Sunday, June 11, 2017

iZombie 3.10: "Return of the Dead Guy"

“Watching my zombie roommate talk to a ghost? That’s just what I call Tuesday.”
- Peyton

Things are getting pretty crazy and dire for our gang of undead heroes. We had three main storylines this episode and we got movement on all of them, and not in a great way. First up, Peyton convinces Liv to eat some of the blue juice brain of the man who killed the Dominatrix. Sure, he had mental health issues and was hallucinating his dead wife but that’s okay. So of course, Liv starts hallucinating Drake. I do have to say, I miss him. But his random appearances made it rather difficult for Liv and Justin to take things to the next level. At least by the end of the episode, Liv had forgiven herself and dealt with her grief so she was able to move on and be with Justin. And the blue juice did have the desired effect. First off, Liv is able to definitively confirm that he killed the dominatrix. Peyton was a little annoyed about that but it gets juicy when Liv has another vision and sees that the guy was murdered (rather than having committed suicide). We also got kind of a funny bit with Liv having Peyton dress up and spank her to trigger a vision.

This leads Peyton, Liv and Clive to do some more digging into the guards on duty and talking to the dead guy’s daughter. She’s kind of reluctant to speak with Clive and Liv and then we see that she and her friend are zombies. So, the fact she told our duo she asked if the voices in her dad’s head made him kill the dominatrix wasn’t correct. I’m guessing it was Fillmore Graves, given that the current mayoral candidate was a client! The case just keeps getting crazier. I honestly wasn’t expecting them to keep going with this plotline the whole season but it’s kind of interesting to explore how deep conspiracies like this go and how the zombie and human worlds continue to interact and collide.

Elsewhere, Major and Shauna are basically just hooking up and hanging out in a blanket fort. I don’t really trust her but that’s probably to be expected. She hasn’t revealed what she did that made her sympathetic to Major’s plight and that just worries me. Besides, Major is just sort of hopeless at this point. I’m not really sure why they need to keep him around at this point, other than he’s mildly pretty to look at. He doesn’t really add much to the storyline. This episode would have been perfectly fine without their scenes this week. While they are busy cuddling and whatnot, Blaine is busy dealing with the return of his former boss. The guy (after stopping by his house—his clueless wife sitting in the living room and grabbing a briefcase full of cash—) shows up at Blaine’s place and shoots him several times. Blaine then zombie-hulks out. It made me wonder when he got turned back into a zombie. I suppose the episode where he got patched up from the gunshot he could have gone to a zombie to be scratched again. Ultimately, Blaine convinces his former boss to work for him as his international brain supplier. I’m not thrilled with this storyline mostly because I found the former boss to just be really annoying and I don’t want to see him again. I also miss the progress Blaine made at being a better person when he wasn’t a zombie. He was making strides until he massively backslid. But I guess you need that kind of morally grey character around to keep things interesting.

Ravi is having the worst of it this week for sure. The zombie truth nuts have caged up Don E and have decided to starve him so he goes full Romero and then they’re going to use a cattle prod on him (oh, only if they 100,000 views on their livestream). Because people are terrible in general, they of course make it to that number. Along the way, Ravi tries to find a way out of the situation for both of them. The guys took his phone so he can’t call Liv for help. Don E has a phone stashed in his sock and Ravi manages to finally get in touch with Blaine to send a cry for help. It was interesting to see Ravi feign ignorance about a lot of things about zombies. He even sat there straight-faced while one of the guys rambled about Middle Eastern origins and such. Honestly, I would have told him he was a complete idiot. Then again, he actually is a complete idiot. Ravi, rightly, drugs him to try and formulate his plan with Don E. Unfortunately, Don E isn’t in much shape to do much else but moan and thrash about. At some point, the photographer woman from the meeting shows up and then things take a dark turn. The guys are going to go in and torture Don E but Ravi is standing in their way. He first says he needs more time to study Don E to “protect humanity” and then he points out that Don E feels pain and he’s a person. By the end of the episode, all of the truth guys have their sawed-off shotguns pointed at Ravi and they’re going to shoot him if he doesn’t move. I suspect it won’t come to that because Blaine shows up at Liv’s place and asks if she wants to kick some ass. They arrive at the gun range and get zombie-hulked out (Blaine burns Liv’s hand and she smashes his head into the dashboard a few times). It’s a dangerous move going in that angry but I suspect it will work out in the end. I suppose they could all just end up dead (and not turned). But, whatever does happen next week, I’m sure it will be intense.

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