Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer DVR Dump: The Librarians 3.03: “And the Reunion of Evil”

“I don’t think you’re fragile. I think you’re too smart to be this reckless.”
- Jake

So it appears that the team is going to be split in two this week. Cassie and Jake are off in the mountains of Sweden tracking an artifact (that apparently Flynn was supposed to grab but he’s off chasing Charlene so he couldn’t do it). Cassie wants to use magic and Jake is against it (that’s going to be a running theme I’m sure). When an intruder attacks and Jake gets distracted, Cassie does use some magic to free the artifact….which then ends up nestling itself in her chest! They need to get back to the Library but end up in caught in a blizzard. They find an inn and hope to use the phone but there’s a reunion going on and they are not normal people. Cassie uses some goggles she rigged and sees that they all look like mystical creatures. I’m guessing elves or giants.

Back at the Library, Eve is trying to get Ezekiel to be more heroic and leader-like (like the game simulation last season). She’s set up a series of obstacles and traps that she wants him to guide her through using only his voice. But he wigs out and is more interested in playing a game on his phone. Plus, he’s got a point. She set up the traps so there’s no real risk. But when Jenkins says he needs to fix an incubator for Nessie’s egg, Eve gloms on and sets Ezekiel to the task of keeping the egg warm until Jenkins is finished.

Cassie and Jake get split up pretty quickly as the festivities begin. Jake kind of bonds with the guys and uses his super smart Art history brain to blend in. And as the evening goes on, it becomes more obvious these guys are not normal (or good). And Cassie isn’t faring much better. She’s getting hit on by one of the women (who apparently had a thing with the guy Jake is pretending to be a few centuries back). But Cassie does learn that they are all there to share the power of the crystal (aka the artifact currently residing in her sternum). Oh boy. And back at the Library, Jenkins and Eve are trying to get to our duo but it’s proving difficult since the door Jenkins opened up was a giant block of ice and Ezekiel is now busy taking his egg sitting duties somewhat seriously. What a time to be literal, man!

Cassie manages to sneak away and tries to contact the Library but her goggles short out. She does eventually get Jake to see that his drinking buddies are not human and they need to find a way out, especially since there is a very real possibility that the evil guys will eat Cassie for the crystal currently residing in her chests. Meanwhile, Jenkins, Eve and Ezekiel figure out that the baddies are the Frost Giants and they are in fact after the crystal. Some of them even have weather-control powers (turns out Ezekiel was tracking weather patterns to make sure he wasn’t missing out on the fun). I guess he wasn’t being as annoying and duty-averse as we all thought. That doesn’t help our stranded duo that much, though because just when they try to make a break for it, the ceremony (where consuming the crystal happens) begins. And then, as they try to sneak out the back a second time, the real guy whom Jake has been impersonating shows up. They had to know that would happen eventually. I mean, after all, their luck could only hold out for so long.

Jake almost manages to make the room think he’s the real guy until his last answer. That just leads to he and Cassie being strung up and nearly killed (especially after they realize Cassie has the crystal inside her) and they reveal they are Librarians. Jake also outs the guy he was impersonating as the one who attacked them in the ice cave. The guy denies it of course but we as the viewers know it’s true, too. But thanks to the annoying government people who have been tracking magic, Ezekiel is able to track the magic and a little help from Nessie’s egg lets them pinpoint the magic of the storm. But as Cassie and Jake are being chased by an angry mob, the attempts to get them back fail. The portal is too unstable given the fact that location is manifestation of the magic. Lucky for our gang, Cassie figures out a way to get them home and the giants end up fighting amongst themselves until the place is literally destroyed. Cassie will have to let the artifact pass naturally (which is should do in a few days…joy) and Jake is left with some rope burns but they, at least they are all alive and mostly okay. Also, Nessie’s egg hatches and the baby monster imprints on Ezekiel (not in the creepy Twilight way mind you) which is kind of cute. Perhaps most importantly though, Cassie and Jake have a very honest conversation about magic. She points out that they wouldn’t be able to do what they do without magic. He also acknowledges that while there are good parts of magic and he’s impressed with how far she’s come with what she’s able to do magically speaking, he fears that people will see the good parts and think the bad parts aren’t really that bad (when in reality they can be catastrophic). Cassie acknowledges his point and I think we are seeing the next level of their relationship. I don’t really ship people on this show (I mean I know Eve and Flynn are a couple in canon) but I’d be interested to see where this goes if they decide to take a more romantic turn. I do also like that we are beginning to see a more precise fighting style from Jake. It’s nothing close to Eliot Spencer but it ain’t half bad if I’m being honest.

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