Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Body of Proof 2.20: "Mind Games"

“Here’s the thing about apologies, Wilson. They don’t come naturally to me.”
- Megan

We’ve made it to the season 2 finale! It still remains to be seen whether ABC will return Megan and company for a 3rd go round or not. But we should know that in a few short weeks. We have a sort of in media res beginning with Megan narrating about how she’s not very good at apologies. She’s on the phone, then locking the door. She gets thrown over her desk and ends up bound and gagged. We cut to five days previously following a girl ta bar tossing back shots. She goes around kissing random guy sand before we know it; she’s dead in the alley behind the bar. Something ripped her throat open. She’s a college freshman named Nikki and someone took photos of every guy she kissed. Back at the morgue, Megan finds some strange things on the body, including a chunk of hair missing, a white substance on her hairline and faint circles on her stomach and hips. Kate is quick to point out it was likely Nikki was pledging a sorority. I have to say I was grateful my sorority forbade hazing. There were definitely groups on campus that were rumored to that kind of crap, though. Kate goes with Bud to talk to the sorority girls but she’s obviously more in my camp. She sees hazing as betraying what a sorority is supposed to be about. The girl they’re talking to took the pictures as part of one of their traditions. Nikki also had to go commando for a week (which explained the no underwear thing). She does note that she didn’t take the final picture but she knows the guy and he was obsessed with Nikki.

Back at the lab, Megan is helping Lacey with her insulin pump and Lacey is complaining that she has to keep a food journal and count calories. Megan reminds her it’s just a period of adjustment. Back on campus Bud and Kate confront Nikki’s would-be stalker and lip-lock number 31. OF course, he denies killing her. He was only at the bar to get a kiss since he’s really not Nikki’s type. Back at the lab, Ethan is trying to wheedle the gender of Bud’s baby out of him so he can get an appropriate baby shower gift. Megan interrupts and Ethan shows her a strange x-ray that has fractures to the front of her face. That tells Megan something (along with Ethan making a comment about someone shoving a screwdriver up the victim’s nose and twirling it around…yuck) and after some rather gross head sawing, we find that dearly departed Nikki is missing her brain.

Megan’s seen this MO before in a serial killer named Wilson Polley. She worked the case a few years back. Her first case in fact. He murdered three women on the PTA at his daughter’s school after they refused to go out with him. Bud and Megan head out to talk to the first person suspected of the crime (he was in the last victim’s house three hours before her death). He’s made a lot of money off writing a tell-all book about it. He’s surprised to see that Nikki is the latest victim. She was the third victim’s daughter. That’s not creepy at all. Curtis has discovered that the red stuff left in Nikki’s hair was a chemical and it looks like maybe the killer has a signature (and is a copycat). He also found a webpage for people devoted to Wilson (that always really wierded me out. People admiring serial killers). Megan pays Wilson a visit and he hands over some letters from his fans with the expectation that when Megan realizes she was wrong and he’s innocent, she gives him an apology.

Peter arrives at the lab with molds from the previous three victims, ready to cast Nikki’s skull to see if the tool marks match. Kate’s beat him to it. She’s got some sorority girl connection with Nikki and wants to help. Things are looking good for Megan when they discover all 4 skulls have the same tool marks. Bud has brought in Nikki’s stalker. He admits to writing to Wilson and he also admits to cutting off a lock of Nikki’s hair when she kissed him. But he swears he didn’t kill her. Megan is back at the prison and spouts off to Wilson about how he convinced the kid to kill Nikki so Wilson could get out of jail. Things get heated and emotional when Wilson (he probably just Googled Megan) starts saying that between them, Megan’s the only one who has taken a life. He references the patient that she killed and says she’s so arrogant that she pushes everyone away, from her ex-husband to her father who killed himself. She fights back saying he was so pathetic he let a woman saying he was boring in bed rile him up to kill three women. She storms off and gets a call from Peter. The white substance they found on Nikki’s head matches a prescription the first suspect has. They search his place and find a real Egyptian embalming hook.

The suspect (Grubnik) says that the box arrived on his porch with the hook inside. He didn’t kill Nikki. The lab lifts a print off the hook and it points to Wilson’s daughter, Sophia. So, dutifully Bud brings Sophia in and she vehemently denies killing anyone. She says Grubnik showed up with the hook and asked her if it was real. This case is getting way too confusing. I can usually tell who the killer is pretty early on but this time, I couldn’t even begin to guess. Meanwhile, Wilson calls Megan and tells her to stay away from his daughter. He makes a not so veiled threat against Lacey which sends Megan scampering home only to find Lacey not answering her phone or in the apartment at all. I have a feeling she took Peter’s advice to live her life. Megan calls Bud in a panic and he tells her to stay at the apartment and keep trying Lacey’s cell. He’s sending a squad car over to her place. And I was right. Lacey’s at a party. Megan picks her up and tells her she’s staying at her dad’s because of Wilson’s threat. That seems to quell some of Lacey’s rebellious streak. And Megan’s not too happy with Peter for dolling out parenting advice to her daughter. She’s really just pissing people off left and right.

Peter and Sam head back to the crime scene and find dead rats. Looks like they were poisoned and Curtis determines it was bleach. Not the stuff you can get at the store but the kind that’s used in hospitals and prisons. Megan figures out that Wilson killed Nikki and then snuck back into prison to have an alibi. I have to admit, it’s kind of genius. She, Bud and Sam get to the prison but things go downhill. The guard who was on Wilson’s cell block the night of Nikki’s death is bringing Wilson to the Warden’s office. They get there to find the guard down and his uniform gone. This is really not going to end well. Wilson’s on the outside. His phone is being tracked and it appears he’s heading to Canada and the US Marshals have taken over the case. So the rest of the team, minus Megan who will be along shortly head to Jeannie’s baby shower. Unfortunately for Megan, Wilson is not heading to Canada. He’s in the lab. I never noticed how many glass doors and windows the lab had in it until people and chairs go crashing through them. Wilson knocks Megan out and ties her up. He’s going to kill and he thinks he’s warded off any rescuers until Peter shows up and beings the crap out of Wilson. Megan manages to get loose and shoots at Wilson. He looks kind of surprised and then Peter tosses him off the side of the building. Which would be a great ending except that Peter’s got the damn embalming hook halfway through his stomach. We conclude season 2 with Megan trying to keep a bleeding Peter conscious.

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