Saturday, June 3, 2017

iZombie 3.08: “Eat a Knievel”

“You want to honor your friend? Help us find his killer.”
- Clive

Things are not going well for some of our gang of zombies. For one, Blaine is demanding the location of his dad’s new brain business from some guy and it looks like he’s also still sporting that nasty gut wound. Poor guy. And Major’s secret (that he’s human) comes out when Vivian checks his pulse after a debrief. The crazy guys who we think killed the zombie family posted a video of Justin going all zombie and now we have to do damage control. We also have to figure out who blew up Vivian’s helicopter while she and the head of the military unit were on it. The first step is for Liv and Ravi to infiltrate a gathering of the zombie truther hate group this coming weekend.

Something tells me that task is going to be made more complicated by the fact that Liv is going to have to eat the brain of some internet idiot who burns to death doing a crazy “ride a bike covered in hay through a flaming ring” stunt to impress a girl he went on one date with thirteen years ago. Liv gets rather obnoxious and prone to stupid stunts as she and Clive investigate the case. At first, they come up against some roadblocks when the rest of the crew cite and NDA regarding their former cameraman. Eventually, one of the guys explains that the guy did a stunt that went bad and they all had to pay a lot of money to cover it up. It seems pretty obvious that the prop guy isn’t entirely innocent. I mean, he’s racing up to Clive and Liv at the scene ranting about the suit he was supposed to wear and then Liv gets a vision of him freaking out from a stunt our victim pulled. Thanks to one of the other crew members, we learn that the prank involved our victim allegedly pretending to sleep with the guy’s girlfriend. After some extra sleuthing, including paying a visit to the prop guy’s house and seeing his wife’s new (very mixed race) baby, Clive and Liv get the prop guy to admit he killed the victim. Clearly, the guy did sleep with his wife and she got pregnant. He lost it in the delivery room and set up the prank to fail. He doesn’t even seem very broken up about it.

Elsewhere in the episode, Liv gets Justin to try some of the victim’s brains so they can party together. They steal some Super Max drinks and throw lawn darts into the air. It seems like they are starting to really bond. Given Liv’s track record for zombie boyfriends, I’m a little worried about him. Even though the writers have said this season will be different. I’m even more worried when Jason Dohring’s character (Vivian’s zombie brother-in-law) shows up and shoots Justin for stealing the Super Max (it isn’t a head shot so he’s fine but still). I’m excited to have Jason back on my tv. I’ve missed my dear Logan!

Lest we forget Blaine, he’s making plans for payback on dear old Dad. He uses the information he’s gleaned about the location of the bar to his advantage. While Blaine is making his plans, his father is also planning on how to expand the business, knowing now that Fillmore Graves is full of zombies in need of brains. So, Blaine manages to get the drop on his father and kills the two zombies that are in the bar with him. Instead of killing his father outright—which I was kind of hoping for because he’s despicable and doesn’t deserve to eat brains—he takes him back to the family homestead and strings him up over an open well (his feet encased in concrete and his hands bound together so it’s harder for him to escape). Blaine taunts his father that whenever he used to beat Blaine as a child, he’d come out to the well and toss a penny in, hoping his dad would drop dead. That’s an awful thing for a child to wish on a parent in most circumstances but this I don’t really blame Blaine. So, he leaves his father in the well (still alive) and goes back to the bar. He’s going to keep the brain business going and expand and let Don E. run the bar himself.

At the tail end of the episode, Liv and Ravi are still heading to the zombie truther gathering. Liv’s all done up with make-up and a wig (and I bet she was thrilled to come to set for that scene and just have to be normal) but Ravi ends up making an excuse up so that Liv won’t have to stay. They are testing people’s blood pressure and I’m guessing that no matter how much adrenaline Liv has running through her, it won’t be enough to mimic a human blood pressure. I just have to hope Ravi is okay on his own. When the episode ends, he’s getting his blood pressure taken while Liv heads out to “check on their children”. I can tell Ravi is scared to be there but I hope he’s a trooper and we get some good information out of the meeting that the team can use to find the zombie family killers.

As I mentioned, I’m super excited to have Jason on the show. I love when Rob Thomas is able to bring back Veronica Mars cast members because it’s just so fun for the fans of both shows. I also hope they are able to wrap up the zombie murder storyline this season because that feels like it needs to be done as well. And for goodness sakes, Major needs to get out of Fillmore Graves. If Jason’s character shot Justin for stealing the Super Max, what is he going to do when he finds out Major is human again. He clearly is interested in protecting zombie kind. I can’t imagine he’d be thrilled to know there’s a cure. And for that matter, we better find out who actually stole the cure before the season ends!

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