Thursday, March 29, 2012

Body of Proof 2.16: "Home Invasion"

“How often do you think you’ve that excuse to push people away? What are you so scared of?”
- Aiden

We start this week out with a group of kids coming out of a movie. They’re going to hang out longer but one of the guys, Greg, needs to check with his parents. But he doesn’t want to wake them so he checks in via a security camera app on his phone and finds his father tied, gagged and dead. Peter calls Megan (interrupting things as they are getting pretty hot and heavy with cutie Aiden) and drags her to the crime scene. Curtis shows up at the scene as well (it’s how the new Chief rolls) and after getting yelled at for not wearing gloves in a room that hasn’t’ been dusted yet, he sort of backs off. The father owned a high end jewelry store but so far no one’s shown up there. They find the wife dead upstairs after Greg keeps calling her phone but doesn’t answer. Poor kid.

Things aren’t looking too good for Megan. She picks up Lacey (who was getting a ride from a 16-year-old boy) and Megan is running late. She gets to work and Curtis is ranting about the staff’s overuse of gloves and other office supplies. And he’s started Kate on the autopsies. The autopsies are actually pretty quick. The husband’s killer was right handed and possibly hesitated before slitting his throat. And the wife had an allergic reaction to something and suffocated. Back at the scene, Bud and Sam are interviewing a family friend and the husband’s business partner. Unfortunately, Greg shows up wanting to get some of his things but Bud makes him leave. But Bud doesn’t have long to be morose about the kid’s situation because he spots a lead. The family (along with 2 others nearby who had been robbed) had work done by a plumbing company. So Bud brings the plumber in for questioning. The plumber, Lee, still denies he had anything to do with the home invasions or the murders. Over at the lab, Megan is examining the bodies side by side on a screen and notices the differences between the restraint marks. Not only did the wife likely know her killer, but he (or she) cared about the wife. The mystery deepens.

Curtis is really not having a very good time of being in charge, especially when he gets a package filled with blown up gloves. Kate and Ethan find it humorous. I did, too. Curtis needs to be less serious. Megan has her own drama going on. Aiden shows up at work to try and whisk her off to lunch but she declines. A lot. Come on, he’s cute and sweet. Stop running, woman. But she gets pulled away by work because the rash on the wife’s cheek came from materials used to clean high end jewelry. Bud and Sam bring in the husband’s business partner and he admits to being in love with the wife but he says he didn’t kill her. Megan swings by the apartment to apologize for the way she left things with Lacey. Things don’t all that well because Lacey sort of freaks about getting “the talk” when Megan tries to warn her off older boys. Megan gets to work and Peter says they got DNA results on the duct tape on the wife’s mouth. It was a 50% match to the wife and 50% to the husband but it didn’t match Greg’s DNA. They’ve got another child.

Bud and Curtis head over to chat with Greg and they learn that he has an older brother, Aaron who left four years earlier. He was something of a screw up and so his dad erased him from their lives. It was really hard on their mother. Guess that explains the violence against the dad. Curtis promises to help Greg out so he doesn’t get dumped in foster care. Megan and Todd show up to get Lacey to head to their parent/teacher meeting to find her listening to Tyler’s band. She’s pretty enamored with the kid and luckily (or maybe not) she doesn’t see him kiss another girl. Over at the precinct, Bud and Sam get a call that Aaron just showed up at a pawn shop with the mother’s jewelry and they manage to nab him as he’s leaving.

Aaron says he hated his father because his father beat him. But he stayed in contact with his mom and she gave him the jewelry he was pawning. He denies killing his father and says his only regret was not saving his brother from the abuse. Meanwhile, Ethan is trying to figure out what the trace substance was in the father’s wounds. He’s not having much luck and Curtis kind of loses it when he finds his office full of blown up gloves. He threatens that heads are going to roll just as Greg shows up and he’s angry. Child Services showed up to take him away. Curtis says he’s going to help and he and Kate discover that Greg’s dad was indeed abusing him, too. They’re documenting the injuries and Curtis says he’s going to get Greg a lawyer. Just as Curtis is leading Greg out, he spots and Aaron and flips out. Cops have to drag them apart and they haul them off in different directions.

Megan is looking at the photos of Greg’s injuries and she figures out that Greg was in contact with the killer. It turns out his friend Travis was the one who killed Greg’s dad. Travis was bused too and he wanted to save Greg. Greg and Aaron reconnect and have each other to lean on now. Kate comes clean to Curtis about being the practical joker. Curtis is actually pretty good natured about it. Megan shows up at Aiden’s job to tell him she wants to try a relationship. I‘m glad she’s going for it. He’s too cute to pass up. She heads home to find Lacey curled up on her bed in tears. Obviously she found out about Tyler. We end with Megan comforting Lacey. She really has come a long way in the mom department.

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