little Parasite”

“It’s the most powerful weapon in the universe, Mum, not a groovey mood ring.”
- Lucifer

This week takes a look family relationships and what parents will do to protect their kids and look out for them. On the one hand, we have Charlotte urging Lucifer to ignite the flaming sword so they can go home so she can be with all of her children. On the other, you’ve Dan and Chloe trying to deal with Trixie not talking to them like she used to. Perhaps the most interesting part is the case of the week that involves a prestigious private school with some weird new-age curriculum about teaching children to control and harness their emotions. It’s just unfortunate their Dean of Admissions is found murdered in her home, literally stabbed in the back.

The case, though, intrigues Lucifer, especially after Charlotte insists that he needs to get angry and channel his emotions to ignite the sword and then Linda tells him that emotions can’t be controlled. We don’t know for most of the episode what is pushing her to want to get back Heaven so soon but it’s clear there is some agenda (then again, there always is with her). We also see Amenediel being pretty dejected to have Mom focused on Lucifer once again. Amenediel is still powerless and he’s really not sure how he fits in or what he can do.

Throughout the episode we are presented with a host of different suspects. There’s the gay couple whose son was rejected even though they made a big donation. It also doesn’t help their cause that the murder was found in their pool house. But Chloe realizes the pool house was unlocked and anyone who knew the couple had issues with the victim could have planted the evidence. Chloe and Dan then pay the Assistant Dean a visit because they suspect someone was embezzling the money. The Assistant Dean confesses to that particular crime but insists he didn’t kill the victim.

While Chloe and Dan are doing actual police work, Lucifer is coopting Trixie into to being his way into the school so he can try and learn how to get his emotions under control so he can perform his divine duty. Sitting in on a class where children ae taught to share their emotions and then channel them (into stupid things like poems or pictures), Trixie admits that her mom’s job is scary and the fact that Chloe nearly died upset her. But because her mom has to take care of so many people, Trixie puts on a brave face so her mom has one less person to worry about. Chloe overhears this admission and it really upsets her that her daughter can’t talk to her about things. The class is good for one other thing: a little boy drawing a picture of his mom stabbing the victim. This proves to be another dead end and of kids hearing more than their parents expect of them. This woman is a single mother and can’t be involved to the same level as the other parents and the victim kind of wouldn’t let her forget that she was less well off than her son’s peers. But she’s got an alibi: she was sleeping with the PE teacher. He’s pretty but dumb as a box of rocks.

Still, they are no closer to solving the case and Lucifer is no closer to getting in touch with the emotions needed to ignite the sword (despite Charlotte’s attempts to satisfy him sexually by setting up a foursome and attacking him in a parking garage). Chloe gets an invite to a grieving gathering because the school is now considering Trixie for matriculation and Maze ends up going undercover as Trixie’s other “mom” to back Chloe up. Maze still isn’t totally in touch with human emotion but she’s developing affinities to the people around her. And this vicious world of rumors and putting on a perfect face is her playground. She manages to get the rumor mill going that Chloe has a key piece of evidence in her car, hoping that the killer will make a move on the car.

It turns out the teacher from the class that Lucifer sat in on is the killer. She’d slept with the PE teacher years ago and had his child. The kid, like his birth dad, is dumb and the victim threatened to kick the kid out of the school and tell the woman’s husband. Chloe manages to at least get the woman to lower the gun she got out of Chloe’s car (when Lucifer unlocked it for her without knowing she was the killer) but Maze comes in for the win and legitimately tackles the woman to the ground. She looked so pleased about it, too. I have to admit, I miss seeing Maze and Lucifer working together. I also miss her and Amenediel’s relationship. I hope we get to see more of that in season 3.

At the end of the day, Lucifer finds himself back in Linda’s office, ready to accept her wisdom. He also shares that he intends to open the gates and send his mother through before slamming said gates shut on her goddess behind. As in, he’s not going with her. He hopes his parents tear themselves apart as punishment for what they put him through. Linda points out that the emotion he needs to be tapping into is the pain he felt over what happened with Charlotte and with Chloe, He needs to work through that pain and hurt in order to get over it. And so, he goes home and does manage to ignite the sword for a little while with tears in his eyes. I honestly though Amenediel might actually go hug his brother but he didn’t. And then the sword went out and Charlotte got so angry. But Lucifer isn’t having it. He’s put all he had to give into that attempt and he doesn’t care. And Amenediel says they’ve got plenty of time to figure it out but as we see at the end of the episode, Charlotte is on borrowed time. She pulls a Band-Aid off her wrist and we see a small cut with celestial energy coming out. Either she’s overstayed her welcome in this body or something else is happening. Time will tell.

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