Monday, June 12, 2017

Summer DVR Dump: The Librarians 3.02: “And the Fangs of Death”

“He knew that this is where we’d find the pendant. He knew that this is where we’d see his message. It means it’s a trap.”
- Flynn

It seems our Egyptian God of Chaos has not gone quietly into the night. Flynn has a dream where Charlene comes to him and shows him the world on fire, saying “he’s coming”. So of course he drags Eve off on a mission to find her and rescue her. It turns out she doesn’t need rescuing and she’s charmed (magically) a cult of half-naked men to keep her company. When Flynn tells her that the God is afoot, she says they’ll leave at sun up. Unfortunately, at some point in the night all of her devotees have slaughtered each other. Flynn foolishly thinks he can find Charlene by re-wiring the door. We also learn that Judson was the very first Librarian and Charlene was his Guardian.

The Librarians get through the door and end up in an underground super collider facility where most of the crew has gone crazy and been infected with something (it’s unclear what it is although when the team hears wolf howls I know what I’m thinking). Jake and Cassie stick in the command room to monitor things while Flynn and Ezekiel go with some of the remaining security team to try and get to the server room and see some back up footage (and to see if Charlene actually showed up there). I have to admit I kind of thought the God of Chaos had somehow possessed her and was tricking Flynn. Meanwhile, Eve and Jenkins end up top-side within a 5 mile radius of the rest of the gang and have to find them on foot.

Flynn about loses his mind when Cassie is able to get a clearer image of some of the video footage. We see Charlene in a hazmat suit and then everything blows up. And we also see that a figure emerges from the collider shortly before the explosion. It appears that the God has possessed Charlene (called it) and killed her from the inside (the only way to kill an immortal apparently) and summoned Anubis to turn all the people into werewolves. Speaking of that pesky lycanthropy, as Jake leads the gang toward the infirmary (to confirm that Charlene has in fact died), Ezekiel gets bitten by one of the creatures. Definitely not a good thing!

Above ground, Eve and Jenkins run into an overly friendly security guard who lets them in and leads them on a long trek through the woods under the guise of getting them to the facility. But as Eve questions why Jenkins came with her, the guard eavesdrops and lets slip about their four fiends. The God has slipped into the guard to ensure that the Librarians are in his trap. To avoid getting shot themselves, Jenkins lobs himself and Eve off a cliff. He breaks the fall and Eve is ok (he’s a little banged up but he’ll live). Back at the facility, Jake notices Ezekiel’s bleeding arm and asks Flynn to help figure out how to stop the transformation. But Flynn at this point is in a catatonic state. He’s snapped out of it briefly when the lead security guy triggers a self-destruct of the facility. Awesome!

At first Flynn doesn’t really care and thinks blowing the place up would be a great idea. But then thanks to a little pep talk from Jake, he comes up with a plan. They can shut the power off in the collider room and kill the self-destruct. And Ezekiel thinks he can keep the wolves off them by getting amongst them (since he’s turning) and nail them with steam. Lucky for the rest of the Librarians, Eve and Jenkins manage to get into the facility just after the God of Chaos slips in (oh and Jenkins explains that the ultimate battle for good and evil is being waged as we speak and apparently Judson and Charlene were the only ones who knew how to keep the God from taking over … oops).

The plan works at first until Flynn realizes that the collider is overheating and about to have a power surge (which will create the same anomaly that brought Anubis into this world). So he tells Ezekiel to turn off the steam to get the wolves and Anubis to follow him. Our resident thief can’t follow that command because he’s passed out with the wolf virus taking over. But some of the remaining crew manage it and Flynn draws the masses to him. It almost works until the God shows up alongside Anubis. Thanks to Flynn talking a good game and Eve showing up at just the right moment, the team manages to get rid of the wolves and Anubis and for the moment, the God as well. And after many cups of wolfs bane tea, Ezekiel is mostly back to normal. Flynn, however is still upset over Charlene. But Cassie has some good news. The woman they thought was possessed wasn’t Charlene after all. So she’s out there somewhere and much like in past seasons, Flynn goes off on his own to track her down. He writes Eve a letter about how people died because of his decisions and Ezekiel almost was lost and he won’t put the rest of the team in danger. Eve gives a little knowing smile as she reads the letter. They have an interesting relationship I must say.

I suppose it’s a good way of keeping Noah Wylie around but also allowing the rest of the team to flourish as themselves. I mean, the show is based on the “next generation” of Librarians after all and whenever Flynn is around he kind of tends to upstage everyone. I did like that we get the continuing overarching plot of the season while still having some fun adventures. It’s pretty typical light fare and works well for a sci-fi show like this.

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