Friday, June 2, 2017

Lucifer 2.18: “The Good, The Bad and the Crispy”

“I’m coming over now to tell you the truth about me. I think it’s time I opened your eyes to why strange things sometimes happen around me, why my brother is so saintly and why Maze is so not and why I’m so, well, magnetic. I want to tell you everything. No more going backwards.”
- Lucifer

We’ve made it to the finale, folks and man was it crazy. I have mixed feelings about the ending and the fact that we had originally been promised 4 more episodes (which have now been tacked on to the start of season 3). It is definitely an intriguing cliffhanger that makes me excited to come back for more but I’m also just sad we have to wait longer for the additional episodes that have already been filmed and produced.

Anyway, let’s get into the plot of the episode. We pick up with Charlotte where we left her, having charbroiled the tequila empress’ son. She makes a call and then the body is stripped naked and shaved to try and obscure his identity. As soon as the body is discovered and Ella and Chloe identify the body, Lucifer goes into crisis mode. Well, he mostly freaks out when he finds Charlotte visiting Linda and there’s a big old hole in the wall from where she opened her wound (after previously stapling it together). Clearly, Lucifer can’t have Chloe finding out that Charlotte is responsible for their dead body. So, Lucifer tries to derail the investigation as much as possible. He breaks molds (which turn out to be a totally different case) and he just generally tries to deflect the direction of the case. But, Chloe is good at her job and they find the crime scene cleaners that Charlotte called. And then one of them ends up dead!

While all of this is going on, Lucifer and Amenediel are fighting about what to do with the key to the Flaming Sword. Amenediel is quite gleeful that apparently he is the Favorite Son. Finally, he has something that has always been associated with Lucifer. But Amenediel doesn’t want Mom and Dad to destroy each other (and he’s not too hip to Lucifer’s plan to just boot Mom back into Heaven) and so he goes and hides the key somewhere safe. We also get to see Amenediel try to do improv comedy. I don’t think he understands the concept of either comedy or improv. He’s going on, giving this great speech, to God when the scene was a domestic setting. And then when someone suggests birthing a baby giraffe in a zoo, he still doesn’t get it. But I think he had a good time bonding with Dan (Dan thinks the whole family is still super weird).

While Chloe tries to figure out how Charlotte is involved (because she’s’ got an inkling that Lucifer is hiding things), Lucifer pays Maze to track down Amenediel. She finds him at the improv group and Tasers him. It was pretty funny. But he’s still reluctant to give up the key, even though Lucifer mentions the two dead bodies. Amenediel seems like he might go along with sending Mom away now, except she’s escaped her prison of the wine cellar at Lux.

And she’s gone off the rails. When she went to Linda for a patch up job, Linda made a comment asking if Lucifer had stabbed her. So now Charlotte wants to know the whole plan and poor Linda is at the mercy of an enraged Goddess. After brutally torturing our sweet doctor, she goes and confronts her two sons about the plan to kick her back to Heaven without them. We then get a rather comical attempt by Lucifer and Amenediel to suggest perhaps she become the ruler of Hell instead of going back to Heaven. I mean, it needs a ruler and she could do with it whatever she wished. She’s not interested and she tosses her boys into Lucifer’s beautiful baby grand piano. She even threatens Amenediel but he won’t give in. So obviously she makes the next logical choice and puts Chloe (and a whole mess of innocent civilians) in harms’ way.

While Lucifer races to save Chloe, Amenediel and Maze go to and find Linda in a very bad state. Charlotte has stabbed her (amongst other things) and it isn’t looking good. She desperately needs a hospital but there isn’t time. With his newfound status as Favorite Son, Amenediel is able to channel a little bit of his time-stopping mojo, giving Maze enough time to get Linda the help she needs. It also has an unintended side effect of helping Lucifer in his quest to keep Chloe save. I have to say, my heart broke a little bit when Lucifer was telling Amenediel that Charlotte had gone after Chloe and he used her name. The way his voice broke was just crushing. Despite hating his parents for their manipulations, he clearly loves Chloe. Lucifer finds the key on Dan (clever hiding place Amenediel) and then manages to drag Charlotte off the side of the Santa Monica pier to keep her away from Chloe and bullets flying. He then uses the fully ignited Flaming Sword to cut a hole in reality to a place of nothing, instructing Mama Morningstar to create her own world. After all, going home would mean war and lives would be lost and Charlotte doesn’t really want to hurt her children. So she goes, leaving the real Charlotte somehow alive and with no memory of anything that’s happened (sort of to Dan’s dismay).

And after Lucifer pays Linda a visit in the hospital, he calls Chloe to tell her that he’s ready to explain everything and share the truth with her. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get the chance because an unseen figure knocks him unconscious and when he wakes up, he’s covers in blisters and burns (only wearing pants) in the desert. And as he stares up at the sun, we see that he has his wings back. What a way to end the season!

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