Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where Are They Now: "Lost" Edition

“Lost” is a favorite show for both of us who blog regularly here at MTVP, so we decided to team up and bring you a post about where some of the actors from the show can be found now. Some of the actors can be found in roles reminiscent of their “Lost” characters, and some have managed to branch out. Many of these actors have current jobs with a “Lost” connection, be it on another Bad Robot-produced show or a show run by former “Lost” writers. If you are a big “Lost” fan like we are, you should check out these performances while you have a chance. Some of the shows employing “Lost” alums are in serious danger of not being picked up for next season, including “Ringer” and “Alcatraz.” Overall, it’s fun seeing “Lost” actors getting work elsewhere, although it’s been a bit difficult to truly see them as their new characters. Anyway, here’s a “Where Are They Now: “Lost” Edition” round-up for the next time you want to procrastinate by watching some television.

Nestor Carbonell

Sarah’s in the middle of a LOST complete series re-watch, so she’s had the chance to relive Richard. And so we warn you she’s in a bit of a Nestor-happy place. He went from a somewhat mysterious immortal to FBI Agent Victor Machado on the CW’s “Ringer” (the vehicle for Sarah Michelle Gellar’s return to TV following a 7-year hiatus after “Buffy” ended). Victor is a good agent, though he’s a bit slow on the up-take when it comes to the whole plot of the show (SMG plays twins, and one of the twins is impersonating the other after thinking twin #2 committed suicide). Then again, with where the writers are going recently, it’s understandable he’d be confused as to who he’s dealing with. He doesn’t do quite as much whining as Richard did near the end of season 6 (especially when he thought he was in Hell and stuff). And without the Lost make up crew to tone down his lashes, they are pretty outstanding. We have definitely enjoyed having him back on our TV screens.

Emilie de Ravin

Emilie de Ravin is one of the many actors we will see on this list who has benefitted from “Lost” connections to secure employment post-“Lost.” She has been most recently seen as Belle (from “Beauty and the Beast”) on “Once Upon a Time,” where former “Lost” mid-level writer/producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are the showrunners. “Once Upon a Time” is a favorite new show for both of us, by the way, and recaps may very well be coming to MTVP next season depending upon how upfronts shake out in May. Back on topic, it appears that Belle will be a recurring character for now, at least. Her big showcase was the episode “Skin Deep,” where it was revealed that the “beast” she was forced to live with in the fairytale world was none other than Rumplestiltskin. She falls in love with him while essentially working as his maid. In the Storybrooke, Maine world, she is locked away in a basement and appears to be crazy. That half of the role is very much like Feral Claire in the sixth season of “Lost.” We look forward to finding out why she is locked away and finding out what Mr. Gold (Rumplestiltskin in Storybrooke) will do when he finds her. de Ravin was also recently cast in “Americana,” a drama pilot for ABC about a famous fashion design family, making her future as Belle uncertain.

Michael Emerson

Michael Emerson stepped off the Island and right into New York City when he was cast as the second lead in the new CBS drama “Person of Interest” (which if you follow the blog at all, you know Sarah’s been recapping this season). He plays Mr. Harold Finch (though we are pretty sure that’s not his real name), a billionaire who designed a machine post 9-11 to detect acts of terror and violence. He works with Mr. Reese (Jim Caviezel) to stop violence from happening to people that the Machine identifies. It has a little bit of mythology to it (namely the Machine and how it works). But that makes sense since it is a JJ Abrams production. Michael’s wardrobe has definitely seen an upgrade from his time as Ben (he’s now in three piece suits most of the time). But he can still bring the creepy factor when necessary. We like his portrayal of Mr. Finch, but his performance as was Ben a little more satisfying in the great one-liner category. Sure, Finch has many great one liners here (as some of the writing staff is undoubtedly the same), but it’s just not the same as Ben giving you the oogly eyes and a zinger that coming out of anyone else’s mouth wouldn’t be very scary at all. There’s no, “You guys got any milk?”

Jorge Garcia

Jorge Garcia is currently starring as comic book shop owner, comic book writer, and Ph.D. historian Dr. Diego Soto on J.J. Abrams’ latest contribution to the television world, “Alcatraz.” Soto, often known as “Doc,” works with San Francisco Detective Rebecca Madsen and FBI Agent Emerson Hauser to capture former Alcatraz inmates and prison guards who have somehow mysteriously jumped forward in time. Because he’s a historian who has written a book on Alcatraz, Doc is usually the guy who has to identify which particular inmate the team will be pursuing that week. Doc fills a similar role in “Alcatraz” as Hurley did on “Lost.” He’s the everyman who can explain things and express the audience’s confusion or frustration with plot twists. He gets queasy when his FBI-SFPD team encounters an especially grizzly case, and he doesn’t like guns. He is much more comfortable with who he is than Hurley was, though. He’s quirky and he owns it. Doc has a lot of potential as a character, and Garcia does what he can with it, but compared to Hurley, Doc hasn’t really been given a whole lot to do just yet.

Daniel Dae Kim

Much like Michael, Daniel moved right from LOST to a new show which also happens to be a CBS drama. He now stars as Detective Chin Ho Kelly on the remake of “Hawaii 5-0.” Daniel didn’t even have to leave Hawaii to film his new show (convenient for him I’m sure). Chin is a pretty decent cop who had some troubles in his past involving stolen money. But on the 5-0 team, he’s definitely an asset and a pretty decent compliment to the rest of the cast. He’s pretty much as far from Jin Kwon as you can get. He doesn’t have to speak a word of Korean (though he’s picked up some Hawaiian). Sarah, who is the only one of us who watches “Hawaii 5-0,” is not sure which character she likes more, though she is probably leaning towards Jin. Jin had more character growth than Chin.

And the Rest…

Several other “Lost” actors deserve a brief mention here for work in progress or small guest stints. Henry Ian Cusick, time-traveling Scotsman Desmond on “Lost,” has a role on Shonda Rhimes’ newest abomination…er…show “Scandal.” “Scandal,” which premieres on ABC this April, is about a firm of Washington, DC “fixers,” and Cusick, sadly, does not get to use his Scottish accent. Evangeline Lily, fugitive with a sort-of heart of gold Kate on “Lost,” has been cast in Peter Jackson’s two-part film adaptation of “The Hobbit,” the prequel to “The Lord of The Rings.” She will be playing an elf from Mirkwood, naturally. Finally, Terry O'Quinn, the rather infamous John Locke on “Lost,” made a short-lived guest appearance on “Hawaii 5-0” as Commander Joe White, Steve McGarrett's mentor. He wasn't quite as creepy as Locke (or Flocke come season 5) but he definitely had his secrets. Though Sarah swears she would take Joe over Locke any day.

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