Friday, March 9, 2012

Ringer 1.12: "What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag?"

“You believe that I’m Siobhan right? Then look behind me. That’s Bridget. She’s the one living a lie with Andrew, not me.”
- Siobhan

We are definitely in super confusing territory these days on Ringer. They’ve really stepped up the drama and storylines with the return from hiatus. We start this week with Bridget leaving Malcolm a voice mail about the supposed dead end she found about the Hotel Pivione. We then cut to Siobhan and Henry at Henry’s place. Siobhan is trying to fix some of the things Bridget’s done (namely pushed Henry away), and it’s clear things are a little weird, especially when he makes mention of giving her the scarf she’s wearing and the word jumbles they used to use to disguise where they were meeting. They start to make out, but Siobhan pulls away. Henry tells her he thought he’d gotten closure after the miscarriage, but obviously he was wrong. And her blank look at the mention of the miscarriage isn’t a good sign either from Henry’s POV. But Siobhan does convince Henry to meet her the following day at 7. Back at the Martin apartment, Bridget gets back to find clothes strewn all over the place, and just as she calls out Juliet’s name (thinking it’s Juliet acting out) Juliet appears in the elevator. They discover Catherine, Juliet’s mom, in the tub with a glass of wine.

The next morning Bridget is going to make pancakes from scratch until Catherine and Juliet rush off for a day of shopping. Andrew’s clearly not happy, especially since Catherine only acts like a parent when its convenient and is somewhat of a disappointment the rest of the time. He’s off to see their lawyer about suing Mr. Carpenter. I really have to say I’m not all that pleased with what the writers are doing with Jason Dohring. For one thing, he’s hardly ever in the show, and his character is turning out to possibly be a sleazebag. Anyway, we next find Siobhan walking towards a pawn shop while on the phone with Tyler. She’s gotten the year-end data off the home computer for Martin/Charles, and after a few loose ends are tied up she’ll be on a plane back to Paris. She ends up pawning the ring she stole from Bridget and gets $15,000 for it.

Back at the apartment, Bridget is doing a little snooping about the hotel in France. She slips up and uses the wrong name with the man who answers the phone, so asks to be transferred to the concierge. There she uses the proper name (Cora Farrell). Unfortunately, she can’t get the dates of the stay since she doesn’t have the credit card used to book the reservation, but she gets a hint at someone who might know; Tyler. Out in Colorado, we find Victor and one of his FBI buddies visiting Bodaway’s dirty cop (Jimmy). They want him to flip on Bodaway and they’ll move him to a lower security facility. He’s not interested. We jump back to New York where Bridget is still trying to find the French connection, and she calls Andrew’s assistant and finally makes the connection. She asks Andrew’s assistant to transfer her. She gets another piece of the puzzle (the name of Siobhan’s guy who can discretely get her out of the country) before Andrew arrives home asking about the ring. At least they got the ring back even though the real Siobhan pawned it. Tyler calls Siobhan on her cell and tells her talking on their cells is better than calling the hotel directly, and he wants to know what is wrong. Clearly Siobhan has figured out Bridget talked to him. She makes a visit to her forger, but she tells him she wants new documents with the name Rebecca Sheldrake instead of Cora Farrell since Bridget obviously has clued in to that alias. What she doesn’t know is Henry is following her.

Back at the apartment, Juliet’s principal has showed up with some video surveillance from the hallway outside Mr. Carpenter’s office. Juliet and her mom get in just in time to watch Juliet try and jump Mr. Carpenter. Things combust when Catherine accuses Juliet of basically being a lying slut, and just as Bridget tries to comfort Juliet, she (Bridget) and Catherine get into it. I can see why Andrew left Catherine. She’s a horrible human being. Siobhan shows up to meet Henry, but he’s convinced she is Bridget and he’s called Victor. It’s clear fairly quickly that Siobhan is indeed herself, but Victor does ask her a few questions like why she met John Delario last spring in the Hamptons and who Cora Farrell was. Of course she had answers prepared for him that sounded like truth. Out in Colorado we see that Bodaway’s men got to Jimmy and he’s ready to talk.

Things aren’t going so well at the Martin household. While Andrew got the ring back and Bridget is thrilled that he’s also had it resized, Catherine is drunkenly burning pictures of Juliet as a child. Andrew is so infuriated by this that he throws her out. Juliet witnesses the blow up and sort of runs off into her room. Bridget manages to talk her down a little with an anecdote of when she was young. I really think they could be a good family if the real Siobhan would just stay the hell away from them. Over at the police station, Victor is trying to piece the timeline of events together and realizes he’s missing something when his partner calls saying that Jimmy just admitted to killing Victor’s CIs. Victor’s buddy is going to make the transfer to a lower security facility but Victor tells him to hold off since that totally contradicts Bridget’s statements about seeing Bodaway kill the first informant.

The next morning, Catherine shows up to collect her belongings and Bridget gives her a note from Juliet. We get another look into the real Siobhan and Andrew’s relationship while he was still married to Catherine. They used word jumbles (just like she did with Henry). This triggers a thought for Bridget and she goes through Siobhan’s planner and finds the guy named Solomon. She calls his number and he says he’ll pick her up in an hour. Meanwhile, Jimmy has a chat with Victor and accuses him of arranging the beat down. Victor of course denies it. Then Jimmy gets a visit from Bodaway where Jimmy promises to help him find Bridget if Bodaway springs him. Solomon shows up in a shiny limousine and Bridget climbs in. He asks if she brought her gun (apparently connected to her “usual”) and when she gives him a blank look he assumes her other “usual’ and says it will take about 45 minutes to get to JFK. She tells him to take her back to the apartment she learns the last time he took her to the airport was 9 months ago when she was going to Wyoming. She puts up the privacy window and leaves another voicemail for Malcolm with the new information. Things are definitely getting complicated. Juliet’s public school rival Tessa shows up at the apartment to confess that Mr. Carpenter assaulted her, too. We end with Siobhan making Henry stand outside her building for a half hour until Bridget gets back and he sees her. So now he knows the truth. Or at least a piece of it.

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