Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ringer 1.15: "P.S. You're An Idiot"

“I’m not the same person who married Andrew six years ago. If I’m going to marry him again, he needs to know that.”
- Bridget

I have to say when I first saw the preview for “P.S. You’re an Idiot” I got all giddy. Anything involving Andrew and Bridget getting closer is fine by me. We start in Paris with Siobhan at the OBGYN. She gets two pretty big surprises; she’s having twins and the conception date is earlier than she thought. There is the possibility that Andrew might actually be the father of her babies. Back in Manhattan, Andrew and Bridget get back from a wine tasting and things start to get romantic. Andrew’s planned a little movie night with “Siobhan’s” favorite movie: Summer Camp Slasher. Andrew says he remembered her telling him a few months earlier about the time she snuck into the movies with a boy and he gave her a candy ring. Obviously it was Bridget’s story but as Siobhan she has to sort of lie and say it was Bridget’s story (I know, a little confusing). In the sweetest gesture ever, Andrew takes the candy ring and proposes again to Siobhan. Well really he’s proposing for the first time to Bridget. Either way, it is simply adorable and Bridget quite happily says yes.

The next morning, Andrew and Bridget are all kinds of cuddly at the breakfast table and Juliet is kind of partly disgusted and amused. She thinks they’re weird but cute and agrees to be Bridget’s maid of honor. It appears they’re making up for the first wedding which Juliet didn’t attend. In the middle of the conversation, Juliet gets a call from Mr. Carpenter. He says the cops talked to him about Tessa’s beating and he makes a not-so-veiled threat to Juliet about accusing him in the future. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I know that Jason Dohring can play the sort of bad boy (hello Logan Eckles) but this is just ridiculous. Meanwhile, Malcolm is looking over Henry’s computer (he’s there to try and find the key that Henry stole). He doesn’t find the key but he does see that Henry paid to have everything removed from Siobhan’s office. He imparts this information to Bridget while she’s trying on wedding gowns. She ends the call somewhat abruptly, though she promises to call him back in like ten minutes. She’s not fond of the gown and she doesn’t want to have the same hairdo as the first wedding. She wants to show Andrew that she’s a different person.

Over at Martin/Charles, Olivia is congratulating Andrew on the proposal though it’s obvious she’s not overly thrilled by the news. She gets a text and scurries off. Someone tipped her off to a mole in the company. Claudine finds Malcolm working on Olivia’s computer. He’s been looking for something (he doesn’t want Olivia to know so he clears the recent file access history). It seems as if Olivia is going to be out for blood now. “Siobhan” shows up at Henry’s place demanding to know where her things are from the office. Henry is having way too much fun screwing with Bridget’s head. He tells her it was his office before they started sharing it. When she mentions the key, he holds it up and claims they both had a copy. Scheming prick.

Juliet and her mom are out to lunch and Juliet is freaking about Mr. Carpenter. Her mom promises she’s going to talk to him and get him to back off. Juliet warns that he’s dangerous. But she says they can’t just leave town, not with the vow renewal coming up. Catherine doesn’t seem that surprised. We see her storming to his apartment and after yelling at Mr. Carpenter for a few seconds, she gives him a saucy smile and they start making out. I have to say I wasn’t expecting that.

At the apartment, Bridget gets home to find Malcolm waiting for her. He tells her that she can’t marry Andrew. Bridget starts on about how she knew he wouldn’t agree with it but that she loves Andrew and is going to find a way to tell him the truth. Malcolm interrupts and says she can’t marry Andrew because he’s a crook. That line threw me on first viewing. Bridget doesn’t want to believe Malcolm’s accusation and goes to far as to say that Malcolm has no proof. Just a hunch from talking to one investor, some off-hand comments by Henry and something shady he might have found on Olivia’s computer. Malcolm leaves in a huff and we cut to Siobhan and Henry talking. She reveals that she’s having twins and Henry seems quite pleased by this news. We cut to a brief scene between Catherine and Mr. Carpenter in bed and Catherine seems pretty confident she can make Juliet do what she wants. That night, Andrew gets home and Bridget asks him about work and specifically if they ever got Gemma’s father as an investor. He says yes and that it was all Olivia’s doing. Things are starting to look like it might be Olivia that is the crook. That honestly wouldn’t surprise me.

Malcolm’s gone back to Martin/Charles to get proof from Olivia’s computer. He promises Claudine dinner and movie to following week for letting him in after hours. He manages to get whatever he was looking for and copies it to a flash drive just in time to hide it before Olivia and some security guys show up to escort him from the building. The next morning Malcolm shows Bridget what he found on Olivia’s comput4r. It’s an algorithm to hide phony data. It was only Olivia’s computer but they need proof. Meanwhile, Henry texts Siobhan in Paris about the renewal situation. We get a flashback to her and Andrew’s wedding night where they argued about having children. She says there’s a change of plan when she calls Henry. She wants him to give Bridget the box of Martin/Charles documents she had at the office.

Bridget stops by Martin/Charles and gets Olivia’s schedule. She says it’s for the wedding but she wants to know where Olivia is going to get the proof she needs. Andrew is at home later that day looking over real estate papers. He’s planning to sell the loft. Juliet is starting to freak out about everything and texts her mom that she’s going to tell Andrew everything. Catherine shows up at Mr. Carpenter’s place also in a panic. Carpenter has a plan. He and Catherine are going to run. They make it to a motel a few hours away from New York and Carpenter takes a quick shower. Well it’s long enough for Catherine to steal the money and leave him a nasty note. If he ever goes near Juliet again, she’ll release the video she has of him, Juliet and Tessa celebrating after the settlement. Catherine stops by to tell Juliet that Carpenter won’t be a problem anymore. Juliet hasn’t told Andrew anything but is still worried about Andrew and the money situation.

Malcolm is left to tail Olivia during her day’s appointments once Bridget gets ambushed with wedding planning. She gets a message from Malcolm that Olivia didn’t go to a spa appointment but to Wesson Accounting Partners and ducks out to send him a text. Andrew follows her and she says she’s just overwhelmed and things are moving really fast. She promises that her anxieties and doubts aren’t about him. That makes Andrew nervous. He sends the wedding planner away and Bridget takes off. She runs into Henry and he’s got the box of documents Siobhan told him to hand over. Malcolm does a little more digging (including checking out the building once Olivia leaves). It appears they’ve uncovered a Ponzi scheme. Olivia gets a text from her source that says the mole is in Paris. That doesn’t bode well for Tyler. Bridget tells Andrew that she knows about the shadiness going on at Martin/Charles and that Olivia has been engaged in a Ponzi scheme. In one of the biggest twists of the season, Andrew admits that the Ponzi scheme was his idea.

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